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Posted 1/11/09

ladipimptress wrote:

So... Since we haven't heard words about it... there isn't going to be a 2nd season huh...??? That'll suck.... I loved the 1st season tho...

yea, there were problems and no enough ratings so directer doesn't want to make 2nd version--very pittiful because i was totally in love with the drama and the cast, after the ending, i was like THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER VERSION , and now all i can say is WHY ISN'T THERE ANOTHER VERSION!
Posted 1/12/09
this drama need to be have a season 2.

because the ending is hanging!

the main character doesnt even know what happen?

are they met in japan?
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Posted 1/12/09
i really this drama. but i am a bit disappointed about the ending... i hoped that there would be a 2nd season so we could see more of them together, and see how their love would blossom beautifully.

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