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Posted 3/30/08 , edited 3/30/08
Haha yes Hirakawa Daisuke who does the voice of Makoto from School Days appeared in this anime as the leading role Kawagoe Haruma.

The story centers around a Christmas wish made by Kawagoe Haruma after his mother had suffered a miscarriage, followed by an operation which prevented her from having any more children. Several years later, when Haruma is a college student, a woman on a flying motorbike claiming to be Santa Claus delivers his wish, a younger sister. When he remarks that he made his wish a long time ago, Santa replies that making a little sister takes a lot more time than just making an android, takes his signature for delivery, and departs. Haruma now has a little sister, who comes with her own instruction manual—a manual for how to be a little sister, that is. When she asks him to name her, he calls her Choco, which refers to the Japanese for "manual".

Yes... you have your element of loli going on time to time... And for this to be picked up and subbed two years after its release, it only adds more to the puzzle... For the first half of the subs, it was censored... the nude scenes that is... maybe those were the recordings of the airing on TV, and the uncensored portion was from a DVD... but nonetheless, when I first saw the uncensored scene, it was with Choco... and I don't feel like describing the scene... but it made me think... they defiantly are trying to get the loli crowd...

Nonetheless... I didn't fixate on that particular aspect, as it is a pretty funny anime, there are pretty subtle themes of romance... And no, not your "omg that's incest" romance... But defiantly our main character fell in love with our Choco... In a platonic sense...

The story starts to become very touching towards the end... but as with that, the majority of it is very "slice of life" themed, and melodramatic... but comical nonetheless... It was a good watch, but as said before, it took two years after its release before a fan sub group picked it up (MBT I believe).

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Posted 4/5/08 , edited 4/5/08
right, another chobits plot! this series shares a lot like chobits (in the beginning) but after i watched it until the last episode. then i knew its a bit less then that. choco is cute! sure, neko-nyan dance is very cute! SUREE!!! but then, unfortunately it sink after that, it didnt offer any other "new stuff" other then selling the "little sister dream" for imouto-complex out there, im a bit disappointed. But, graphic is good. and storyline is so-so. i was hoping for the manga to be better though. lets just see what they have to offer.

p.s. the ending animation is freakn cute XD
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