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Calling Car Enthusiasts! Love cars? Know a lot?
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Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08

chinky_sonny wrote:

lasthope05 wrote:

What will this "writer" be writing about in particular? I'm just curious. There are several knowledgeable people on here, including myself, but are we willing to use their spare times to write an article? Who knows. This is an interesting concept though. Possibly give some sample topics and see what comes up after that.

are you a writer, nice guy

I can write, if your asking me that. But do I enjoy it enough to write an article? No.

Just wondering; Did you guys ever get any articles in from anybody?
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08
do u want just answers to these questions??? u mention??... ill be happy to answer knowledgeable in imports things and others too...just feel free to ask anything
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/13/08
woo cool.. i dont know much still --
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Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/13/08
I would love to do the job (no pay required). I specialize in Japanese cars and rally cars. Writing about muscle cars or European cars will be a challenge for me, though. I do have a bias, but I can tolerate most cars. I hate ricers, but I can write positively about quality show cars.....

Tips and Tricks - Car fixes in a pinch! (or how to fix a car for the unknowing motorist!)

How not to get ripped off at a shop

What's the best Engine

The coolest new stuff for after market body kits!

How to increase your HP, and gain that tiny bit of torque you were looking for

Drifting: It's not as easy as it looks on TV

Safety in Racing

Rally Racing, the top drivers in the world! (sorry i used to be a rally driver)

*siren* Oh crap, that's a cop.. How to behave when getting a Ticket.

Just a few ideas, feel free to expand on those thoughts!
It's fair game! (only needs to be written in English and with proper enough grammar that the Editors can fix the Grammatical errors)

I might be able to do a bit of the "tips and tricks", but not much.

I can definitely write about "How not ro get ripped off at a shop".

No such thing as "the best engine", but I can write about specific applications.

I won't feel comfortable writing about "The coolest new stuff for after market body kits", discussing the wet dreams of ricers feels awkward.

I can write about drifting, but not too much about it.

I can most definitely write something about safety in racing.

I am WILLING to write about rally racing, but my history is a bit lacking.

I am WILLING to write about dealing with cops, read a book about it.


There's a catch...

I will be promoting the manual transmission and rally racing, so, an editor will be necessary......
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Posted 4/13/08 , edited 4/13/08
This honestly sounds fun to me, as weird as it may seem. I can write about pretty much any topic about cars.(To a certain extent to which my knowlegde pertains to about said topic) I'm not very bias toward any cars or brand ethier. However, even if I were to pick this up, I would be able to do one article a month tops. (Maybe two if i have time)
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