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The Revolt in Va'athril (final part)

The corpses of Gdanos generals arise from the dead.Their eyes were red as blood while their faces gives horror to the enemies. They rip off their skins until dark fur appear. their bodies physically changes where pointy ears, nose, claws and fangs also shown and their size are much larger than Tharean's summoning werewolves.
After the mutation of the dead generals are complete, all the corpes that killed by Upheran also followed the mutation and transform into what the dead generals had become.
"What's happening here?, what have you done to them?!", Gdanos become panic and terrified to see his dead troops turned into beasts.
"Oh, just making my 'puppet toys'..." Varinthiael show his playful attitude.
" bastard!!"
*Smile*"you said that my men are 'dogs' right?, then let's shall see how your men became my 'dogs'..". All Varinthiael's men including the harvested corpses (that turn into werewolves) are gather around Gdanos. It was so crowded until Gdanos who alone in the middle of the crowd became more terrified and can't bear to move.
Upheran and Tharean's minions start making howling and growling noises that make Gdanos unbearable terrified and he puts his both hands to close his ears. He trembles then finally kneeled to the ground. His whole body shaking with fear. His eyes open as being in terror while his mouth opens can't bearly to speak.
"I see your eyes Gdanos...falling into darkness.." a whispering voice heard by Gdanos that came from the Dark Prince who now showing his serious grin and stare at him. Suddenly the minion's howling noises stop in silence.
"Whaat...are..yyou gonna do..with me..?" Gdanos trembling words; shaking in sweat.
"You have no other choices Gdanos, just surrender to me." Varinthiael's last offer to him. Gdanos only stare at the bloody field; he sees nothing, he's lost. All his ancestor's heritage and civilization are ruined. He is no longer the chief of Gdarhence while his beloved land has fallen into his enemy's grasp. His title brings no fame now. He's lost all his men, his people, his city and himself.
A small tear drop down from his left eye as a mark of regret.
Varinthiael only silence. The Dark Prince also once lost in the past and became of what is him right now. Gdanos tried to speak calmly, "if.. that the...only choice...", he close his eyes and his hand holding a dagger at his belt. "I rather DIE than submit to you !!" he shouted in anger and take out his knife then pointing it on his belly.
Varinthiael who see Gdanos act then laugh (a cool laugh ) .He pauses his laugh and said "Is that your last choice? by killing yourself ?*smile laugh*". Gdanos hand that hold a knife shaking. His mind overwhelmed with depression but still he really didn't think that he wants to kill himself.
"Gdanos, you really know the cause if you kill yourself ?" Varinthiael dare to ask.
"With damn the cause if i'm kill myself. I will die with honor" Gdanos still resist.
"Die with honor, hmm... that's why all heroes so naive when they died in the name of honor". Varinthiael mocking Gdanos for his 'noble' act. Gdanos only silence, annoyed of what the Dark Prince said.
*Release breath* "Hmm,...Gdanos, you have now only three choices even it includes your life. The first choice is if you surrender to me, i will offer you immortality. The second choice is if your rock-headed still doesn't submit to me, then fine . But you will be prisoned and sealed inside the Chamber of Suffering. The third choice is your making suicide. And do you know Gdanos?. Even you pick this last choice, it's only a 'profit' to me.."
"What the hell do you mean-" Gdanos held his head up, he see that the Dark Prince is not infront of him. He suddenly feels a wind blow from his back. He realize that the Dark Prince is at behind him. so close at him. Gdanos can't move his head to see him as he's in absolute fear. Only his eyes attract to him.
Varinthiael whispered in his ear. "even you kill yourself, you can't just die infront of me...i will take your soul..."Varinthiael then chanting a word in whispering voice at Gdanos left ear. Gdanos terror reach to climax and suddenly his eyes become blank and the knife that he holds were fall off. He then fell, no breathe and no life. His eyes still open as a sign that he is dead.
While at the Dark Prince's left hand, he hold an orb light (ghostly light as a form of a soul) and then absorb it inside a pink crystal in his right hand.
