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Kouyuu was officially drained from the insane amount of work that he had to face all day. His adopted father and superior didn't make it any easier either for him since after that paper incident he was once again nowhere in sight. Kouyuu gritted his teeth agitatedly and scratched his head in frustration. When am I going to be good enough for him??

He had been dedicating all his life for Reishin-sama, the person who had saved him and had even adopted him so many years ago. Though Reishin-sama wasn't exactly the model parent type, to Kouyuu Reishin-sama was an absolute existence. He would even put his life on the line for Reishin-sama if it means that he could return the favor. That was why he studied day and night so many years ago, pushing his brain to the maximum. His constant dissatisfaction with himself and his respect of Reishin-sama were the things that drove him, motivated him to study endlessly about the government. He had specifically wanted to study about politics since it was the field that Reishin-sama worked in. But after reading and studying extensively about it, Kouyuu soon found himself drawn to politics itself and at the tender age of 15, he finally told Reishin-sama that he wanted to participate in the Imperial Exams.

It was a ludicrous idea of course, since he was practically still a kid. And imagine the uproar that he had caused when a year later, at 16, he had not only passed the Exams but had also taken the first spot. Afterwards, no matter how many hardships he had to face, Kouyuu had bravely (and sometimes stupidly) faced them. No matter how many times he got lost inside the palace grounds whenever the other ministers teased him during his trainee days. No matter how inhumane the amount of work was for him even to this day, he faced them all. Of course, he didn't like all of it. To tell you the truth, Kouyuu had been venting his frustration to his pillow in his bedroom in the Kou mansion. And you can't even count how many times Kouyuu had screamed his insides out.

But he still did all those things that Reishin-sama asked him to.

Kouyuu sighed as he watched the sun slowly rising at the horizon. He had worked overtime again that day and now that it's morning, another day of hellish work would soon start. Somehow he and his subordinates had finished the paperwork given to the department without the Chamberlain present. Mentally and physically drained, Kouyuu used his authority as Vice Chamberlain to order the officials who barely had strength left to rest for a few hours. Those who still had enough strength to stand on their two feet (and there were only a few of them) were ordered to remain in the office until the others returned. It would be bothersome if any staff of the Department fell ill since it would only increase the amount of work that had to be covered. Luckily, his subordinates had also asked him to get some rest too since Kouyuu had practically developed insomnia for the last few days.

And so that's why he was walking on the streets of Kiyou at that time of day, carrying a few paperwork that he had plans of doing when he got home. How could one rest easily if there's still work to be done? Kouyuu sometimes don't get the way his subordinates were thinking.

Well, the problem was, Kouyuu wasn't sure if it was a good idea to send him home in the first place. After only 35 steps out of the Palace grounds, Kouyuu soon found himself completely lost. He had been wandering aimlessly for almost two hours now and he was cursing under his breath, contemplating why he had agreed to leave the Palace in the first place knowing this was bound to happen. He felt like screaming but since it was still daybreak, he was sure the people won't appreciate him waking them up.

And as if to highligh yet another misery that he had to experience on that day, Kouyuu stumbled on a large yet soft bulk of stuff that was lying in the middle of the road. Cursing, Kouyuu stood up from the humilliating fall and brushed the dusts aside. It was then that he realized that the 'stuff' that was lying there in front of him was a person.

A person was lying there in the middle of the road, with a face so bruised and swollen that he couldn't identify whether it was male or female.
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Kouyuu was surprised that the girl had actually not say anything to answer his simple question. It seems that she was actually puzzled by it. Kouyuu arched his eyebrow and studied the appearance of the person in front of him. Though they had been standing there in that awkward position for some time, Kouyuu still didn't know if this person was male or female. That voice that had just yelled at him was hoarse and croaky, but it seemed like a female voice. But then again, Seiran also had a feminine kind of voice. To be truthful, that was one of the reason why Kouyuu had been staring at that person for quite some time now. Curious by nature, Kouyuu simply couldn't stand the torture of not even knowing the gender of the person before him. It wasn't his fault of course, since he's not that interested with women after all. Shuurei had glared at him in the past for saying that he wasn't able to tell that Shuurei was female when she wore male clothing.

