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Posted 3/29/08

When you were sleeping.,, if you heard a dog shouting better beware of what you do caz in the middle of the nght many unfortunate things might happen to you not only unfortunate things will happen but it may also make you distract that you thought that someone is looking at you......If you are in this group ,,you shouldn't be afraid of things like this , and get use to it if you got ....caz you are a group of unfortunate Events now....hmp.....

To make the person you hate the most hurt or afraid.. Take a small shape leaf and drip your tiny little of your blood on and then chant a spell on it and put it in their bag. so in the middle of the night , they will have a very distracting dreams, not only distracting but scary and it may also make them recall when they are watching ghost movie or heard something about unfortunate stuff.....

Thats the way.....heehee...(Damn evil, make sure you don't really do....caz i don't even give a try at it..caz its bad,,...) -Just to warn you..
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