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Things that piss you off in games
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21 / M / Cloud Nine
Posted 12/3/11
extended periods of time between checkpoints. SO ANNOYING.
Posted 12/3/11

I like to challenge myself, play only saving in the beginning of each level. Then, the whole checkpoint system came out and you need to save the game manually and restart it again if you die.

I've been playing a lot of 1990s stuff lately - good god, 10-minutes long cutscenes you can't click through.
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21 / F / Lapland, with The...
Posted 1/2/12
When I'm playing COD live;

.Getting killed when I'm on a kill streak!
.Getting killed when I've almost captured the flag
.Flashbanging myself
.Host migration
.People that steal my care package
.Holding my frag for too long. The result...death
.Connection interrupted
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31 / M / North Pole, AK
Posted 1/2/12
If it were online gaming, then it'd have to be campers on COD/Battlefield who talk like they're the best when they don't even do a good job at objective based maps. Then fighting games online when someone repeats the same three moves to win the match. When it comes down to it though, if they enjoy sitting in front of their TV thinking it's fun just waiting for the same two or three teammates to go down that alley, or pressing x, half circle back triangle, and then o for all of a few minutes. It always makes me annoyed more than pissed off. Now those teammates on COD/Battlefield who go down the same path to try to kill a camper, they are the ones that do end up pissing me off.
Posted 1/2/12
I hate puzzles in 3d. My fiend says I always get stuck on the dumbest 3d environment puzzles and it is true. I am loving the latest Zelda, but I fear eventually I'll get stuck.
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21 / M / Somewhat in Asia.
Posted 1/2/12 , edited 1/2/12
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M / Canada
Posted 1/3/12
Latency, lag, delay basically anything that makes one noob. Oh and cheats/hacks/glitches/exploits (in multiplayer based games)

Bugs are okay
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31 / M / Desert Oasis
Posted 1/4/12 , edited 1/4/12
1) Having a leader in a social group, guild, legion, clan. Then listening to every one suck up to him or her for rank....

2) Having to watch your family play games and do puzzles and completing them, Then playing it yourself. Takes all the fun out.

3) Family saving over your game file. (Weeks/months of playing wasted)

4) Advertisements and pop up that appear ingame.

5) Gold spammers, (Visit for extreme prices! over and over and over and over...)

6) Shitty long mini/side quest that dont pay off... ( LOZ TP, Caught all the bugs. Got all the souls... for... hmmm nothing apparently)

7) Down load content thats half expensive as the game. (12 bucks.. for this... really...)

8) Rich friends who buy all the download content ( Sorry bro ill play you shitty old content later)

9) Listing to other people crappy music through THEIR HEADSET! (MUUUUTEDDDD!)

10) Prepubescent children who rage,whine,complain,nag, and incist you stop the other team from raping them.

11) Girls who talk alota shit about how im a newb.. (That hurts yo.... T____T *sniff*)

12) Being downed/incapacitated, and ur allies are standing around u teabagging/shooting you. ( RAAAAGE!)

13) Being a driver, and you gunner Allie is LAAAME! (Lets switch dude, He drives off a cliff... LAAAME)


15) the enemies LAG! ( And turn into Lag Ninjas)

16) Finding a POWER WEAPON! (.... 0.o it has no ammo...)

17) Girl hits on me to get uber gear and freebies.... LAME.... (Want to see my avatar panties?! Give me your Staff Pweeezzz!) Lame....

18) Ingame spam, with no filter to block it.(Join my group! we have cookies! No join Mine we give brownies! LFP! lfg! whERES THE EXIT)

19) Putting your trust in some one ingame for a long time only to betray you latter on for status, perks, loot, ect...

20) Your allies cant speak your language and are cussing at you... you have no idea why....

21) CLUELESS People talking about a bad ass anime that they want me to watch ingame..( Dude Watch Afro Samurai!) Me LLAAAAMMEE! .....

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27 / F / Midgard
Posted 1/6/12
- People that hack in multiplayer games.
- People that bait their teammates.
- Ignorant people!

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24 / M / A town called "Ci...
Posted 2/10/12 , edited 2/10/12
Annoying enemies, and obstacles.
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30 / M / Luleå Sweden
Posted 2/25/12
Unfinished game with alot of bugs and really crapy design. One game fits the bill perfectly. BF3
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Posted 2/25/12
Zubats and roggenrolas in caves.... in Pokemon
Redeads and chickens in Zelda..
Viruses and machines in Megaman
Slow server, lag, or monsters constantly attacking me while i try to fish in Runescape
Cops in GTA
and a bunch of other things.. lol.
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M / New York
Posted 2/25/12
I hate on-rails sections in game.
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40 / Where is here? Wh...
Posted 2/27/12
Not being able to walk down a street because the programmers put two cars there to stop you. Nothing ends a suspended disbelief like not being able to walk around a V W.

Unloading a full clip at some guy only to realize he's hacked his system and is immortal.

The Red Ring of Death.

Posted 2/29/12
1. Going through hundreds of tedious stages to unlock a character.
2. Long dialogues + those games w/out skip button (UUURGGH!)
3. Not enough sidequests
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