Why is this person not answering? It was just a simple question. Kouyuu thought irritatedly. Morning had broken and he was wasting his time there waiting for that person to answer. He felt like leaving that person just like that person asked him to, but found that he couldn't after seeing the wretched condition that person was in. The image strongly reminded Kouyuu of his own condition before Reishin-sama adopted him. Feeling a sharp pang inside his heart, Kouyuu tried to approach closer to the person.

Not a wise move, since it had earned him a deathly glare from those deep saphire orbs that that person had for eyes. Kouyuu wasn't intimidated of course, since he was used to Reishin-sama already. He, however, didn't want to make this person's condition worse. It was clear that Kouyuu's presence was not considered pleasant. This person didn't even seem to trust Kouyuu at all.

"Look, I'm just trying to help." said Kouyuu finally, a slight irritation in his voice. "You don't have to be so hostile with me. Do I look like a suspicious person or a cirminal to you?"
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Reishin was at the edge of throwing his fan on to his servant's head for unable to do such a simple task such as keeping an eye on his son. After all, how hard can it be to keep an eye on a person who knows nothing but staying either in the department doing his job, visiting that rascal from Ran, or baby-sitting the damn brat of an emperor or even better, getting lost somewhere in the palace or his own manor.

It is definitely not hard at all.

Reishin flipped on and off his fan, showing his dissatisfaction and annoyance with an attempt to hide his worries. If his son if no where to be found in any of the place that he usually been, then, something is definitely out of his usual routine. He glared at the spy he hired who bowed down, afraid to look up from the floor.

"What are you doing here? Get your butt moving and find him!" he barked. His hand ready to throw the fan in his hand towards the spy's direction but restricted against it.

"Y-Yes Sir!" and the man quickly found his way out of the room and quickly get back to his mission- to find Li Kouyuu.

Reishin paced around his room, waiting anxiously for any news of his sound with all sorts of discomfort thoughts running inside his head. He halted when he heard a loud commotion going on just outside his room. He was about to fling the window open when he heard soft whispers of Kouyuu’s name.

“It’s true! Kouyuu-sama bought a woman home. She was in a terrible condition at first but I changed her, she is a very beautiful lady.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive. There’s no wrong!” the girl raised her voice, obviously annoyed that her friend doubted her.

“Shh...Be quiet. Reishin-sama is inside.” The other maid whispered so softly that it was barely audible to her friend.

Reishin heard the maids tip-toed away slowly from the corridor and raises his eyebrow with the information he heard. The maids maybe noisy and busy-body but it was useful in this situation and decided not to take any action against them. He, however, found himself baffled with the news he heard of his son. He flipped his fan on again and fans himself as a habit.

Kouyuu…bought home a woman?

Reishin immediately found his way to his son's room and he was a man who knows no boundary open the door to the room without much consideration and steps inside the room to stare face to face with the rumoured woman that his son bought home.

It was the second time he, Kou Reishin was baffled for something two times straight in a night and it wasn’t something that occurs so often. He walked nearer to the lady and held up her chin with the tip of his fan to have a closer look.

It was no doubt.

“Jyuusan-hime from the Ran Clan?”

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((*blinks* Can control other characters? I didn't know that.))

Reishin raises his eyebrow, obviously not amused and satisfy with the answer given from the princess herself. He snorted just a little and removed the tip of his fan away from the princess's chin. He flipped his fan open and continue to fan himself, deep in thoughts, ignoring the princess who was still standing there looking at him.

"I don't know huh?" he muttered to himself.

The first thing he need to do the next day is to have someone to investigate this person and what happened to her on her way to Kiyou. Someone is either accidentally hurt her or plan to take her life away and he is not going to let his name, Kou Reishin nor his son, Kouyuu to be suspected of this accident as his son is kind enough to be dumb to bring home someone he have no knowledge of.

"You!" he barked, pointing his fan towards the maid who was bowing down her head, standing near the pillar, obviously trying to hide her presence.

"Y-Yes Reishin-sama?" her voice trembled.

"Go get someone to ask for our family physician and take a look at her!"

"Yes Reishin-sama!" the maid bowed and quickly step out of the room.

Just as soon the maid went out, he turned around to face the confused princess again. He looked at her, trying to check whether she is lying about forgotten about who she is but her facial expression told him what he needed to know.

"I guess it's useless to ask you what are you doing here and what happened to you, I suppose?" he asked, his voice not surprisingly annoyed and he is even showing his annoyance clearly on his face. He furrowed his eye brow and snorted. He flipped his fan open unceremoniously and walk out of the room, not bothering to close the door.

