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29 / F / on tour w/ GazettE
Posted 3/31/08 , edited 4/1/08
Okei, I'll start ^^

Ruki of the GazettE
Kyo of Diru
Jui of Vidoll
Takanori Nishikawa
Kinya Kotani
Hizumi of D'espairsRay
Kamijo of Versailles

....there are a couple more too. But, I don't want to say that one vocalist from that (insert band name). But, there are alot of very talented singers that I admire.
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27 / F / Moon
Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/9/08
Kirito from Pierrot (Angelo)
Kyo from Dir en Grey
Gackt (Even I dun reli like him, I think he has awesome voice.)
Ruki from the GazettE
Aoi from Ayabie

And many many more grat vocalists...
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Posted 4/10/08 , edited 4/10/08
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32 / F / In the house of t...
Posted 4/26/08 , edited 4/27/08
i don't wish to say this, but I find some J-Rock vocalists all sounding similar to Kyo.
And to me, he is my all-time fave,
as well as the reason I got forever hooked onto J-Rock music.

I dunno if they mean to sound like him on purpose but it's just like rap music when, for a period of time,
a lot of Eminem soundalikes made me damn bored of listening to rap.

And for those who are just good-looking and sexy onstage, they can't be compared to technically-great singers eg. Gackt, Kiyoharu (the man who inspired Kyo greatly) , Toshi (X-Japan), Isshi (kagrra,) Kyo, who obviously have good vocal technique.

If a singer doesn't even have good technique,
they are letting fans down.
If they don't even go for vocal training at all,
then ANYONE with a bit of looks can be a J-rock vocalist and have lots of fans.

And remember that JUST goring well does not make one a good singer.
They must be able to actually SING.

Remember life ain't that easy, folks!
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22 / F / Bulgaria
Posted 5/9/10 , edited 5/9/10
Ruki from Gazette
Mao from Sadie
Kyo from Dir en Grey
Yuuki from UnsraW
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