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Posted 3/29/08 , edited 8/6/08
This topic is about the Role Playing Game of the group.


Here are the rules (I know that very few people like rules, but these are really short):
1. Read the list of the characters of the RPG and choose yours.
2. You can choose a second character if you wish to. But make sure that you'll have enough time to handle the job. However, try not to make your two characters interact too much between them. Instead, the more you interact with other players, the more the story will get exciting.
3. If a character has not been taken yet, anyone can play with him/her.
4. As this group is about the Ran Clan, the story must focus on the Ran family, though other characters can intervene.
5. Don't control others' characters. In other words, if you can interact with them, you must not make them take important decisions that would have great consequences on their future. You can only make them talk a little so that your character can answer, but nothing more.
6. Be polite.
7. If you know that you won't have the time to play, please send him/her on a long journey so that he/she can be vacant again. But please don't kill him/her!
8. If your character has been inactive for more than a month, a moderator will send you a message to ask you if you want to abandon him/her so that new people can play.
9. You can't create any new RPG. You have to play in this one.
10. Don't forget to have fun!

Thanks for reading.


For those who want to join but who don't know what happened, here's a brief summary (of course, it'd be better to read all the posts to seize the characters' emotions and feelings, but I totally understand that some people may not have the time to do that):
- Juusan-hime arrives at the palace, where she is supposed to meet Shi Ryuuki (the emperor) in order to marry him.
- She meets Shi Seiran, with whom she has a short talk. He isn't aware of the fact that Juusan knows he is an exiled prince.
- A few moments later, Juusan is attacked by a few outlaws and is said to be dead... But no one finds her corpse.
- In the meantime, Ri Kouyuu and Kou Reishin are in their office. While Reishin is lost in his thoughts about his beloved brother and niece, his fostered son works hard.
- They learn that Juusan-hime has been killed. Reishin thinks that it's a bad thing since he doesn't want the "brat" (ie the emperor) to end up with his dear niece, Kou Shuurei.
- Suddenly, the wind blows through the window and the numerous stacks of papers which were on Kouyuu's desk collapse. Everyone is chasing after the flying papers.
- If Kouyuu felt that this gust of wind was caused by a spy, Reishin manages to catch a sight of that person, and smirks behind his fan, but pretends he didn't see anything.
- Meanwhile, Juusan manages to get out of a river flowing near Kiyou (the capital city of Saiunkoku) and makes a strange dream in which her late mother appears.
- She is so bruised that Ri Kouyuu, who was wandering in the streets, cannot say if she is even a human being, when he finds her by chance.
- First distrustful, Juusan finally accepts the help he kindly offers. However, she doesn't remember her name. She is amnesic.
- Then, they head for the Kou manor, where Juusan faints.
- The following morning, Juusan meets Kou Reishin, seemingly very angry at his son. His sharp eyes recognize her at once and he tells her her name. However, he leaves to find his fostered son. Juusan stays in the room.
- As for Kouyuu, he barely has the time to have a shower and to put on new clothes. Then, he leaves his house to head for the palace, where new stacks of papers are already waiting for him.
- Shi Seiran arrives and brings some steamed buns for Kouyuu, from his Ojou-sama, Shuurei. Then, Seiran leaves.
- After pondering on his loyalty towards the emperor, Kouyuu is about to eat a bun, but is stopped by Reishin, who informs him that he wants to have a talk with Ran Shuuei.
- After reflecting upon Juusan-hime's death, Kou Shuurei tells her father that she will investigate the murder. She doesn't know that the Ran princess is still alive.
- Eigetsu enters the Palace looking for Shuurei.
- Kou Kijin feels a presence of spies in his department & asks his mysterious subordinate to take care of it. Later he goes to the Civil Administration Department to meet Reishin. His appearance in the department shocks everyone, especially the new members of the department.
- Everyone in the Civil Administration department becomes so distracted because of Kijin's arrival and starts gossiping instead of working. This annoys Kouyuu who yells at them. He becomes even more annoyed when he comes across a report (that wasn't supposed to be sent to his desk) about something from the Ran clan. He wants to talk to Shuuei about the report.
- Kijin asks Reishin why he sent spies to the Finance department.
- Reishin dodges the topic (saying that maybe the spy just wanted to look at Kijin's real face that is rumored to be ugly) and says that Kouyuu picked up a 'stray cat'.
- Kijin says that 'picking up stray cats' has become a tradition in Reishin's family & said that he's glad he didn't have kids
- Kouyuu on the other hand is contemplating about the 'stray cat' & begins to have doubts about the person he picked up, thinking that maybe he just put a burglar inside Kou mansion. He later changes his mind when he remembers how he was trusted by the Emperor & he should have more faith on other people. He also decides to give the steamed bun that he had to that 'stray cat'
- Reishin tells Kijin that Kouyuu adores him (Reishin) so much that he even picked up Reishin's habit of picking up 'stray cats'. However that is ordinary 'stray cat' that Kouyuu picked up and he says that Kouyuu's life is in danger.