He is going to have a long talk with Kouyuu and probably that Ran best friend brat of his.

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Where are we going?

The corners of Kouyuu's eyes twitched when he heard that. Good question. Kouyuu was more worried about this person's wellbeing that it didn't cross his mind even once that he was at a complete loss himself. He was beginning to doubt that he was indeed the best guy to help this person. He took a glimpse at the person in rags beside him. Kouyuu knew that this person was trying really hard to walk on his/her own two feet. Even that person's legs were shaking. Kouyuu knew that this person could collapse any minute now. Kouyuu on the other hand, having been officially drained in the first place, doubted he had the stamina to carry this person should this person lose consciousness.

Looking at how this person struggled to walk despite the state this person was in, Kouyuu felt motivated to do the same. Kouyuu balled his fist and made up his mind that he would do all he can to get this person to safety. Crossing his fingers and trying his hard to concentrate, Kouyuu was surprised that after only a few steps later, he found himself in the Seven Colored Clan District in Kiyou. And what do you know, just a few feet away from where he was was a a grand crimson colored walls with the sign of 'Kou' on the gates.

Maybe the Sages had listened to his prayers or they had pitied this stranger's condition, since this was probably the fastest time Kouyuu had found his own way back home.

Kouyuu couldn't help but smile at his sheer luck and gazed at the stranger beside him, who was practically wobbling already "Hang on a little longer okay. That's the house I live in. I'm going to make sure that you recei... oy, OY!!!"

Kouyuu was startled when that person finally collapsed, seemingly unable to move anymore. Panicked, he gestured for the Kou gatekeepers to help him. Both men had saw him and bowed their heads at the presence of the young master of the manor.

"Cut the formalities and help me carry this person will you!!" yelled Kouyuu impatiently, making the gatekeepers jump in surprise and quickly rushed to Kouyuu's side. They hesitated when they saw the state the person Kouyuu was trying so hard to carry ('I thought it was a joke, but this person's heavy indeed!!' muttered Kouyuu under his breath). Kouyuu noticed the doubtful look that the two men had in their eyes and he glared at them.

"Look, are you going to help me or not? If you worry about how to report this to Reishin-sama, don't worry. I'll take full responsibility!"

After Kouyuu said that, the two gatekeepers felt relieved and began helping Kouyuu lift the person to the gates of the manor. Kouyuu watched them and shook his head. Sheesh...
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Reishin who was busy fanning himself while immersing deep in thoughts about his beloved brother and Shuurei felt a sharp glance from the across table few feet away from his. No doubt, he thought that the sharp glance belongs to no one but his adopted son right after he saw another new stack of papers found its place on his desk. After all, who dares to challenge him,the head of Kou clan?

He continues to fan himself but his fan can be seen shifted from his chest to cover his face. He smirked behind his fan at the sight of his adopted son angry glance. He laughed so softly behind his fan, with eyes amused but turn abruptly to glare at the young man seated near him who was looking at him weirdly. The young man upon noticing his death glare, quickly bow his head and return to his stack of papers just before he had enough time to bark at him.

"Hmmph." he snorted and looked away, continue to fan himself.

He could see the young man sighed in relief but him being in a good mood decided to ignore him.

When he was just about to call for his son to do more favour for him, he caught someone lurking nearby the open window and shot a glance there. The shadow as soon as he noticed him, disappear away from sight as soon Kouyuu stood up from his seat and walk towards the window.

What a joke! Which idiot thought that he can accomplish something by spying on my department?

Just as soon as the figure disappear, the papers that were stacked neatly on each table in the department with the exception of his collapsed on to the floor accompanied by the yelp and scream of his subordinates. He return his attention from the window back to his office to see all of his subordinates chasing the flying paperworks and trying to keep the papers back to their original position as before - a stack of paper mountains.

When he was about to make a comment on how disgraceful his subordinates are behaving now, few papers flew towards his direction and hit him flat on his face.He twitched in anger and annoyance, taking the paper off from his face and slammed in down on to his desk.

"What do you think all of you are doing? Acting so ungraceful just because of these flying papers!" he barked at them and the commotion around his office quiet down almost immediately but the sound of people moving around, the shuffling of papers still remains.

