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Posted 3/31/08 , edited 4/3/08
Ever Heard of The Phrase "One Day In Heaven,Is Better Than a Thousand Days On Earth."
Ever heard Of It?Do You Believe This Phrase?Lemme Tell You,I Don't Knows How Heaven Looks Like,But Its Way Better Than A Place Where We All Live,Called Earth. And Of Course Definately a Billion Or More Time Better Than Hell.

Imagine.Paths Made Of Gold...Buildings With Jewels On Them.Ohhh The Glittering Of the Jewels.Shining Brightly and Beautifully,A Place Where No Sin Is Found.A Holy Place...A Magnificent Place Where Angels Are Seen. Songs Of Praise To God,Sung In Heaven. Imagine,A Place Where Gold And Jewels Are Not Rare.
The Mighty Kingdom Standing.

Imagine You Are Infront Of The Gates Of Heaven.A Big Gate, Opening Slowly...And As You Enter,You hear Beautful Hymns Sung Loudly And Cheerfully.And As You Enter,You See The Most Magnificent Sight You Have Ever Seen before...The Scenery Is Too Marvelous For Words...Too Beautiful...You Admire The Beauty Of God's Kingdom.
And Jesus Is There...To Welcome You,And There He is...Saying "Welcome Home,My Son/Daughter."And You Run into His Arms...And Jesus Says"My Son/Daughter...I Have Longed To Embrace You..." And You hug Jesus As Tightly As Possible...And As You Shed Tear of Happiness,Knowing That You Are Home,You Get Patted On Your Head,And Jesus Saying"My Son/Daughter...Well Done",And He Gives You A Smile.

In Heaven...If Your Loved Ones Are Saved,You Can Even See Your Loved Ones In Heaven...You Can See Everyone you know who were Saved...Imagine...A Holy Place Where No Sin Is Found....Surely We Want To Go There As Soon As Our Time Is Up...So Do You believe That "One Day In Heaven,Is Better Than A Thousand Years Days On Earth." ? Heaven Or Hell? Lost Or Found?Make Your Choice.
God Chaser!
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Posted 3/31/08 , edited 3/31/08
Totally! DUH!~~!!!
I'd rather see Jesus' smile,than Lucifer's -___-"
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