I hope this is clear!


The RAN clan
Ran Shuuei - callistia (TEMPORARILY VACANT: Any player can control this character, but no one can take it.)
Ran Ryuuren - r_y_u_u_r_e_n
Ran Juusan - KimCuong (TEMPORARILY VACANT: Any player can control this character, but no one can take it.)
Ran Setsuna
Ran Gyokuka - midorihimesama (TEMPORARILY VACANT: Any player can control this character, but no one can take it.)

The KOU clan
Kou Shuurei - KimCuong (TEMPORARILY VACANT: Any player can control this character, but no one can take it.)
Ri Kouyuu - midorihimesama (TEMPORARILY VACANT: Any player can control this character, but no one can take it.)
Kou Shouka
Kou Reishin - thousandbirds
Kou Kurou

The SHI clan
Shi Ryuuki - angelic_reina002 (TEMPORARILY VACANT: Any player can control this character, but no one can take it.)
Shi Seiran - rikka_hime

The SA clan
Sa Sakujun
Sa Enjun
Sa Shunki
Sa Eiki

The HYOU clan
Hyou Riou
Hyou Riou Jr
Hyou Ruka

Shiba Jin
Kou Kijin - Iriel
Rou Ensei
To Eigetsu - Lovelyrisa
To Yougestu
Sho Taishi
Sa Taiho
So Taifu
Tei Yuushun
Shin Suou
Rin Sai
Sai Shin
Heki Hakumei
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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 6/22/08

KimCuong wrote:

Juusan-hime, who had been sent to Kiyou in order to meet the emperor of Saiunkoku, Shi Ryuuki, entered the palace, and looked for her older brother, Ran Shuuei. She hadn't seen him for almost a year, and she missed him a lot, although she would never say it, because she assumed that he knew it. Therefore, there was no need to tell him anything. Besides, she was too shy to talk about her feelings too openly. She didn't exactly know why she behaved that way, but the only thing she was sure of was that there was only one person on earth that she could count on: her o-niisama. Suddenly, she remembered another man, a man to whom she would have given her life without hesitating... But now, it was different. That man was dead. Thus, she asked herself if Shi Ryuuki was as strong and as reliable as Shuuei and that man were...

As she was thinking about her marriage, her future and the emperor, Juusan-hime heard a young man approaching. She wondered who it could be, and even thought to grab her swords when she realized that it was only a grey-haired soldier.

The soldier, Shi Seiran, heard a sound of a sword, so he thought of drawing his sword as well, but he found out, as we went closer, is a young lady who resembles his Ojou-sama, Shuurei... he wondered who might the lady be..
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Posted 4/28/08 , edited 6/22/08

Note: The previous message has been deleted. Here's a summary of what happened
Juusan-hime approached Seiran and asked him 'What do you want?'

"Nothing..." Seiran answered instantly. "I thought i heard something..." and turns his back away from the lady. But still wondering who the girl was, he turned again to ask her.
"Who might you be? with the looks of yours, i think you're from a noble family..."
Posted 5/1/08 , edited 6/22/08

Note: The previous message has been deleted. Here's a summary of what happened
After their short conversation, Juusan-hime left Seiran and was attacked by a few outlaws. She is said to be dead... This is particularly surprising since she is known to be a very skilled fighter. And it is all the more strange as her corpse hasn't been found.

Somewhere on the Imperial Palace, Li Kouyuu, the young Vice Chamberlain of Civil Administration Department, was stuck in his office. He glowered at the stacks of paper obscuring the surface of his desk from view, and shot a deathly glare at the wooden ornate table a few feet away from his. It was his superior’s table, Kou Reishin, and that the table was –as always– empty.

Kouyuu scratched his head violently in dismay. Where had that person run off to again, in the midst of all the work that had been shoved recently to the department, grumbled Kouyuu as he made a fist.