He once again diverts his attention towards his son who was hanging his head in defeat. He flipped his fan closed and stood up from his chair. He walked towards his son and uses the tip of his fan to raise his son's chin, making his son to look at him face to face.

He snorted in distaste at his son's act of defeat. "I don't remember raising a son like you to be so easily admit in defeat by just merely some collapsed papers." and he removes his fan from his son's face.

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"Ah-choo~~!!" Kouyuu gave a light sneeze, but it was enough to send a few papers in front of him to fly away. Someone must be talking about me again.. He sighed inwardly.

After leaving that stranger to the hands of the Kou manor maid-in-waittings, Kouyuu realized that there was no time left to rest. So the most he could do was take a quick bath and change into a fresh set of clothes. It wasn't much, and Kouyuu is aware that nothing could replace a good sleep, but he felt some of the stress slipping away the moment he did that. He had done it in a hurried manner that he didn't even bother telling the servants that he was off to his office once again. Initially, he wanted to check on the stranger's condition before leaving but he soon realized that he was losing time. He was after all the Vice Chamberlain, and without Reishin-sama in the office, he was the next in charge. He had to at least do some work properly to help Reishin-sama, though he actually doubted whether his efforts would make any difference. And so, he heaved a sigh as he left the manor.

And somehow, by some strange miracle, he had found his way to the Palace much quicker than usual. Even Kouyuu was amazed at the new record time: 15 minutes!! Usually it would take him up to three hours to find his way to the Palace. DId his luck suddenly change for the better?

Well, apparently not. Once he was inside the Palace Grounds, Kouyuu soon found himself lost again. If it wasn't for one of the trainees that he had spotted going to the Civil Administration Department, than who knows for how long he was to roam aimlessly in the Palace Grounds.

And so there he was. Back to the office once again, with a multitude of papers stacked everywhere. He realized that the papers had actually tripled from the time he had left it. Looks like it's going to be another long day......

"I wonder how that person's doing. Maybe I should give that person a visit once I get all this madness sorted out."

But his random musings were soon interrupted by something.

(PS: Kouyuu still doesn't know that 'that person' is a girl.. XD)
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( i am! just a cameo, i i'm not really good at this, pls bear with me...T_T )

“Kouyuu dono...”

Upon hearing this, the Vice Chamberlain looked up and saw the grey haired soldier approaching him. And the guy has something in his hand. Kouyuu wondered what brought Seiran to his office, and why in this time when he has tons of papers to work up with.

“Kouyuu dono… the door is wide open so i just came in. Ojou sama asked me to bring these to you…” Seiran’s soft voice blurted out as he handed the package to the young Vice Chamberlain. “Ojou sama said she noticed you’ve been spacing out a lot lately…”

Kouyuu opened the package and was delighted to see some freshly steamed buns made by the thoughtful Shuurei. ‘ Typical of that girl’ he thought. He’s blushing a bit when Seiran suddenly gave his not-so-cool unsolicited remark.
“Distracted officials shouldn’t be staying at the emperor’s side…”

Shi Seiran. One shouldn’t be fooled by this pretty face and gentle voice. Exiled due to unfortunate series of events and taken in by Kou Shouka, the former “perfect” prince has come back to the palace as a lowly soldier, a commoner. All he cares now is his precious younger brother, the Emperor, and his ojou sama, Kou Shuurei. He’ll unquestionably put his life on peril for the people dear to him and for those who have the courage to do anything wrong on them, would become rusts of his brandish sword.

The Vice Chamberlain was stunned by what this lowly soldier just said, but decided to just shrug it off. After Seiran’s identity was uncovered by the palace people, including Li Kouyuu and Ran Shuuei, the close aids of the emperor, He has this habit of carelessly giving pieces of his mind which is more like a bullying or harassment sometimes.

“I don’t really care if you’re often lost or whatever there is that is bothering you, as long as it doesn’t affect the emperor, nor worrying my ojou sama, I don’t really care…” Seiran said “Well then, I should be going now…”

With these glorious words, Seiran blatantly walks out of Kouyuu’s office and left the latter pondering.
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Reishin who was just coincidentally standing outside the department heard every bit of conversation between the former prince, Seiran with Kouyuu and felt jealous of the attention his son gets from his cute niece, Shuurei while he being her uncle is not being acknowledge.

