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Jiro's father was a regular manager for a building, and his mother didn't work because of old age and bad eyesight. They had Jiro when they were around 40, so he's considered "Lao Lai Zi"*. Maybe it's because of that, Jiro's health wasn't very good, but his mother and father loved him a lot. Later, Jiro's father had diabetes, so he went in and out of the hospital for 5 years. However, Jiro's father still passed away. Before he died, he said to Jiro: "You have to take up the responsibility of this family."** He agreed. That year, Jiro was 18 years old.

Probably it was since then, to support the family and to return loans [When his father was still alive, he borrowed aprox. 6 million yuan from the bank to buy the house they now lived.] He began to take part-time jobs everywhere, sometimes he worked 3 shifts a day. He worked in a bar, in a zoo, and some people even says that he worked to transport coal...

At around that time, Jiro started to model part-time. Then the BMG Company saw potential in him, so they were going to sign Jiro, Jay Chou, and Jordan Chen[I think thats his name..o_O''] to the 3-J Plan*. But sadly, the 911 incident happened, part of the company's market was corrupted, and of course, as a new idol, Jiro was fired on the spot. But Jiro didn't give up, he signed another company, but after he found out that they weren't interested in making him into an idol, he felt completely beat. So he joined the Army for 2 years. When he came back, he decided to be a Modeling Assistant, since he doesn't have the courage to return to the stage and make his dreams come true anymore. At that time, he was pretty well known among the Taiwan Entertainment Market, everyone knew there was this guy who had a guitar on his back and follows the Modeling Stylist everywhere. Is also at this time he met a lot of Commercial Producer, so later he began to act in Commercials.

Then one time he met the President of the Ke Mi Company*, when they wanted to sign him to a contract, he hesitated. Because of the so many failures before, he can't help but feel worried and afraid.. Then he remembered something a person said to him before: "When you're old, you're going to say to your son, son, your dad had a dream, but he didn't have the courage to chase it..."**

It's what his friend said to him gave him the courage to try again. Jiro thought that when one's young, that's when one should chase their dreams, not wanting to regret later, he agreed the Ke Mi Company.

Then he had the opportunity to act in ISWAK 1*, as Ah Jin. For a person who likes to Rock, and loves to Sing, acting isn't their specialty. And sometimes even a little bit embarissing for them. But the director of ISWAK 1 said to Jiro: "Acting isn't only acting, You have to put your heart in it!"** Jiro remembered what he's been told, and slowly he began to love acting. Jiro believes that it's all because of the director of ISWAK 1, so he's very respectful of him...

Jiro got famous because of Fahrenheit in 06 and earned 2.5million yuan [Net]. But every month, he only saves 5000 Yuan for himself to use. Because he still need to return loans, the loan now is aprox. 10 million yuan. So he still have a long way to go from returning all the loans.

Jiro is poor, but he knows to work hard, to earn money. In the year 06, he never stopped acting, he never stopped working, because he still need to return the loans, and to support his family. He doesn't have rich families like all the other Fahrenheit Members, so he needs to keep on working if he want to support his family. When Aaron and Calvin can study, when Chun can even go back to Brunei for a vacation, Jiro can only keep on working and working. Only because he wants to support his family and to return the debt.

Because of his poor health, he often loses his voice, so he always has the medicine his mom prepared for him, Tong Da Hai*. Behind the stage, he's always so quiet, only because the doctor told him if he doesn't want to lose his voice again.. then don't talk as much. And because of Xerophthalmia*, he once couldn't complete the filming because he couldn't open his eyes. he also has Rhinitis*, which is why when he sings it sounds like the sound is coming from his nose. Once he was brought to the hospital by a staff of the filming crew, when the doctor suggested him to use Bird's Nest* to condition his health, he refused. Only because he feels it's too expensive. Finally, on the Christmas of 06, Jiro first nose bleed for the whole day then fainted while filming. The reason is because of long-term stress, and plus they were filming a raining scene. The staff of the crew send him directly to the Hospital and he stayed there for three days straight... And that was the first time Jiro spent his Christmas in a hospital...

We always see the happy Jiro on TV, but how many people actually knows of his life and his pain? He always brings happiness and carries happiness to us, but always keeps the suffering to himself.

Remember he told a Chord: "Never shed a tear for the stress from work, because it's your choice!" **

Jiro might not have realized it, but what he said had a great impact on a Chord. Yes, Jiro is that kind of person, no matter how tired, how much stress he gets from work, he would never drop a tear. Because he knows, it's the road he chose. So he has to keep on going...

Credits: Fahrenheit Globa1 Fanclub
Posted 3/31/08
POOR JIRO!!! AND HE ALWAYS LOOKED SO HAPPY!!! Now I know that his background is so painful
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Posted 5/13/08
OMG.. yeah, poor Jiro.. fahrenheit 95 - how do u know that? where did u get the information from?
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Posted 5/16/08

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Posted 5/16/08
i love his normalcy
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