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if u could make a anime would would it be
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Posted 3/31/08

rightyjen wrote:

1) One Lost Moment
2) It would be about a girl who was extremely tough and on the very last day she'd ever see her true love, she would run out the door and never confess to him/say goodbye or have a way to contact him, and she loved him for 4 years before her journey to find him again begins, so the anime would be a comedy throughout her journey because she's still in school so she won't have as many chances to search through a big city, and along the way she finds her old friends and such. Will it be to late to find her true love, or not?
3) I don't know!

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Posted 4/2/08

well it would be if u could make into an anime, but i suppose a children's book could turn into a anime, but i say give it a try :3, a story is a story.

It would be sort of like Totoro or Spirited Away.
It's based off an old cautionary tale for Children that was told in Japan.
I could post the whole thing here but it's Four pages long just Text.

It's still a very rough draft.

I hope to get it published as a classic illustrated children's book first before releasing it as a Manga and later a short animated feature.

If anyone is interested in giving it a read Please PM me.
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Posted 7/30/09
OP gone, dead thread.

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