He sniffed a little, his face hidden behind the fan to avoid being seen as improper for acting such a way. As Seiran walked out of the door, he halted for a moment before entering, seeing those homemade steam buns with hungry eyes and immediately uses his fan to whacked his son's hand that was reaching for those buns.

"Who gave you permission you to eat while you work?You are setting a bad example." he said, withdrawing his fan from his son's hand and quickly took the package of steam buns away. His serious facial expression changes almost immediately when he had the steam buns in his possession while muttering a soft Shuurei, with a big smile on his face.

Reishin gave his son a glance and handed him a hot steam buns almost reluctantly.

"Kouyuu." he started. He uses the tip of his fan and raises his son's face again as a habit since Kouyuu had a tendency to look downwards every time he is speaking to him. He saw his own son's eyes looking straight back at him and he removes the fan off him.

"Do you know the identity of the stray cat that you picked in?" he asked, testing his son about his knowledge about the whole incident. Seeing the impression on his son's face, he knew almost instantly that his son knew nothing about this person and he assumed that neither his friend, Ran Shuuei knew about his own sister whereabouts.

"Tell that Ran friend of yours that he got something valuable in our possession. I need a talk with him." he said, not waiting for any reply and without another word, he walked off along with the steam buns with a silly look on his face, grinning from ear to ear.

" My cute niece, Shuurei." he muttered softly to himself.

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(Kyaa~~, Seiran!! you're doing a great job, really, Rikka!!)

Kouyuu watched the retreating figure of the former second prince and gave a sigh.. Who would ever thought that the gentle and calm looking retainer actually had a bullying side? Shuurei-dono, you must wake up and realize just what kind of person Seiran is capable of when it comes to you.. Kouyuu said to himself.

But Seiran's words weren't off-target. Kouyuu of course is aware of the rumors going around the Palace. People are beginning to doubt his loyalty to the Emperor since he is rarely present by the Emperor's side. The same goes for that self-claimed best friend of his, Ran Shuuei. An irritated vein popped in Kouyuu's head. 'Those people should at least take a look at the condition of my office before creating ludicrous rumors!!!' he cursed under his breath. 'How in the world can I babysit that stupid Emperor when there are all this work piling up?? Is he really doing any work??'

Kouyuu felt like tearing his desk in two in an irritated feat, but gradually changed his mind when the warm aroma of Shuurei's famous homemade steam buns wafted into his nostrils. Amazing... Just the aroma is enough to make him slowly calm down. Slowly Kouyuu reached out his hand to grab one of the buns, and that was when that poor hand of his was whacked by something.
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Eigetsu has just enter the palace looking for Shuurei. He does not know what has happened in his absence. Little does he know of the drama unfolding before him....

<I would like to play~~To Eigetsu~~ permanently please!>
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(OK so let me try this out, sorry for mistakes )

Meantime at Department of Treasury and Taxation, Chamberlain Kou together with Kei-Jirou were going through mountains of financial reports. And then, when Kou Kijin reached for another article, he heard creaking sound on the roof. It was unbelievably low, if one did not have experience with such a little “incidents” and very sharp ear, he wouldn’t even hear it, just like Vice-Chamberlain Kei that was unknowingly doing his job. Kijin without raising up his eyes, continued with paperwork, the answer was too oblivious, spy. “In the middle of the day, just who do they think I am?” After few minutes, he completed last report and pushed aside undone work. Then he slowly stood up from the chair, totally ignoring spy overhead.
“Already done Houju?” asked Vice-Chamberlain Kei “Didn’t I told you thousand times, to stop calling me by that name?” Automatically answered Kijin with calm face under the mask. Kei-Jirou only smiled “But there is no one here, so it should be alright.”
“I need you to return these reports to the Archive. ” after short interval, when it was clear that Kei-Jirou doesnt realy hurry with task, Kijin add “ Right now.” With little confused look Vice-Chamberlain Kei went away.

Houju followed his example, when he was halfway from his Department he stopped right on the small bridge across the pond. Pretending to enjoy nature around him, he said quietly “Soujirou, there are some annoying rats inside my department. I would like you to clean it for me”
“Yes, Houju-Sama. Leave it to me” replied to him dangerous voice from nowhere.
After that Kijin continued with his way to the Department of Civil Administration, to meet his old friend and rival Kou Reishin.
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When he reached his destination, he was already quite annoyed.
Two guards opened gates before him and Kijin walked in the Department of Civil Administration.

