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Post Reply Things that piss you off in games
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Posted 8/4/14 , edited 8/18/14
I hate how in Rogue Galaxy you feel punished for beating the final bosses instead of rewarded. If pirates do something really good then they should party and stuff. Another thing that pisses me off in video games is that more than half of the rpg stories are broken.
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21 / M / UK
Posted 8/4/14
Plotholes, just because it is a video game doesn't excuse gaping plot holes. Game storys should always be written with the same efficiency and attention to detail as movies.
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28 / F
Posted 8/5/14 , edited 8/5/14
Unkillable NPC's in games like Skyrim and Fallout. It really destroys the immersion. But more than that it just annoys me, especially when I'm a werewolf in Skyrim.
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Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/18/14
War games that rely on fighting and action content to make up for crappy stories.
COD Ghosts for example. I don't think they even tried to develop a good story.
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19 / M
Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/18/14
my main problem is Japanese games because they are fun for 90% of the game then the last 10% is impossible
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Posted 8/18/14
Glitches which make parts of the game impossible to complete, death loops, frozen loading screens, console crashing glitches, and data corruption are the things I consider particularly worth getting bothered about.
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20 / M / Honnōji Academy
Posted 8/18/14 , edited 8/18/14
The majority of teammates in the Last Of Us multiplayer that leave their mics on with loud shouting in foreign tongue or obnoxious background music and refuse to communicate. Or those that don't stick with the group and get killed, or get killed by running out in to the open in the beginning of the game, or even worse, when they attract the whole enemy team to you... I also thoroughly enjoy one hit kill Molotov cocktails and shiv dancing. The icing on the cake is when the enemy team teabags my lifeless carcass and makes my controller vibrate nonstop by shooting my dead body.
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Posted 8/19/14
Heard a lot of positive stuff about the Prof Layton franchise, so when looking for a 3DS game to play, I thought I'd pick one up. About three puzzles in (I'm having fun at this point) there's a certain puzzle about how much water is needed to melt a present out of ice. After my initial answer was shot down, I tried a couple different things, moved a decimal place... Maybe I wasn't comprehending the puzzle? Now I'm "Googling" for measurements and have out my calculator. None of the solutions I can come up with seem to be the correct answer.

Two days I refuse to give up on this puzzle. Finally I have to give in for sanity sake, and take the hints...and it turns out to be a trick question the whole time. I'm sure this was put in to show what happens when you need to use hints system, but it absolutely ruined my whole experience. I tried a few more puzzles afterword, but now what should be fun is a trial of anxiety. This kind of can't win scenario plus no context game play is irritating.
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24 / F / killing zombies
Posted 8/24/14
I hate those timing levels were you have to complete something before the time runs out those are a pain in the ass .
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21 / M
Posted 8/25/14 , edited 8/25/14
Generic cheap enemy types that presents no real challenge apart from being tedious and repeats them self for the sake of prolonging the game lifespan.

Lazy progression design i.e having to go back to the same location several times for whatever reason, just to grab a single item or talk to a single person etc.

Poorly designed/explained challenges
You know the one... You've been hacking and slashing your way through armies of demons and ghouls in Dante's inferno, and suddenly the game wants you to do a fucking trampoline challenge. Apparently the dukes of hell ran out of ideas to challenge a man on a mission.
Another example could be pretty much any JRPG. Suddenly you are given a shovel and a dog to help you sniff out some airship parts (I know, wtf) and you have to dig into the exact spot where the dog barks, and if you fuck up the shovel breaks, but here's the description

"Oh are you looking for airship parts? well for a small price I can borrow you my shovel and my dog to help you dig them out over there"

Boss battles that are introduced as a normal enemy type later on in the game. (undermines the said boss battle completely)

Time challenges
Just no, I never enjoyed speedrunning. They can be fun to watch, but I personally hate speed runs and any game that forces you to rush something pisses me off.

Japanese rating systems
I fucking hate having to look at a grade system after each level that punishes you for not being diverse enough in your combos or using itmes etc. To make it even worse, some rating systems makes absolutely no sense like DB: Raging Blast 2 which is by far the laziest ranking system I've ever seen.
Sometimes I prefer to just mash my buttons until I win the battle in a game ok, I don't want some fucking made-up system judge my every move and present a scoreboard in my face every single time at the end of a level, making it feel like I just went through some exam.

Overused music
One thing is a battle theme for an rpg, but a constantly engaging and dynamic game like Bayonetta becomes annoying very quickly when you have to listen to the same fucking song over and over and over again.

Japanese gimmicks in games
This one is a bit 50/50, because sometimes it can be very fun to try something very different, but those sort of things that becomes completely unintelligible because they are overly complex or way too insignificant for the gameplay considering its optional usage.
Examples could be Final Fantasy VIII and its neverending tutorials explaining its overly complex customization system, or Persona 4 and its fucking fusion system or whatever they called it.
Kingdom Hearts gummi ship customization etc.
Why Japanese? because most non-japanese games don't ever do something like this, at least I can't think of any.

On the other hand you have good examples of this like in Atlus' Catherine with the block methods that become essential towards the end of the game, so yeah as I said, 50/50 it goes for both sides.

Copy/paste sequels
CoD, Battlefield 4, most mario games, Resident Evil 6, Dragon Age games, Fifa, (by the looks of it) Far Cry 4 etc.
Most of these games could very well be DLC, which brings me to

The one god damn fucking biggest scam of all time in video game history.
Obviously good dlc exists, but this sales scandale of releasing three quarters of a game and forcing people to pay extra to get the final fourth quarter is the cheapest most scumbag piece of shit sales method I've EVER seen.
DLC is a fucking plague and season passes and entire fragments of games that are made during the game development to be released the same damn day as the game itself is simply unacceptable.

Console Wars
If you ever took part in any of the console wars over the internet, you my friend is a fucking idiot.
Fighting the competition between rival studios and companies FOR THEM for the sake of looking "cool" or "smart" on the internet is simply the most retarded thing that has ever disgraced the history of video games.
One thing is when we were kids and your nintendo 64 was cooler than your dads playstation, but the fact that grown people are getting hotheaded over something this ridiculous is cringe inducing on a whole new level.
I don't give a single fuck about whether you believe PC to be the "master race" or not, I play on whatever system I can find my games that I enjoy on, and so should you.
Doesn't matter if one console is more powerful than another, in the end it's only about what games you enjoy playing and how you enjoy playing them.

So to any console feud warriors out there, sincerely, go fuck yourself.

So yeah, more than anything else, the "community" of gamers are actually my biggest frustration, not really the games them self.
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19 / M / Internet
Posted 8/25/14 , edited 8/25/14
In games where you have to manually save, I tend to think that I could progress a little more before I save my game. So I decide not to save, play and progress 10 more minutes, decide I could keep going a little more, 10 more minutes, still not saving, rinse and repeat until I die and lose all that progress because I couldn't take 10 seconds out of my time to save my game. I would be pissed off at myself, but I rather be pissed off at the game. Lol no I still blame myself. Years and years of this happening and I still haven't learned my lesson.
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21 / M / Chicago
Posted 9/4/14
Cheating is up there. But the number one thing that passes me off is A.I. cheating or just the general unfairness of A.I. and their exploits against the player.
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Posted 9/6/14
league of legends, and mean people on it
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27 / F / UK
Posted 9/7/14
Lag when playing a game online or games that randomly freeze for no reason. I nearly gave up on Fallout New Vegas because it was so buggy and always froze after a while.
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Posted 9/7/14
You and the enemies level up almost the same regardless on how much progression you do.
(e.g., Dead Island)
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