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love and hate about ds and psp
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30 / M / Philipinnes
Posted 7/14/08
love-ds: Lots of cool games just look at the line up of games to be released

love-psp: ikkitousen game to be released this October
hate-psp: I don't hate the PSP what I hate are the people who boast their PSP.

imagine this, I was playing with my DS at a local mall because I was bored of waiting for my mom who's in the grocery. While I was playing a boy was boasting his PSP and it really pissed me off good for him we're inside the mall if we were outside I could've given him an onion ring in his eyes.
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Posted 7/15/08
Love-Ds got touch screen and can play with cooking mama
Hate-Ds the cartridges so small later get lost

Love-Psp fun and have audition 8k one
Hate-The prices are so ex for the games
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27 / F / Quezon City
Posted 7/27/08
Love psp : because you can play music, video and u can also play just like 3d effects


Hate Ds : because u will just use the touch screen and just too boring.
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27 / M / Toronto
Posted 7/27/08
Love DS - Big library of games to choose from, mic and stylus function.
Hate DS - ...

Love PSP - Internet and storing pictures.
Hate PSP - More games could help...
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