It was fairly a shock for hard working officials too see well known for his sedulity in work, Kobu Chamberlain slacking around at such a fussy time. Even bigger shock it was for newcomers, that never before saw this eccentric person with red demons mask on his face.
No Houju, wasn’t angry anymore, he was absolutely furious. “All my life this unbelievable foolish and egoistic person gives me headaches” He gave a quick nod towards confused Vice-Chamberlain Li, that was buried under store of papers and continued round the corner, where he opened door to the Kou Reishins chamber.

His friend was sitting next to big plate of steam buns, with big sweet smile on his blushing face, and pink aura around him. “My cute Shuurei, I am your kind uncle. Ive been always watching you from shadows.” muttered Reishin.
The more irritated Houju became the more chiller was his voice “Just what are you, old pervert doing?” Reishin in a flash turned his head the way Kijin stood and gave him a cold glare, pink aura around him vanished “You?” he barked at Houju.
“Is that the way you greet you friend?” replied Kijin. Reishin was already prepared to say something sharp in return, in the end Houjus entrance wasn’t that amicable either. But Kijin interrupt him
“More importantly Reishin, just what kind of stupid thing you did again? ”
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Reishin snapped out of his own blissful thoughts of his cute niece when he heard an unfriendly voice of Kou Kijin who was rude enough to barge in without his approval. He glared a little at that man direction and pretend to pay no heed until Kou Kijin tested his patience by sending accusation that he, Kou Reishin is an old pervert. Without a second thought, he barked at his friend, obviously not happy with that accusation.

Reishin thought that nothing is wrong with an uncle finding her niece cute and constantly repelling bugs that are getting near her but his theory is not accepted and was constantly remarked by Houjo that the way he is acting is just like a pervert chasing the skirts of his own niece.

“More importantly Reishin, just what kind of stupid thing you did again? ” he heard Houjo asked.

Reishin don't remember seeing his cute niece lately, due to his disappointment so that means there is nothing he did can be classified as foolish in his case. He raises his eyebrow at his friend and snapped his fan close. "What do you mean by stupid thing I did again?" he asked, a tint of annoyance can be heard from his voice.

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(Hi, I'm playing Kouyuu & Gyokuka in the RPG but this entry will be for Kouyuu. I will always slip a chibi picture of the character I'm playing in my entries, so it won't confuse anyone)

Just when Kouyuu thought his work wasn't tough enough, his superior and esteemed adopted father returned and snatched the steamed buns that were supposed to be his highlight of the day. 'Maybe Shuurei-dono should send some more steamed buns here if that will make Reishin-sama come here more often and do some real work.' he sighed.

There is a string of unexpected visitors to the CIvil Administration Department that day. First it was Seiran, the former second prince. And then Reishin-sama, who is rarely seen in the department that he is chief of. Just when Kouyuu thought he had had enough surprises, the masked Chamberlain of Financial & Taxation Department Kou Kijin entered the room. That day, the chamberlain was wearing a red demon mask and just the sight of that mask was enough to send shivers down his spine. By the looks of it, Kouyuu's other subordinates and trainees were freaked out too by this apparition.

Kouyuu might not know his true expression since it was concealed by the mask, but he could tell that Kou Kijin seemed disturbed by something. He gave a bow at the Chamberlain who returned it with a curt nod before entering Reishin-sama's chambers. Sure enough, he could hear annoyed tones coming from Kou Kijin's voice while conversing with his old 'friend'. Kouyuu couldn't make out what they were saying though, and didn't really care since he is not one who pokes into other people's business.

Kouyuu noticed though, that his underlings didn't think the same way. Almost all eyes in that room were directed at the Chamberlain's chamber and some of the trainees were whispering to each other about the strange masked Chamberlain. Kouyuu gritted his teeth in annoyance.

"If you have time gossiping, then will you at least use it to attend to your works!! Get back to your posts, NOW!!!!!!" he yelled impatiently as he banged his hand to his desk.

His outburst was enough to snap those underlings back to their senses and all of them bowed apologetically to the Vice Chamberlain. They squirmed back to their posts and did their work as they were told. Kouyuu took a deep breath to contain himself and returned his attentions back to where it belonged: his work. He then found that there was a strange report mixed into his other works. Just when Kouyuu wanted to throw that report into the trash bin out of irritation, he noticed that the report had something to do with the Ran clan. He made a mental note to contact Ran Shuuei to confirm this turn of events.

