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Post Reply What RPG Games Have Made In YOUR Top 10 List?
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M / Earth
Posted 3/30/08
What are your favorite 10 RPG games that you've played so far?
What are the 10 RPGs have you played that filled your life with joy?
No order, just list down the RPGs that you have enjoyed playing!
From classics up to now, it doesn't matter!

Mine are:

1. Persona 3 (PS2)
2. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time (PS2)
3. Tales of Symphonia (GC/PS2)
4. Tales of the Abyss (PS2)
5. Shadow Hearts: Covenant (PS2)
6. Shadow Hearts: From the New World (PS2)
7. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King (PS2)
8. Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria (PS2)
9. Kingdom Hearts II (PS2)
10. Radiata Stories (PS2)

As you can see, i'm a bit of a "modern" hardcore RPG gamer.
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29 / M / USA (Miami, FL)
Posted 3/30/08 , edited 2/1/09
1. Grandia/Grandia 2
2. Chrono Cross
3. Skies of Arcadia
4. Mother 3
5. Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War
6. Shadow Hearts: Covenant
7. Dark Cloud 2
8. Shenmue
9. Lufia II
10. Shin Megami Tensei II

A bit of the old stuff with some of the current. : )
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25 / M / on a Little Big P...
Posted 3/30/08
1. Final Fantasy X-2
2. FF8
3. Xenosaga Series
4.Onimusha Series
5. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2
(cant really think of ten separate games but this is more than ten with series)
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M / somewhere in the...
Posted 4/2/08
the way i judge an rpg game is 1. the story 2. how it looks 3. how long it will keep me playing(this ones in order)

1. Dragon quest VIII(just love this games story and it made me play for 80 hours or more.. characters/sorrounding are good since i like anime too)
2.FFVIII(the first final fantasy that i played...after finishing the game it made me wanna buy all ff games xD)
3. FFXII(at least 80 hours too..great graphics(especially CGs) but i think the story is lacking..maybe just me)
4..hack G.U. vol 1/2/3(hack n slash rpg...anime oriented graphics...good story overall)
5.rouge galaxy(im so happy to see another game that looks like dragon quest viii..the story is good up until its almost finished..but the ending is REALLY BADDDD!!!)
6.Radiata stories(normal storyline and normal gameplay)
7.Valkyrie profile: silmeria(not the best storyline also not the worst..its just sooo hard to level up and get items :D)
8. wild arms ps1(2d environment but good story one of the first rpg i played)
9. Kingdom hearts 1/2( at first i thought it would be childish but when i played it its a pretty solid game)
10.disgaea (the story is somewhat good and the gameplay is just average...for me)
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Posted 4/8/08
1. Tales of the Abyss
2. Disgaea 2
3. . Hack G.U.
4. Ar Tonelico
5. Suikoden 2
6 Suikoden 1
7. Atelier Iris 3
8. Disgaea
9. Tales of Legendia
10. Kingdom hearts
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30 / M / Virginia
Posted 4/8/08
1. lost odyssey
2. blue dragon
3. final fantasy series (this low because havent played recent games)
4. oblivion
5. star ocean till the end of time
6. kingdom hearts
7. dark clouds
8. legand of dragoon
9. tales of symphonia
10. well I cant decide between the rest that iv played there too many
that i cant remember there names
Posted 4/9/08
1. FF12... best game ever
2. FF10... also very good
3. FF9 ... i like Final Fasnasy
4. FF tactics
5. legend of dragoon
6.tales of the abyss
7. .hack series
8. tales of Symphonia
9. rappelz (mmorpg)
10. knightonline(mmorpg)
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29 / M / So-Cal!!
Posted 4/9/08
1. Final Fantasy Tactics ------------ ( FAV!! )

2. Final Fantasy 9 --------------------------------(just based on the music!!! FAV FF MUSIC )

3. Final Fantasy 4 ----------- (probably the hardest FF to date - My opinion (; )

4. Fina Fantasy 10 ------(Amazing game Good Music)

5. Vagrant Story ---------------------------------------------( tooo Fk'n sik )

6. Tales of Destiny 2 ---------( .....well i liked it.... )

7. Xenogears -------- (Fun )

8. The Legend of Dragoon -------------( should have been up top somewhere....but i didnt think naming my fav rpgs ......would be so difficult!! )

9. Rinoa Heartily ---------------- (not a game....but my FAV FF! chick! xD )

10. Saga Frontier 2 (overall NOT a great GAME...but u gotta love the sprites )
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25 / F / ---kidnapped by v...
Posted 4/12/08
1. Final Fantasy 7
2. Final Fantasy 8
3. Golden sun the lost age
4. Chrono Trigger
5. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
6. Final Fantasy 9
7. Secret of Mana
9. zelda games (they're not rly rpg but still very good)
10.shining soul
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M / Earth
Posted 4/17/08
wow. how could i forget golden sun? it's definitely one of my favorite RPGs on the GBA.
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26 / F / Asia
Posted 4/18/08
1. Suikoden II ---- love the storyline soo much~ XD
2. Final Fantasy IX ---- in love with the medieval theme
3. Final Fantasy Tactics ---- :D
4. Final Fantasy VII ---- Cloud, Vincent!! Red!! :P
5. Terranigma ---- XD LOVE THE SNES GAME~
6. Fire Emblem ---- Blazing Sword!!
7. Chrono Cross ---- AWESOMEEE XDDDDD
8. Shining Force II ---- Sega old game XD yet great game!
9. Kingdom Heart ---- who can ressist ff + disney?
10. Vagrant Stories ---- nice gameplay!

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29 / M / Malaysia
Posted 4/30/08
My top ten fav RPGames
1.Final Fantasy 8
2.Dragon quest :journery of the curse king
3.Valkyrie Profile 2 :Silmeria
4.Final Fantasy Tactics
5.Kingdom Heart II
6.Legend Of Dragon
7.Radiata stories
10.Atelier Iris 2
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in my other accou...
Posted 6/24/08 , edited 6/24/08
1.Soul Calibur 3
2.Final Fantasy 6
3.Zelda: Wind Waker
4.Super Smash Mario Bros. Brawl/Malee
5.Kingdom Hearts 2
6.Street Fighter
7.Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
8.Chrono Trigger
9.Chrono Cross
10.Dr. Mario
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M / Chile
Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08
1. Tales of Phantasia
2. Lufia II
3. Chrono trigger
4. Final Fantasy VI
5. Tales of symphonia
6. Baten Kaitos Origins
7. Skies of Arcadia
8. Chrono Cross
9. Star Ocean 2
10. Final Fantasy V

and above all, the legend of zelda: ocarina of time

oh and those don't counting the strategy ones xD
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