"Gdanos has been defeated!!" Varinthiael shouted and showing the crystal infront of all his men. The crystal contains the soul of Gdanos. All the men rejoices and praises to the Dark Prince as a sign of victory. But is not complete yet. There is no victorious glory without spoils of war.
"What have we going to do with the people inside the citadel my lord?" Tharean ask the Dark Prince about the people of Gdarhence that trapped inside their city after it was surrounded by Varinthiael's men.
Upheran transformed back into his human form. "Should we sacrifice all of them for you my liege?", Upheran still hunger for slaughter.
"No, i have a better idea.Tharean..."Varinthiael has something on his mind.
"Yes my lord.."
"Show me the secret technique of your great summoning skill of the Black Hounds. I want it's production for my reserve army."
"yes my lord" Tharean do as the Dark Prince ordered. He then goes to an uncrowded ground at the nearby citadel with accompany of his harvested werewolves. He then start casting an incantation and a huge light in a symbol form appeared from his feet. all of his minions get inside the symbol. Tharean pointing his right hand up to the sky above the city and yelled, "BY THE POWERS OF DARKNESS, MOON ARISE AND ECLIPSE FALL, O GREAT SPIRIT OF THE BLACK HOUNDS, I SUMMON YOU, COME DOWN UPON THE EARTH, YOUR MASTER IS CALLING!".
The dark clouds shrouded at the center of the Gdarhence city.Storm and lightning blast from the sky brings terror to the dwellers inside the citadel. they panic and start running for their lives. but it was useless. All the door and secret passages were blocked by Varinthiael's men. The can't go anywhere now. They all cried and pleaded for mercy also of their release.
Suddenly a whirl hole opens and a gigantic tornado like cloud coming down to the city; twisting around the center of the citadel. Tharean continue his spellcasting, "O MORTALS THAT DWELLS INSIDE THIS CITY, I SACRIFICE ALL OF YOU IN THE NAME OF THE BLACK HOUNDS AND THE LORD OF VA'ATHRIL!". A huge cry terrifies all the people inside the city. One by one of the civilian fall down after heard the cry, laying dead without any wounds. All the civilians became more panic and rashly crowded to the city's exit; saving their own lives, they ran without caring anyone else in it’s path while many of them fall dead after unbear to stop hearing of a horrified cry.
Varinthiael's men didn't affect by the dreaded spell continues to block any civilians from getting out of the city by force. After a while of an overwhelming chaos, the city was quiet. No crowded and noises. Only roadways and fields around the city are full of dead corpses. And then a massive swarm of light orbs come out from the dead bodies and fly through the wirlwhole; just like an absorption. Tharean cast a last spell after a long incantation, "O MINIONS OF THE HELL SENTINELS, DEVOUR THESE SOULS I OFFERED TO YOU AND BECOME THE GREAT BEASTS BY THE SIDE OF VARINTHIAEL!!!!".
All Tharean's werewolves around him howling as they ready to 'ate' the souls that now targeting through them. One by one of the beasts absorb several or more souls they are devouring until there are no more of these light orbs coming down to them. Thareans beast react so ferociously when they are mutating into something more horrible. From a werewolf they became, they transform into a giant dark wolfhound; glowing red eyes as they glow more lightly than before. All tharean's beasts are now crowded also gigantic in sizes around Tharean. The ritual is complete.
"It is done my lord." Tharean bowed his head as he completed his master's order.
"Good. But right now, these beasts of yours need some 'lairs' to shelter.." Varinthiael suggest another plan.
"What is in your mind my Lonely One?", Tharean ask.
"We have a lot of work to do here. But first, lets head back to Frozen Palace.". Varinthiael thinks it's time to back home and he have alot of things to care about.
"Yes, my lord.Urr... how about this city my lord?, should we raze it or leave it abandon?" Tharean still asking.
"Of course we shouldn't raze or abandon it. I need this city. Order few hundred Anhdemians to occupy this land. Clean all of these bodies up, built a command center and then, wait until i summoned several of Diciples to take in charge of this city accompany with a few thousands of settlers that came from Valandrium through here".
"Yes my lord" the both twins said in unity.
"Come, everyone! lets go home." Varinthiael with other of his men rejoice bring victory and heading back to Frozen Palace. The revolt has been suppressed.