Kouyuu shook his head, 'Why is everything getting more and more complicated. First the murder of the Ran clan princess, Shuuei's disappearance from that stupid Emperor's side, and now this... That clan sure has their own way of adding my workload!!!'
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(( I have no idea what am I writing. @@))

Reishin raises an eyebrow at the statement directed from Kou Kijin to him and gave him an amused look but it split second, it was hidden behind his fan.

"Oh.Have you ever thought that he is interested on how you look like Houjo?After all, you are rumoured to be very ugly behind the mask " he said, a teasing voice can be heard. There is no reaction from the man opposite him but only the static red angry demon mask that he made for him staring back at him. Reishin mused that he should have make some other sad or happy masks for him instead of an angry one.

Reishin quickly interrupted with another question before Houjo can make a crude reply and saying something about marrying his cute niece or his cowardliness of being afraid to admit that he is the uncle of Shuurei. His nonchalant expression grew red with jealousy and he snapped his fan off, becoming serious all of sudden.

"Houjo." Reishin's voice was stern and his gaze fixed on the face hidden beneath the mask. He paused for a moment before continuing his sentence.

"Kouyuu picked up a stray cat." he said with a smile on his face.
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(Hello guys, sorry for such an entry. Reishin and Kouyuu, you are both great!)

Kijin took a deep breath trying to calm down himself as much as he could. In the end there was basically no good from being furious and arrogant, not when he speaks to his friend, it would lead only to a further argument. "Do you mind if I take a seat" he said and without waiting for answer sat down to an uncomfortable chair opposite to Reishin. "We know each other for a long time, and all this years I’ve been helping you with you little games and pranks." When he looked at the Head of Red clan he could see usual bored and little annoyed sight. Houju secretly smiled under the mask, it always begun like that. Even through Kijin did not have any evidence that spy was somehow connected to Reishin, he already knew that it realywas like that. One can call it six sense. In some way Kou Reishin was like a wind that brought to a Kijins life something new. Houju decide to go straight to the point "Today at my Department I found a spy, very clumsy one at the top of that. As much as I know Yellow clan did not involve in any political affairs. And now Reishin I would like to know, what I did except from being your "friend", to win myself such an attention?"
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Sigh. “That’s why I never had any children.”
He said in a whisper, but loud enough for Reishin to hear it. Reishin’s face became haughty and a bit insulted, however he tried to quickly hide it with a fan. And that wasn’t an end of it.

Houju was clearly edgy right now, and was more then prepared to repay Reishin his affableness in a very generous way. “Picking up stray cats. Somehow it became some kind of family tradition now, isn’t that so Reishin?” Ignoring the deadly surrounding around the Head of Red Clan, Kijin with a smile of satisfaction, fully enjoyed his little revenge for “Ugly face case”. When he had enough of it, he purposely slowly took down his mask, suddenly becoming very serious. And gave Reishin attentive gaze. “And what kind of stray cat he picked up? Or rather, does he even know what had he done?”
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"Ah-chooo~~!!!" sneezed the young Vice Chamberlain once again. Kouyuu rubbed his nose impatiently, thinking what in the world would cause him to sneeze this much at this time of day. Either someone (or a lot of someones) are talking about him behind his back again or he's developing a bad case of allergy.

It was then that he remembered about the person he had picked up earlier that day, whom he had placed under the care of the maids of the Kou residence. 'How is that person doing now?' Kouyuu wondered. Was he worried? Well of course. Kouyuu still remembered how truly horrendous that person's condition was in, with tattered clothes, messed up indigo hair, and wounds all over the place. How could Kouyuu forget how that person collapsed right before him?

The scene brought back memories of long ago, when he was still living on the streets. He was orphaned, pretty much alone in this world at a very tender age and he had experienced hardships that even Shuurei could never imagine.

Kouyuu saw his old self in the person that he had brought to the Kou mansion.

That was perhaps the most logical reason he could come up with when he decided to help that person out. It didn't occur to him at that time that the person might just be an assassin who had almost lost his/her life in combat, or a con artist that had faked injuries in order to rob any good Samaritan that came across his/her path. Looking back, Kouyuu didn't exactly know if that was really the right decision. He had even said that he would be deemed responsible for that person.

