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Posted 3/31/08 , edited 4/1/08

「If you become my girlfriend, then please take care of me 〔smiles〕」
My ideal type of girl」
- Shoulder length hair, black one's is just right, brown is best.
- Big and beautiful eyes. Healthy skin colour is just right, but I like fair-skinned ones.
- Wear glasses occasionally, that will make people feel suffocating (because of falling in love of her)!
- Wear heavily clothed one-piece dress and jeans will make her look cute!
- Slender type and about the same height as me will be good.

「Yuto Nakajima's 'Lovers Requirements'」
□ 僕のことが好き  〔Likes me〕
□ 僕は彼女のことが好き  〔I like her〕
□ 話しやすい  〔Easy to communicate with〕
□ 気づかいができる 〔Has awareness to surrounding/atmosphere〕
□ ケンカできる  〔Can quarrel〕
□ でも次の日には仲直りできる  〔But everything will be sorted out on the next day〕
□ 浮気しない  〔Faithful〕
□ はっきり好ききらいがいえる  〔States what she likes/dislikes clearly〕
□ 大人っぱい  〔adult-like/mature〕
□ 頼れるタイプ  〔someone that I can rely/depend on〕

*Note* Tick the boxes and check how many ticks you've got :
0~2 : You need to work harder?
3~5 : We can probably be friends~!
6~8 : You can become my girlfriend?
9~10 : We can get married!?

「Special things I will do with my love」
1.楽しいよ!でもうるさいかも  〔Have fun! But I will be noisy/annoying〕

〔Eat raw lever dishes and taste astringent/bitter/strong tasted food〕
3.いっしょに買い物に行こう!  〔Go shopping together!〕
4.お菓子とかをあげるよ  〔I'll give you sweets/candies〕
5.少しだらしないから世話できる(笑) 〔Although I am not good at it, I can take care of you *smiles*〕
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Posted 4/24/08 , edited 4/24/08
WAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! *slaps my face* i cant believe it! its... soo.. great(?!!!) i got it means, we can get married!! *coughs* now im thinking too much!!~ ^____^
but the only thing that i cant understand is the type of clothing of the girl yuto would consider as kawaii ...??
Posted 5/7/08 , edited 5/8/08
dat's unfair i got a long hair *don't want 2 cut it but want 2* ~waaaaaahhh~ *cry*
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Posted 5/13/08 , edited 5/14/08
i got 9........
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Posted 5/14/08 , edited 5/14/08
yea.. i think everyone will get 9.. XD..
its because yuto is not that picky..
but if you add the five things above...
*no comment*.. ^^

btw, did you get those infos here?
of you do.. you should credits.. ^^..
just telling because if you do that to me i think *no comment again*...
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Posted 10/6/08 , edited 10/6/08
ehhh?? NANDAYO???? i got 10?????? @[email protected]
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Posted 10/26/08 , edited 10/26/08
i got a nine....XD
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Posted 6/11/09 , edited 6/11/09
what????? wear glasses can make yuto fall in love with girl?? how sweet........... but i dont wear glasses..
Posted 10/18/09 , edited 10/18/09
I wear glasses to help my eyes. ihave 3 eyes sugrey but I'm come closer 2 1 again.
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