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Things that piss you off in games
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20 / M
Posted 4/29/11
when the connection gets lost...
when the enemies suddenly disapear...
when I haven't saved it yet then poof the game turns black...
when I'm trying my best to kill that someone and my mom pulls off the plug,,,(that doesn't really count huh)
... ... ... ...
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22 / M
Posted 4/29/11 , edited 4/29/11
Fucking Reimu on Stage 4 of Touhou 8 Imperishable Night. I CAN'T FOR THE LOVE OF GOD 1CC THE GAME WITH MARISA/ALICE OR SAKUYA/REMILIA ON NORMAL BECAUSE OF THAT ASSHOLE. Hell Eirin and Kaguya is easier.

Marisa and Youmu move too damn fast, like jesus christ, calm down.
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23 / F / Australia
Posted 4/29/11
Cheap bosses.

You know the ones. The ones that can kill you in ONE HIT.

Or, better still, the ones that DON'T DIE even when you HAVE killed them.
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23 / F / Australia
Posted 4/29/11
Actually, here's a specific example.

Time-controlled boss fights. (Ala the Gestalt bosses in Final Fantasy XIII)

If you didn't know what you were doing, they'd wipe you out in seconds.
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24 / F / East Java, Indonesia
Posted 4/30/11
worst thing about game is very hard boss battles ;o;''' or no auto-save..
Posted 5/1/11
Puzzles you have to solve for you to make a progress in the game.
No autosave. Like you have to reach a certain part for you to be able to save.
Loading that takes forever.
Anything that has something to do with time.

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23 / F / Behind you
Posted 5/7/11
In Legend of Zelda when you're just trying to figure out what to do next and one villager is all like, "Talk to the old tree. It is hidden somewhere in town." So you spend forever looking for that and once you find it all it has to say is, "All you need to do is do what is needed." DX
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31 / M / Sylvania, Georgia
Posted 5/13/11
i hate it when the bosses are too hard to defeat and its like they are invinvible. i also hate it when i used to play MMORPG games i would always see all these what seemed like "bots" online. i akso hate it when youve gotten so far in a game and it freezes on you.
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26 / F / Azeroth
Posted 5/16/11
Unskippable cutscenes.
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Posted 5/20/11
i hate trashtalks in games,
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F / In ur pants >:3
Posted 5/21/11
When it freezes and I didn't save.
Also not knowing what to do in the game, then find out 1 hour later.
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28 / M / Sweden
Posted 5/24/11 , edited 5/24/11
Time for my list:

- People that think they are the best in a multiplayer/MMORPG game and brag about it to every single person
- People that complains about hack/cheat/glitch just because someone managed to kill them (In multiplayer games)
- People that realy let you know what they managed to kill you (I already know that, no need to tell the whole server about it )
- People that skip cutscenes/dialogs in games the first time they play it, I mean I can understand you can get tired of it if you play the game several times but you don't have to skip it the first time you play
- Hackers/Cheaters/Laggers/Glitchers
- Things in game that makes absolutely no goddamn sense! Like a mission in GTA:SA where you have this person cornered and points a gun to his head, 1 second later they show a cutscene where he just runs away from you and you have to chase him a long way, I mean wtf?
- MMORPGS that goes like: Double click the monster. Wait for it to die. Pick up any good loot or have any sort of auto-loot, Rinse and repeat.
- When bots and/or NPCs in games cheat, like they always know where you are and have aimbot to kill you with a shotgun from so far away not even a sniper rifle would work...
- When the game starts to lag just the moment you are about to beat this hard monster or they make a crit just when you get low on health or just crit all the time.
- When you are supossed do defend someone and they don't do a single thing to help you, they even make it worse for you!
- Missions where you have to follow someone but if you gets too close they get "spooked" but if you keep a big gap between his and your car he dosen't think anything is wrong, even if he stops at a trafficlight and you still keep the long distance. I mean seriously, what makes me more scary then any other random person in the whole game?
- Games with no saving feature or you can't decide when or where to save yourself.
- Games that are too easy and your enemies dosen't have a chance against you, it becomes too boring.
- Games that are short and with no replay value.
- People that quit when it isn't going as they planned (I only quit when my teammates have absolutely no clue of what they are doing...)
- In MMORPGs when players name their characters something like xXxXx(insert name)xXxXx
- Games that seems like they should be based on realism but even mods to the games makes it more realistic then the game is (Yes I'm glaring at you Battlefield 1942 )
- People that takes insults in games way too seriously,

I could probably come up with more but this will do for now
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24 / M / Australia
Posted 11/24/11
When the connection is lost
Hackers, cheaters, glitchers
Cut scenes which you cannot skip
Having to start from the beginning of the mission if you die
Bad checkpoint/saving system
Bad use of camera angles
Host migration
People on your team who are supposed to help you but don't
Arrogant little bitches online
Twelve year olds who troll you online.... (go and colour in your books or something)
Exclusive content (well...when I'm unable to get that content)
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28 / Sunny Skies of Fl...
Posted 12/2/11
Getting seen when you were clearly hidden. "it's just a box" my ass.
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29 / M / Online playing......
Posted 12/2/11 , edited 12/2/11
What I find most irritating are people that hack and cheat mostly. Especially in an FPS like GoldenEye for the Wii. Oh, and campers. I don't know about you, but the last time I looked up what you did in an FPS, you were supposed to be running around shooting people, not sitting and then returning to the same spot over and over and over.
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