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Va'athril Pantheon
(Organization and Society of the Frozen Palace)

Ru'ul Va'arinth avalde Areadhleth
(Varinthiael the Dark Prince)


(Lythammos, Avithan, Ryvathas, Syrlathan & 'Jannas)


(Subordinate officials of the Frozen Palace)


(Rulers of the Netherworld city-states that under sovereignity of the Frozen Palace)


(Warriors and heroes that bounds under the mark of Holy Darkness)


(Military orders or special elite force under the directorate of 'Jannas)
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(Frozen Palace, Va'athril)

(Inside the Throne Hall)

Syrlathan came inside the hall bringing a scroll to show to the Dark Prince. Syrlathan seems to be anxious..

Syrlathan : "Akhare yanakahre zi Varinthiael, i..i..i..have a message for you.."

Varinthiael take the scroll and read...he shocked also curious about the message..

Varinthiael *anger* : "What is this, syrlathan?"

Syrlathan frighten and afraid to see his master's anger.

Syrlathan : lord, the Aemireans accused us for trying to invade the Mystical World...

Varinthiael *rage* : "WHAT?!!...(gripping his has thus rip off the scroll), HOW DARE THEY!!!, WITH ALL OF THEIR LIES!!

Syrlathan became more afraid and gulp his throat

Syrlathan : "Please my lord....restrain your anger..."


Syrlathan : "P..please your Lonely One....p...please don't rise your anger"

Varinthiael only glares to his servant. But after while, the Dark Prince take a deep breath and restrain his anger. He sit back on his throne. Syrlathan feel relieved

Varinthiael *with a high voice* : "When did they start this rumor?"

Syrlathan : "Three days ago, they start sending rumors after the festival of the Netherworld."

Varinthiael : "Festival of the Netherworld?, if i'm right, this festival only for the disciples that held a mass inside the Temple of the Exiled Ones."

Syrlathan : "Yes my lord. The oracle of the temple has a vision that the end of the world start when the Vargicans wages war with the Aemireans and their allies"

Varinthiael : "That one i know, only is it why they accusing me, why not other Exiled ones?"

Syrlathan : "No my lord, all of the Vargicans accused by them."

Varinthiael : "Ahh..they also get their 'insults' too huh?"

Syrlathan : "Yes my lord. Umm...urr...."

Varinthiael *stares* : "What's wrong? Syrlathan.."

Syrlathan : "i'm also bring two news, the bad and the good one"

Varinthiael : Really?, tell me the good news first..

Syrlathan : "Within the mass of the festival of the Netherworld, twenty souls willing to serve you as your disciples after they died. They give their blood as sign of sacrifice."

Varinthiael : "Well, that's a good news. I accepted their will"

Syrlathan : "Th...the..the bad news is..."

Varinthiael : "Well, what's the bad news?"

Syrlathan : "Please my lord, don't rise your anger when i said this"

Varinthiael ; "Don't worry, if this news about more rumors and accusisions, then i'll be furious"

Syrlathan : "Alright, the Aemireans made an alliance with the Elder Gods..."

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(Frozen Palace, Va'athril)

(Inside the Throne hall)

Syrlathan bring a bad news tell that the Aemireans made an alliance with the Elder Gods.

Varinthiael : "Really?, *sigh* that's not a bad news."

Syrlathan : "You're not troubled with this my lord?"

Varinthiael : "Why should i?, these 'senior' gods also anoyying me. I've no intend of their attention. Let them be."

Syrlathan : "But my lord, we must be wary about this. The Aemireans have increased their influence now. If they are in power, we're weak.."

Varinthiael : "Hmph..If they increase their power, we will too,,,"

Syrlathan : "But how my lord?"

The Dark Prince tries to think about this matter. "I know how....", Avithanas came inside the hall.

Varinthiael : "Ahh, Avithan...what is on your mind?"

Avithanas : *smile* "If they make an alliance, we should make one..."

Varinthiael : "An alliance?"

Syrlathan : "You know what you are thinking Avithan. We're in Vathrulhein.."

Avithanas : "I'm not saying we're making an alliance with other Exiled Ones.."

Varinthiael : "Be precisely Avithan"

Avithanas : "Yes my lord. Do you know about the Defiers of the Gods?"

Varinthiael : "Defiers of the Gods?...hmm...what about it?"

Avithanas : "There is a hybrid, a combination of divine and a race that are powerful feared by the Elder Gods.."

Varinthiael : "Really? is this hybrid you are saying is powerful?"

Avithanas : "I don't really sure but some of our disciples tells us that this hybrid's hatred to the upper gods because of his pasts."

Varinthiael : "His pasts....he is sure the same fate as me...where did he live?"

Avithanas : "In Mystical world, a place called Besaid and Zelcova.."

Syrlathan : "Do you want me to seek this hybrid to join us, my lord?"

Varinthiael : "No, i don't intend to make any alliance with any creatures from Mystical World....temporarily."

Avithanas : "And then, what's on your mind my Lonely One?"

Varinthiael : "Syrlathan.."

