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Anime Downfall
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Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/30/08

killamoa wrote:

anime downfall?
maybe coz u dont watch anything else other than naruto/bleach

trust me there are plenty better ones out there that aren't licensed on CR

no offence bt..cant agree with wat u say cos there are plenty of nice anime licensed too...the nicer it is the higher chance it get licensed so this web is no diff with youtube
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Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/30/08

limited22 wrote:

its been a week and theres not much anime are being uploaded. . . . .

What are you talking about? Do you see the number of videos that are approved on a daily basis? Do you have any figures? Show them to me, THEN I'll believe you.

i think this is where CR will lost its glory

You lack something called "foresight". Don't you think CR's tie-up with Gonzo is a welcome step towards a future of legal affiliations with Anime corporations to distribute anime on a legal basis?

Who will spend time and money to upload anime when the anime that they upload will be license.

What the hell are you talking about? Ever since when did people spend money to upload something that isn't even theirs to begin with on CR? I think I missed the memo... and last I heard, people upload videos because they want to share it. If it gets licensed, then too bad ~ it's taken off. What are you talking about "waste"? Isn't the commendation from fellow CR members the "reward" for most people when they upload? Oh... my bad... you've never even uploaded a single video on this site... very nice of you to speak on behalf of the uploaders... I SOOO believe you...

and who will pay good money to watch nothingness in this site . . ..

Umm... Aren't the donations down? I didn't know we had to pay for anything in this site, besides CR t-shirts. OMFG! Are you a secret member of the CR STAFF??? ZOMFG!!!

omg CR is falling apart

This is what we call "delusional". The forums is falling apart with people posting threads like this when they know crud about what's going on. This is what we call "reality", my friend.

~ Locked

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