Six Degrees Could Change the World
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Posted 3/31/08 , edited 3/31/08
There are alot of problems now with Global Warming. I watched 6 Degrees Could Change the World on NatGeo which shows how the world would be at a 6-degree change on the normal global temperature. It really scares me cos i think it's slowly happening.
watch the videos to understand more.

One Degree of Warming
At one degree of warming, the Arctic is ice-free for half the year, the South Atlantic—typically void of hurricanes—experiences coastal hurricanes, and in the western U.S. severe droughts are plaguing residents.

Two Degrees of Warming
Polar bears struggle to survive as glaciers increasingly melt away. Glaciers in Greenland begin to disappear, while coral reefs are vanishing.

Three Degrees of Warming
The Amazon rainforest is drying out and El Niño’s intense weather pattern becomes the norm. Europe repeatedly experiences searing summer heat that has rarely happened before.

Four Degrees of Warming
Oceans could rise, taking over coastal cities. The disappearance of glaciers may deprive many of fresh water. Northern Canada’s agriculture could boom and a Scandinavian beach could be the next tourism hotspot. A part of Antarctica could collapse, causing water to rise even further. Bangladesh would be washed away. Venice will be submerged. New York would be underwater.

Five Degrees of Warming
Uninhabitable zones could spread, snow pack and aquifers feeding big cities could dry up, and climate refugees could run in the millions. Human civilization could begin to break down with this drastic of changes to the climate. The poor would likely suffer the most.

Six Degrees of Warming
At six degrees, the oceans could be marine wastelands, the deserts could march across continents, and natural disasters could become common events. The world’s great cities could be flooded and abandoned. This could be “the doomsday scenario.”

What We Can Do
The place to start making a difference is in the home. See what common crimes against the planet one household is committing. Solutions start with efficiency and reducing the use of energy that releases CO2 emissions. Climate protection can put money back in the consumers’ pockets.

I already saw the Global Warming thread but i think this topic is still different from that one. Now i just want to know your thoughts about this matter.

*edit*to below: yeah i agree with you. it is not Mother Earth that will end. it's actually us.
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Posted 3/31/08
It's not the planet we are committing crimes against. It's the human populace. When we say "Save Mother Earth by slowing down Global Warming", what we actually mean is "Save the human populace". Mother Earth has been there for approximately 4.5 billion years now and thus fur have survived a probably meteor collision, several ice ages, sulfur cloud envelop, countless shifting of the tectonic plates, probably hundreds of thousands to millions of tsunamis and tidal waves, and not to mention two world wars and a nuclear war almost on the brink of happening. Whatever made us think that such petty thing as global warming and climatic change can do any harm to Mother Earth? Mother Earth will be just fine for probably another 4.5 billion years more until our sun dies out. I'm not sure if its the same case for the human populace though. We might be pretty much on the brink of extinction and we don't know it. But then again, we are pretty tough too.

(note: I said "slowing down Global Warming" and not "stop". Global warming has been present since dont-know-when-probably-since-the-last-ice-age. In fact, rate of Global warming could already be slowing down and theres always the danger that the world might be on the brink of another ice age. What we try to do, however, is to minimize Global Warming so that not so many us have to die before Homo Sapiens evolve into the next phase which can handle a different climatic situation.)
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Posted 3/31/08
its the commercial in national geogrphic..
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Posted 3/31/08
well...tell your friends starts planting taller trees. at lest one mango tree each at house that could save at least a bit(and enjoy the friut too). and if u can ride a bicycle to work. do so~LOL...wait..i'm serius!
another thing, become a president and ban ciggars or any tobaco products.
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Posted 3/31/08
thats the reason im not going to get a car (also im too lazy to do lessons)

maybe humans should start building underground cities or underwater cities
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