Syrlathan : "Yes my lord"

Varinthiael : "Sent a secret message to my cousins, Veira and Vethi in Eantralhein, tell them to visit me at ruined domain Falgrash if they have time. And remember, do not get caught by the guards there."

Syrlathan : "By your command my lord" (vanish into thin air)

Varinthiael : "Now Avithan, i want to talk to you...personally.."

Avithanas : "Yes my Dark Prince.."

Outside the Throne Hall
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The Unexpected Visit (Part One)

Rythm of the Twin Cousins
"Welcome Veira, Welcome Vethi;
Hail 'Jannes, Hail Varinthi;
Come join the feast o princes of darkness;
Toast, cheer and salute for you o mighty Varinthi"

Varinthiael rest while reading a tome and his beloved servant Lytham is always by his side. Varinthiael quickly noticed there's a intruder tries to tresspass inside his castle.

Varinthiael : Well, it's look like we have an univited visitor...

Lytham : *glanced in shock* What? an intruder?...within our home?, my lord let me handle the security and checking the are-

Before Lytham finished his words, the door hall suddenly opens and came two orb lights twirling to see someone. Lytham and the hall guards backup the Dark Prince.

Lytham : *Pointing his weapon* Who are you? show yourselves!!

The orbs then changes and transform into two persons below :

Varinthiael *stands up in shock* : Veira? Vethi? that you two?

The Dark Prince rushly goes to these two persons and hug them tightly..

Varinthiael (in silent happiness and tear) :How did you both get here?....i thought we should meet at Falgrash...

Veira (still hug Varinthiael): Well, we have read your message by goodness he succeeds tresspassing Eanthralhein without the guards noticed..

Vethi : Naah...we came to visit you here just for suprise, cousin...

Varinthiael : (his hands at his cousin's shoulders) : Oh i miss you both Veira, Vathi...come join sit with us....

Varinthiael flipping his finger and magically two thrones appeared each side of Varinthiael's throne

Lytham by the way very uneasy with both of them and glanced with grin. Veira noticed Lytham's face and smiles..

Veira : My, my who is this Varinth? it your subordinate...

Lytham with his rudely attitude replies : I'm Lythammos, his beloved servant...

Vethi : Beloved servant? Cousin, when did you have this 'mortal'?

Lytham who heard that sentence begin to displease : Oh, and why an Aemirean doing trespassing in Vathrulhein? Doesn't worried about your lives?...

Varinthiael quickly glanced as he was furious on his face. Lytham bowed down his head.

Varinthiael : Enough Lytham, they really are an Aemirean but their hearts still rebelled against it's system..

Lytham : System?...what do you mean Varinth?

The both twin cousins laugh makes Lytham more confused and little embarrased.

Another servant carrying three goblets containing red liquid and hand it over to the guests and Varinthiael

Varinthiael : Have a drink first...

Veira : Aww that's so sweet...

Vethi : A toast for a reunion...(cheers together)

Varinthiael *after drink* : So what 's the news from Eanthralhein?

To be continued...
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(The Exiled Realm / Vathrulhein)


(Frozen Palace)

It is time for Varinthiael, the Dark Prince to make his revenge over Eantralhein and the entire Mystical World.

Varinthiael (Stands up from his throne) : My power has grown more ever since and it's time to take revenge on of those of my enemies and my foes...

Avithanas : We are under your command my lord!

Ryvathanas : For the Exiled Ones!

Syrlathan : We are ready as ever!!

Upheran & Tharean : The Lycans are under your command!!

Manothael : For the Frozen Palace and Va'athril!!

Lythammos : For you o Lonely One!!

Varinthiael : (showing his Laenacranth *Varinthiael's sword* and pointing upward) *shout* everyone! assemble our greatest Ahndemians, subordinates and our strongest legion armies...we conquer the Mystical World! let's begin our revolution and bring darkness glory throughout the Exiled Realm!!!!

Everyone salutes and cheers to the Dark Prince...the great battle has begun.....

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The Unexpected Visit (Part Two)

Veira & Vethi (gulped)

Vethi : Wow cousin, so soon you want to talk about that?

Varinthiael : Sorry, i don't mean to say that....i miss Eantralhein...

Veira : (put her hand on Varinthiael's cheek) i know your feeling Va'arinth...

Vethi : Eantralhein is's just....(silent)

Varinthiael : What Vethi....

the both twins staring each other and calmly speak...

Veira : The Aemiraens is getting worst and worst...the corruption influenced their minds...their become selfish and lazy...some of the gods leave the Pantheon and joined the Exiled Realm...