But there was no helping it. Kouyuu slumped to his chair and began to work. He began reading the papers scattered on his desk and muttered under his breath how it was a waste of trees to use so many papers. The more he read the papers, the more irritated he grew and he began to scrunch the papers up into little paper balls. He was expecting something more urgent that was worth his attention, but nooooo…. It had to be another stupid report about conflict of personalities and some idiotic officials moaning that their subordinates were too lazy.

“… the Ran family princess is dead?”
“That’s what I heard.”
“Are you sure?”
“But mysteriously her body’s still missing.”

Kouyuu’s eyes twitched when he heard the noble clan’s name being mentioned. He turned to where the sound came from and saw a few of his underlings whispering near the open window nearby. At first, Kouyuu had a strong urge to scold them for exchanging worthless gossips while the paper work kept mounting. But he must admit he was also interested in that topic. He had heard from Reishin-sama about this princess that was to be sent to the Imperial Harem, only to be killed.

What was her name again? Jyuusan-hime or something? Kouyuu scratched the tip of his nose. He wasn’t good at remembering things that he didn’t have any interest in. And of course women are not in that list of his interests. But it seems that Shuuei’s sister has become the hottest topic in Kiyou. Everyone is discussing about her. And the rumors of her death

Kouyuu put down the writing brush in his hand and pondered over the issue. He had heard from that self-claimed best friend of his that Jyuusan-hime was a skilled fighter, trained personally by the leader of Shiba clan. Is it possible to kill such a girl? And to make things more confusing, her body hasn’t even been found.

A murder in the Imperial Harem. And the victim is the Ran clan princess. Imagine the scandal that that stupid Emperor had to face. Ran clan had the power to shut down the entire country should they wish it. If it’s true that their princess was killed, surely they would take the matter into their own hands.

‘And what will your next move be, your majesty?’

“Li Jirou-sama.” a voice snapped him back to reality. In front of Kouyuu, stood a young trainee that had just been transferred to his department. The trainee’s face was pale and he had multiple dark circles under his eyes. He wasn’t the only one of course. The other officials working in the Civil Administration Department all had exhausted faces that resembled zombies. After all, their amount of work could be considered inhumane.

“Li Jirou-sama.” that man called again. “I’m sorry to disturb you, but where do you want me to put these?”

Kouyuu just realized that the young man was carrying a really tall stack of papers that only his eyes were visible. “Just put it on my desk.”, said Kouyuu irritatedly. He began to pick up the writing brush again and then he realized that the young man hadn’t moved at all. What the…

“Err, I’m sorry Li Jirou-sama…” the young man squeaked timidly, his forehead beaded with nervous perspiration as Kouyuu stared impatiently at him. “But I’m afraid that… err… there’s no more space… on your desk.”

Kouyuu felt like strangling the guy, “What are you talking about? Of course there’s spa…” And then he took a closer look at his table. The last time he checked, and that was before he heard those voices from the window (only two or three minutes ago), the height of the papers had only reached three to four hand spans. But now… to his utmost horror, the papers had piled so high that it nearly reached his own height! When Kouyuu moved, the mounting paperwork gave a slight wiggle, threatening to fall off his desk and highlight his misery for the day.

When did this happen?

Kouyuu’s whole body twitched agitatedly. He gritted his teeth in rage as he slumped back to his seat and pulled his sleeves, ready for the hell that was his everyday work.

Ran Lover
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Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
Reishin who was supposed to visit his elder brother whom he loved and adored the most to his dismay are postponed since there is not a soul in the archives except for the shelves of books. He decided then he should pay a visit to Kou Kijin but decided against it since he would hate to hear how his criticism about how he is not courageous enough to proclaim that he is the uncle to Kou Shuurei. With nowhere else to go, he decided to head back to the office and have a look on how his adopted son is getting the hang of the over loaded paperworks that he had given him.

He smirked at his own intention, trying to give Kouyuu less time to interact with that snotty brat emperor by giving more than enough paperworks to keep him glued to his own chair and without any time to go out even to the toilet. He had no interest in helping the emperor and due to some circumstances, that he stuck to his post as the Chamberlain of Civil Administration Department for so many years. The thought of the emperor and the refusal of Yuushun, the prime minister to step down from his position and continue to support Shi Ryuuki who was nothing more than a brat made his blood boil even further. Not to mention that the brat emperor is not detaching himself from his niece.

