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Post Reply Things that piss you off in games
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26 / M / Wales
Posted 10/4/12
Tutorials really. I much rather discover the game and its control/gameplay schemes without the interuptions etc
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22 / M / NJ, USA
Posted 10/6/12
Cheap deaths

Random bottomless pits
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26 / M / Canada
Posted 10/7/12
Hacks, Big Exploits and Watching others play with their non decent (sucking) play style that makes me just want to smash their face in because how little IQ they have.
Posted 10/11/12
People who enter co-op etc games to purposely lose or disrupt the rest of the team.
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27 / M / Sunny SoCal!!!
Posted 10/13/12
Gears of War MP nuff said
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23 / M / California
Posted 10/14/12
Back stab fishers in Dark Souls
Posted 10/14/12
When I can't find something... or getting stuck.

I just like battling, hate exploring... they should have options for those who don't like to explore, cuz I end up reading guides anyway.
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29 / M
Posted 10/14/12
sawed off shotgun in gears and call of duty itself
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20 / F / United Kingdom
Posted 10/16/12
Things I hate:

1. When servers rollback (Ive lost online lvls cos of this like on CoD for example)
2. Random screen freeze glitches (especially when I go for ages without saving)
3. Glitches which mean you can never get past a certain part of a game... (FML O.o)
4. People who hack your game when u dont want it hacked -.-
5. When you get noobs/ trolls/ cocky people (who arent really good) on your team. >.<
6. People who talk BS whilst im trying to play...
7. Games with awkward save points which are too hard to get to (sigh...)
8. Tutorials which are waaaaaay too long...
9. Hidden trophies/ achievements making me waste my time trying to find out what they really are -_-
10. When you find a cool spot ( like on infected on CoD) and next time you go to it... BAM your dead - it got patched >.>
11. Anything thats timed... Takes away the fun :/
12. Bad servers with crappy connection...

Thats about it... (:
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34 / M / Canada
Posted 10/17/12

treasonirish wrote:

having to redo a whole chunk of the game because of a cheap death.

Yup I fucking hated Double Dragon Neon for the 32 mins I played it.
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M / Adanac
Posted 10/18/12 , edited 10/18/12
My PS3's tendency to suddenly freeze and crash when playing for a long time. And it usually happens on games with no autosave.
Posted 1/6/13
The Grind. That horrid element in RPGs that keep the non-role-playing populous away. And even I, a seasoned RPG player, hate it, because you can't progress until you do........It's just an effin trap!
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37 / M / United Kingdom /...
Posted 1/8/13
people with crap internet connection = LAG
i mostly play ffighting games
Posted 1/8/13

Zatheko wrote:

Back stab fishers in Dark Souls

also people that hide behind shields and use spells, gankers, and the indestructible 4 kings. all for Dark souls

Then theres Try-hards in Halo, and cod. plus the campers.

And finally the no checkpoints in Bloody palace in DMC4 i got to like floor 90 and had to start all over when i died took me a good hour or two....

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23 / M
Posted 1/13/13
Tutorials for everything, and quicktime events.
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