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not sure if this already posted so sorry to the mods if it is feel free to delete this, anyway here to share this.


Trusty Hero Jaejoong -
As his name suggests, in the eyes of the other 4 DBSG members, Hero is
really like a hero to them. He is also the oldest of them all, so he is
responsible for taking care and reprimanding everyone. However, he does
not view this pressure as a burden; instead he treats it as a driving
force for him to work harder. When all the other members are stressed
and feeling depressed, he is always the first to snap out of it and
cheer everyone on. His voice is also very high when he talks. In the
words of the other members, he is "it is as though he has emoticons at
the end of his sentences". Jae Joong's mother is a cook, and due to her
influence from young, is now a good cook, and always invites everyone
to eat his cooking. ]

Cute Max Changmin -
Chang Min, who is the youngest and has a warm and sweet smile like a
bunny, has the English name of Max Choi Kang. The origin of his name is
(not for any other reason) but for the fact that he has the largest
appetite. At the same time, because he's the youngest, the other
members always worry for him. He also says that the reason why he has a
large appetite is purely because he is a growing boy. Chang Min is a
night cat [T/N: Night cat in Chinese is an expression for someone who
always burns the midnight oil]; he always sleeps late and then cannot
wake up in the morning, so he is usually stoning away. What worries the
other members most is that Chang Min is very innocent, and he always
says whatever he thinks the moment the thought comes to mind, and
doesn't keep secrets. When asked what he wants to do in 10 years time,
16 year old Chang Min immediately replies, "I still want to be a

Hardworking Xiah Junsu -
In Korean, "Xiah" means "not enough" When choosing this name for
himself, Jun Su says that it's because even though he has practiced a
lot, he still thinks that he is not good enough. In order for him to
remember that he is still not good enough, he chose this name so that
he will improve. In the eyes of the other members, Jun Su has been the
most hardworking from the start, and practices his singing and dancing
more than the other 4. Jun Su is very competitive, especially when it
comes to video games. If he loses, he will be depressed for a long
time. When asked about the secret to DBSG's team spirit, Jun Su simply
replies that it's because the members are all about the same age and
have the same interest, and so whether it is practice or leisure they
can always interact very well.

Understandable U-Know - [T/N: Not really understandable, it literally
means "one look and all is revealed" meaning that he is an easy person
to guess.]
Yun Ho is a very easy person to understand, just like his English name
U-Know. Everybody can know him, and he is very happy to let other
people understand him. Yun Ho has lots of friends, and he enjoys making
friends. He is very open and [T/N: This part means like, he doesn't
care about the nitty gritty things; And he is not petty. Something like
that.] The secret to his wide social circle is to "constantly keep in
touch" As long as he has the time for a meal, he wants to spend it
with a friend. [T/N: Corny metaphor here, I CRINGE as I read it]
Yun Ho has one big flaw - he is very forgetful, and what he most often
forgets is his mobile phone. Hence, he often gets the other members and
his manager very stressed looking for him. So, he can only promise that
he won't do it the next time while laughing innocently.

Americanised Micky Yoochun -
[T/N: CORNY description] Yoo Chun moved to the States with his family
when he was in Grade 6, and the flexible education system there gave
Yoo Chun an opportunity to develop his musical talents. But for the
sake of his musical ambitions, he gave up his green card and returned
to Korea. Now, he has become the English teacher of the group. [T/N: I
he likes to do, and stubborn stays in his own little haven. When the
other members tell his that he is popular with girls, he doesn's care,
just like his English name, the cute, innocent and intelligent Micky

Credits : Ki-chan from TVfXQ Forever + [email protected] + IN:COM
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LOL! This is just really way 2 CUTE! Thanks 4 sharing! ^_^
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hahahaa! i love this! so cute!!!
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That is definatly CUTE!
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