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Would the world be a better place without FF7?
Posted 2/5/10

Sayurii- wrote:


People in this world have different tastes.
People Who criticize are fucking Homos, just leave us alone and play your own game.

If you want to lyk Bitch about a Game or sumfin, tell it to someone who cares.

But to Me. FFVII. Is Awesomeness. ^^

But this is all my opinion .

I agree with what you're saying, but be a little more respectful. When you cuss like a sailor people don't really take your point seriously. lol
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27 / F
Posted 2/5/10
It's a great game but it really wouldn't matter lol. So my answer is the world would be the same that it is now.
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Posted 2/6/10 , edited 2/6/10
FFVII was the first final fantasy i played back in high school and I loved it then, so it'll always have a special place with me. However, all the merchandise that came along with it was dumb. Though I did enjoy the movie.

So in my opinion:

FFVII (the game) = good
FFVII (the extra stuff that came after) = not needed
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Posted 2/7/10

xkrazydog wrote:

Yes, the world would be a better place without FF7, or atleast the obsessiveness of its fans. I mean Seriously. FFVI was way better imo, but FF7 was just... Not as great as everyone makes out to believe.

FFIX and FFT is way better. FF7 tried to hard to be all cyber punkish, which Final Fantasy really doesnt need. And the racial cannotations in the game wanted me to gauge out my eyes. Worst of all: They milk it like there's no tomorrow.
And emo blonde gravity defying hair character with a huge ass sword Does NOT make the most awesomest hero ever!!!11!111!one!! He had very little personality, and lo, his personality isnt even HIS, it's Zachs. Cloud= Phail.
Zidane = Win.

And Sephiroth is just not a great a villain (evil deed wise) as Thanatos from Seiken Densetsu II (secret of mana), and Kefka. Heck, even Seymour is eviller than Sephiroth, You gotta give seymour points for marrying a savior chick just to take over the world. D8 Mad props. And wiping out a good 80% of the ronsos.

that so true
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Posted 2/11/10
i liked ff9 better
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Posted 2/11/10 , edited 2/11/10
Ahh the debate that is FF7. To answer the OP's question I would have to say no. I am a fan of all the final fantasy titles but IMO without FF7 the series wouldnt have advanced to where it is today. To be honest IMO 7/8/9 were the best produced so far and I hold them in equal regards.

I dont see why it matters if the world would be a better place without it. In the long run its just a game title that has a lot of fans, some obsessed, but that has not really caused any acts of violence or agression other then inter web arguing. So the question is mute to me.

Should have asked if it deserved all of the praise and attention it has had, and again IMO i believe yes as all of the FF titles should and do...
Posted 2/13/10
omgosh no that's what got me to love the FF series all-together. its the first FF i ever played.
it would suck people never saw this game :3
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