romantic and funny anime!!
Posted 3/30/08
can any 1 tell me any funny n romantic anime?? (or manga)
I've watched:
Zero no Tsukaima
shugo chara
kamikaze kaitou jeanne
kirarin revolution
kamichama karin
elemental gelade
love hina
gakuen alice
to heart
La Corda d'Oro
Aishiteruze Baby
cardcaptor sakura
tsubasa chronicle
princess princess
Ultra Maniac
Kaleido Star
D.N. Angel
daa daa daa!
ichigo 100%
sugar sugar rune
marmalde boy
pita ten
lovely idol
...and thats it ( i think)
i am sooo sorry 4 the long list but i really need a new anime to watch cause i got nothing to do.... i am easily bored.....
anyway, if u know any anime that i have not seen yet please tell me...
oh ya, i dont like ecchi anime like love love and nana so yeah...
n i kinda like the drawings from anime so if the drawings r bad then please dont recommend it
this might be picky but again, if u know any anime that is funny or romantic, please tell me!!
and fell free to buddy me ( if u want ) ^ ^
thx 4 ur help !!! bye!!!
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Posted 3/30/08
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Posted 3/30/08
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