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Post Reply [{] What Hurts The Most
Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/12/08
Ne, can i share my experience too?

I don't know if i should but even though i'm just an 11 year old girl, i have crush-crush, likey-likey problems..

Here's my story:

Well, i was in the 5th-grade when a boy (codename: Daniel) was a a new student in our school and he was my classmate.. i never had any crush before.. and i thought it wasn't some crush thingys they talk about, but i was wrong, he WAS my CRUSH. But soon my secret was leaked. And before i knew it the whole 5th-grade body knew about it! But one thing that suprised me is that last October 5, 2007 (i even memorized it!!) i was kinda feeling a little down.. he noticed it considering he seats in front of me. We face each other because we're in a table of sort.. well yeah, never mind. It was the birthday of one of my classmates.. she gives us some sweets like candies and stuff.. i wanted to ask for some because i love candies so much but i couldn't because so many people were asking for one.. i saw daniel fight his way to my classmate i kinda smiled at that and then there was this big pack of chocolate my classmate took out and i wanted to ask for one!! 0.0 but i couldnt!!! then i was kinda feeling down then i stood up from my chair and he was face-to-face with me!! He then extended his arms and gave all his candies and chocolates to me!! i was so happy.. but.. we're now 6th-graders and.. i never knew if he had a crush on me.. but the most hurting fact is that his crush right now is my bestfriend.. he does sweet things to her.. but my bestfriend doesn't like him.. heheh xD. but the most hurtful/painful fact is that when i thought he liked me.. i all went down the drain when he confessed that he has a crush on my bestfriend.. i mean.. i got my hopes up for nothing.. TT__TT
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