That good for nothing brat should keep his paws of my very cute niece!

"Ahh! Shuurei." his face glowed as the image of his niece came into his mind but disappear as soon he reached his office only to hear people talking about the assassination of the Ran clan princess. Reishin twitched at the action of his subordinates that are doing nothing but gossiping about the thirteenth princess of the Ran, Jyuusan-hime. He thought that it would be a shame if the princess is dead since it will be a good opportunity to get rid of the brat of an emperor from his cute niece.He flipped off his fan and abruptly appear in front of the open window to his office and flicked each of his subordinates' fore head using his fan.

"Have you all idiot got nothing better to do other than discussing about things that do not need your concern?" he asked with a rather annoyed tone.

"W-We are very sorry!" they squeaked with a panic tone and with a quick bow, they all ran back to their respective place and started working on the pile of paperworks on the their table.

Reishin stepped inside of the office and saw Kouyuu with a very irritated look on his face, trying to finish of the stacking pile of papers totally ignoring his appearance. He sat on his own table that is full with paperworks as well but he made no move to start doing his work and yet, sitting there with a relax look on his face keeping an eye on everyone so that they finish up their job.

"Chamberlain Kou." a young man standing in front of him holding another new stack of paperwork, bowed his head.

"What is it?" he looked up at the young man and closed off his fan yet again.

"Where should I put these?" he noticed that the young man was looking left and right,searching for a place to put those papers on his desk.

"Give these papers that you are holding along with these on my desk and distribute it among the rest of them equally." he said and continued to fan himself, while paying no heed to the young man who have no idea how to distribute the huge mountain of paperworks from the Chamberlain's desk to the others considering their desk as well is another mountain themselves.

"What are you waiting for? Hurry up! The works are pilling up just because all of your incompetency." he barked and the young man quickly take the papers and hand it around. Some of them looked like they wanted to faint at the sight of those papers and some looked like the panda due to their dark circles underneath their eyes do not know how to react to it.

He snorted in distaste at the sight of his subordinates who grumbled when they were given work and continue to fan himself while immersing in his thoughts of his beloved brother and his cute niece.

((Reishin is a tough job to write T.T))

Posted 5/1/08 , edited 5/1/08
Kouyuu's jaws dropped in horror when the trainee came back to his desk holding more paperwork.

"Excuse me, Vice-Chamberlain Li." the trainee stammered. "I-I was instructed by Chamberlain Kou to give these to you."

The trainee put the extremely tall paperwork neatly on the only clear space in Kouyuu's desk. And just for a few seconds there, Kouyuu had actually rejoiced when he was able to empty at least that small amount of space. But now....

Kouyuu shot a dangerous look at the man who was sitting calmly on his ornate desk, while fanning himself.

When did he even get back? Kouyuu wondered.

Kouyuu was about to open his mouth to call that superior of his when something caught his attention. The window was still open and it happened very fast. True, Kouyuu may lack the battle skills like that Ran Shuuei. But his senses were sharp, and he could have sworn he saw a figure lurking behind the trees near the Civil Administration Department building.

Kouyuu stood up from his desk and approached the window, but the figure had disappeared. Could it be that the stress is beginning to get into my head and I'm imagining things?

Kouyuu furrowed his eyebrows for a moment. No, I'm sure. There was someone. But who? Who could it be?

Just then he heard a slight ruffling noise. The sound gave him goosebumps. Baaaaadddd omen!!!! Quickly he focused his attention back to the paperwork on his desk. Oh, no, don't tell me...

Sure enough, the heaps of paperwork that could almost brush with the ceiling was beginning to give a slight wiggle. A few papers from the top flew softly to the ground, and the tired trainee began to chase it. But a gust of wind suddenly entered the room via the open window that Kouyuu was still standing in front of. To his alarm, the paperwork began to give a violent shake and in just a split second, the mountain toppled and piles and piles of paperwork flooded the floors.

Mayhem erupted in that room. Everyone had gotten off their feet and chased the flying papers. A few men slipped on the floor and bumped into each other in pursuit.

"Close the window! Someone, close the window!!!" someone yelped.

Kouyuu hung his head in defeat. His hands trembled when he shut the window.

Why do things like this happen when I turn around only for a few moments?

[PS: I decided on using Vice-Chamberlain Li than Li Jirou-sama. I think it's easier to understand -I hope]
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