Vethi : and Veira who was caring about our jobs...all others...hmmph...they shouldn't called them as gods...

Varinthiael : It's all because of Khazaseth!, he's the one who's more corrupt!

The both twins shocked and stares at the Dark Prince, Varinthiael looks at them with curiousity..

Varinthiael : Why did you two look at me like that?

Veira : I'm so sorry Va'arinth, you are was a misunderstanding...

Varinthiael : What?...what do you mean Veira?

Vethi : The High God would never do that...

Varinthiael : What?!!, not you two?!!, you turn back on that culprit!! (sad and anger, stands up from his throne) How could you Veira, Vethi?!!

Veira : No it's not that Va'arinth..

Varinthiael : Yes you were!! you two came here right?!! and then you said you're backup with Khazaseth!!...You both were there right?!!...since my banishment...HE WAS WHO BANISH ME!!!

Vethi : Va'arinth, calm down...let us explain first...just hear what we said..

Veira : (put both of her hands to Varinthiael's cheek, wipe out his tears)....i know and felt your pain that you endure all this centuries and we also burden with that...but Khazaseth is not the one who banished you...

Varinthiael (still cry and anger) :...And then who did it?...who?...

Vethi : If i say you wouldn't believe....

Varinthiael : Make me...(stop crying)

Vethi : It was Aureleid...the Trickster God....

To be continued...

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The Unexpected Visit (Part Three)

The Dark Prince wided his eyes in shock..

Varinthiael : Aureleid?...that trickster, no that's imposible...

Vethi : I know you wouldn't believe...

Varinthiael : But why Aureleid has to do with Khazaseth?

Veira : Aureleid is the culprit...the real evil...

Vethi : We saw he's plot with our own eyes, Va'arinth...

Varinthiael : How did he....

Vethi : After your banishment, we was against Khazaseth's act, until the trickster intervene the matter..he use his influence to make sure the High God's order to be succeeded and be obeyed...

Veira : He is manipulating the Pantheon...

Varinthiael : But, how do you know he's the culprit?...

Veira : We have found this... (holding a scroll and giving to Varinthiael)

Varinthiael : (reading the scroll)...this is....this is the contract of Balance....

Vethi : We found this scroll secretly within his chamber before his guards noticed..

Veira : This scroll contains the act of orders about the diplomatic relations between the Eantralhein and Vathrulhein...

Varinthiael : What?!! this scroll supposed to be placed at the Celestial Archive!.

Vethi : Yes, we suspect that Aureleid steal the scroll and plot his actions...

Varinthiael : Isn't the archive heavily protected with guards and only a highest rank officials only entered there...

Veira : Yes, and did you know what Va'arinth...after several centuries of your banishment, he was appointed to High Chansellor of the Pantheon Senate..

Varinthiael : *couldn't say a word*

Veira : (continue saying) He using his achievements to be his first phase, after that he was installed into the Senate and use his influence to gather his supporters...

Vethi : That cunning god and his corruption didn't ever noticed by the gods even by the higher pantheon...he was then finally appointed to High Chansellor with the majority of voters and hold his title until this day...

Varinthiael : How could this be?...(down)...did Khazaseth noticed then?, he was the Chief of the Gods, doesn't he do anything?!

Vethi : He was...but...

Veira : Aureleid's position became more and more powerful until his title reaching near to Khazaseth's Pantheon Throne..if he strip off the title, Aureleid's supportes disagrees and they can claim the vote of distrust to the High God...

Varinthiael : What?!!!...*stands up again* Khazaseth is the King of Eanthralhein, Cheif of the Gods, how could they want to dethrone him?!!!
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The Unexpected Visit (Part Four)

Vethi : .....

Veira : Va'arinth...

The hall seems quiet for a moment while the Dark Prince had spoke the most hated word....

Varinthiael :'m...i...i...*blush*

Veira : (smiles, stand near to Varinthiael and touch his cheek) Oh Va'arinth, i'm very glad that you had done this..

Vethi : Yeah cousin, i know you would forgive him...

Varinthiael : Forgive him?! hmmph, he's the brat one that sents me here...i take back my word...

Veira : Oh no you won't Va'arinth, you just said that...

Varinthiael : No i don't..

Vethi : Yes you did...

Varinthiael : No i don't...

Veira : Yes you did^^..

Varinthiael : No i did not!

Veira & Vethi : Yes you did^^!!
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