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Posted 3/31/08 , edited 3/31/08
I have known some... but the common honorifics are::

-San~~~is the most common honorific and is a title of respect. It commonly means Miss or Mister. Using this sometimes refer to oneself makes one appear childish. Kyoto used -han instead -san.

-Kun~~~is an informal honorific primarily used towards males, it is still also used towards females, but rarely. It is used by persons of senior status in addressing those of junior status. The use of kun to address male children is similar to the use of san when addressing adults.

-Chan~~It is an informal version of san used to address children and female family members. It may also be used towards animals, lovers, intimate friends, and people whom one has known since childhood. this is also similar to "dear"

-Senpai~~~ is used to address senior colleagues. or when you are a 1st year and the one is a 2nd year

-Kohai~~~ is the reverse of -senpai. It is used to refer to juniors

-Sensei~~~is used to refer to or address teachers, practitioners of a profession such as doctors and lawyers, politicians, and other authority figures. Sensei can be translate to as "Professor" or "Teacher".

-Sama~~~is the formal version of san. This honorific is used primarily in addressing persons much higher in rank than oneself. It also means "master" sometimes. In the same way that chan is a version of san, there is also chama from sama, typically used for an older person. There is also the much less used "tama", which is the most childish and is usually used by young children for older siblings or someone else they admire.

-Shi~~~is used in formal writing, and sometimes in very formal speech, for referring to a person who is unfamiliar to the speaker, typically a person known through publications whom the speaker has never actually met.
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