Post Reply what date was this episode shown where wang zi got a small scratch in his chest bec. of a fan?
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What episode is it in muo fan bang bang tang when they showed the mall tour of bang bang tang..they sang around 4 songs.the mall was big,it had lots of floors.
wang zi got scratched in his chest by a fan[awww..PRINCE!] and it was xiao jie's birthday ..

please.please.please.HELP ME.
my friend just told me what happened in the show but i didnt get to watch it and i want to watch it..
and is it available in youtube or CR?
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oh ya you can watch that at CR LOL !!! hmmm... xiao jie's birthday .. its the trip to hongkong there's a lot of people and they wanted to touch wang zi grabbing wang zi i think his fans were that was super crazy!! LOL ya it is in CR and the video date is Muo Fan Bang Bang Tang Oct-17-2007 :D

THIS LINK enjoy watching!!!
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Omggg. LOLS! Fans are always crazy when they see the artistes that they loveeee. I bet I will go crazy too if I see Wang Zi. >< LOLS~
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aww... po0r wangzi T^T
getting hurt...
but they should be very happy since they they has so0 much fans in HK (:
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