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zehl already posted this bit of info in the updates forum post but just in case some of u did not get a chance 2 read it! I have posted it here as well! ^_^

Please do not nominate the boys for the Most Kissable Guy's Competition!

Big and bold so no one misses this.

For non-singaporeans who do not know what this competition is about:

For now, it is basically an online poll, where you can nominate guys, YOURSELF OR YOUR FRIENDS, as the most kissable guy. They will then pick the most popular few and probably ask them to go on National TV, and the winner would be based on a public poll to win some prizes.

It is ILLEGAL. I repeat, I-L-L-E-G-A-L for anyone to nominate the boys because you need to use a Singaporean NRIC number to register for it. Unless you can somehow miraculously conjour up the non-existent Jaejoong, Yunho, Yoochun etc's Singapore NRIC number, DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO NOMINATE THEM.

I am seriously cheesed by this that there are actually immature ignoramuses that do stupid things like that, something illegal that may eventually implicate the boys. Imagine this, if the boys get really high votes, their pictures get shown on National television, confirmed as top few, then what are you going to do? What are the producers going to do? People, seriously, think through. If not for the producers', at least think about the boys.

I have already emailed mediacorp regarding this issue, so please, no one can control who is going to be nominated, and all I can do is report every single one non-Singaporean artiste being nominated that I see. Stop nominating this boys before this is getting out of hand. (I just saw suju's Leeteuk's nomination.)

Lastly, I cannot emphasize enough that it is illegal to "any old how" use someone else's NRIC number, nor is it legit that you make your own NRIC number up. This is very serious and people may take legal action.

P.S I hope this marks the end of the discussion about the Most Kissable Guy competition. Or maybe you guys could just discuss who is the most kissable guy in your opinion.. just not the show, please.

Credit:[email protected]

Please do tell this to your friends.
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