But what if his fears were realized? What if that person was indeed a robber, and once he returned to the Kou mansion, he would find that all the treasured possessions of the Kou clan's head had been stolen?

It suddenly dawned upon Kouyuu that if such a thing happened, then all his hard work throughout the years to gain Reishin-sama's trust would crumble to nothing. Was it really a reckless decision to begin with?

When panic was ready to engulf his logic, Kouyuu noticed a curious glint from the corner of his eye. He blinked and realized that the glint came from the sun's reflection against the ornate jade orb with a carving of irises on it. It was the 'flower' presented to him two years ago by the reigning Emperor, Shi Ryuuki. The symbol of ultimate trust from the number one man of the country.

Kouyuu touched the surface of the orb fondly. "A symbol of trust, eh?" he murmured, somewhat amusingly and the corners of his mouth began to form a small smile.

That was when he understood.

The man who had earned the trust of the Emperor, should at least learn to have a little faith on someone else, right?

"Maybe I should give that steamed bun from Shuurei to that person."
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Reshin grew serious, his playfulness disappeared when he saw Houjo took off his mask showing his flawless beauty. He flipped off his fan that was preciously hiding his face from view, placing it on the table and stare back at those attentive eyes of Kijin.

" He adores me isn't he that child? To the extent of having the same peculiar trait of picking up strays." Reishin mumbled, his face grew sullen for a moment but it disappeared so soon as if he never shows that expression before. He stood up from his seat and walked towards the window, sighing so softly that he can barely audible by him himself.

"However, that was no ordinary stray cat that he picked up." there's a bitterness of sorrow can be heard from his voice.

He stayed silent for a moment, collecting his thoughts. He turned back and look at his friend's eyes sternly or not almost pleadingly. Eventhough, he Kou Reishin never show that he truly love his adopted son but he was the proudest thing he had ever done for the whole life and suddenly a sense of lost overwhelmed him at the thought of losing his son.

" Kouyuu is in danger." the voice of determination can be heard, hinting to his friend that he must protect Kouyuu no matter what.
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Kouyuu gritted his teeth in agitation. He took in his surroundings, and cursed under his breath upon realizing that he had once again successfully gotten himself lost!! In fact, he could have sworn that he had been in this same hallway ten times already in the past two hours! But then again, all these hallways look alike to him.

All he wanted was to go to the lavatories to wash his face, but now he couldn't find his own way back to his own office.

Kouyuu growled in fury, more angry at himself for being completely clueless in finding his own way back to the department that he had worked in for years now. Surely he should have known the routes by heart! If that Shuuei sees him now, he's sure to be laughed at once again.

"My, Kouyuu, did you get yourself lost again?"

The corners of Kouyuu's eyes twitched upon the thought of his so-called best friend's amused smile.

"Shut up, Ran Shuuei!!!" he yelled.

But then Kouyuu realized that he was yelling at completely no one. Shuuei wasn't there. In fact, Kouyuu was all alone in that hallway.

"Must be the heat that makes me imagine things." Kouyuu sighed.

But it's really been a long while since he had last seen Shuuei. At first Kouyuu thought that it might be because Kouyuu rarely goes to the Emperor's study nowadays (which is NOT his fault since he had been swarmed with work in his own department). But then again he had heard that Shuuei hasn't been found around His Majesty anymore too.

So where exactly is Shuuei? He can't pull this disappearing act forever. Now that his younger sister is said to have been murdered and with this report coming from Ran province, his presence is vital. And if what that report said was true, then Kouyuu definitely need to have a long talk with that shogun.

Maybe because he was too lost in thought, Kouyuu didn't pay attention to where he was going and bumped into someone. Both parties fell backwards from the impact. Kouyuu could feel a slight pain in his chest since this intruder had bumped to his chest head-on.

"Oww.." Kouyuu winced and glared at the official in crimson robes. "Hey!! Watch where you're going!!"

The young official also winced in pain. Kouyuu couldn't make out the face of the official though since there was a bright sunlight obscuring his view. Blinking, Kouyuu noticed that the official had a long silky dark indigo hair. Slowly, his vision was returning to him and he could make out a feminine face. A face that was too familiar.

"Shuurei-dono, are you okay?" he heard a deep male voice. A voice that was also too familiar to be true. A voice that had just interrupted his thoughts.

"Shuuei? Shuurei-dono? What are you doing here?" asked Kouyuu bewilderedly.
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