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Posted 4/1/08
1) What Color Are Ichimaru Gin's eyes?


2) Which of these four has a ring attached to their Zanpakuto?
A)Ukitake Jyuushiro
B)Yamamoto Genryusai Shigekuni
C) Kurotsuchi Mayuri
D) Tousen Kaname

3) When Tousen first meets Komamura, what does Tousen say Komamura's good at?

A)Concealing his Presence
B) Fighting
D)Judge of Character

4) When Ishida and Inoue fought against Ikkanzaka Jirobo, what does Ishida say is stupid about Jirobo?

A)His mentality
B)His Zanpakuto
C) His nickname
D)His face

5) Ulquiorra refers to anyone weak as what?

B) Annoying
D) Garbage

6) Which of these people does Ichigo NOT fight at Soukyoku?
A)Aizen Sosuke
B) Kuchiki Byakuya
C) Ichimaru Gin
D)Kotetsu Isane

7) When Aizen first meats Komamura, what rank of which division was Aizen?

A)3rd Division, Captain
B)5th Division, Captain
C)5th Division, Vice-Captain
D)3rd Division, Vice-Captain

8) Which two captains are called by JUST their first names at least once by non-captains?

A) Histugaya, Byakuya
B) Aizen, Tousen
C) Komamura, Ukitake
D) none

9) What district does Rukia and Renji come from?

A) 99th district
B) 78th district
C) 1st district
D) 3rd district

10) Who were the first two captains in Soul Society? (excluding Yamamoto Genryuusai)

A) Komamura and Aizen
B) Ichimaru and Hitsugaya
C) Soi Fon and Mayuri
D) Kyoraku and Ukitake

11) What is Hitsugaya referred to as?

A) A Genius
B) The Master
C) The Youngest
D) Prodigy

12) Why does Urahara want Renji to train Sado instead of himself?

A) Because Urahara has no time
B) Because Renji just freeloads all the time
C) Because Urahara doesn't want to
D) Because Urahara's bankai is to destructive.

13) Who is thought to be the strongest shinigami captain?

A) Byakuya Kuchiki
B) Hitsugaya Toushiro
C) Yamamoto Genryuusai
D) Zaraki Kenpachi

14) Why does Ishida shoot an arrow into the gate and let the Bounts go to Soul Society?

A) So he can take them down there
B) Because he wasn't thinking
C) Because he is a betrayer
D) he has no reason

15) What are intruders in the Seireitei known as?

A) Rukon
B) Ryoka
C) Toshiro
D) Jushiro

16) Who are the siblings of Kaien Shiba?

A) Kukkaku and Ganju
B) Ichigo and Karin
C) Rukia and Byakuya
D) Orihime and Sora

17) Who is the first Captain you ever see?

A) Ukitake Jyuushiro
B) Ichimaru Gin
C) Kuchiki Byakuya
D) Zaraki Kenpachi

18) After blasting through Seireitei's barrier, who does Yoruichi 'run into' on her way down before disappearing to a near by roof top?

A) Unnamed Shinigami
B) Ise Nanao
C) Kira Izuru
D) Hisagi Shuuhei

19) Before witnessing Ichigo's Bankai, how many other Bankai releases do you see?

A) Five
B) One
C) Three
D) Four

20) Kisuke Urahara runs what?

A) Convenence store
B) Sushi bar
C) Karate dojo
D) Candy store

21) How long has the Grand Fisher evaded the Shinigami?

A) 20 years
B)50 years
C)120 years
D) 70 years

22) How did Ishida know that Ichigo is a shinigami?[/i

A) Ichigo told him
B) His soul ribbon was white
C) Ichigo got caught fighting a hollow
D) His soul ribbon was red

23) Who wasn't impressed with Ulquirra's performance in the first encounter between the Arrancars and Ichigo?

A) Grimmjow
B) Aizen
C) Yammy
D) Tousen

24) How long can Ichigo hold his hollow mask?

A) 20 seconds
B) 11 seconds
C)10 seconds
D)15 seconds

25) Who stopped Grimmjow from continuing the fight with Ichigo?

A) Aizen
B) Gin
C) Tousen
D) Rukia

26) What were the accessories worn by Zaraki to help his opponents during battle?

A) Eye patch and a long cape
B) Eye patch loud shoes
C) Eye patch and bells
D) Bells and two eyes patches

27) What is Kuukaku's specialty?

A) Fireworks
B) Training
C) Housing
D) Fighting

28) What does the Grand Fisher primarily prey on?

A) Young children and old people
B) Married couples
C) Boys and men
D) Girls and woman

29) Why did Ganju hate shinigamis?

A) They exiled him from soul society
B) They burned his home
C) They killed his brother
D) They killed his father

30) Who is Renji's first rival?

A) Rukia
B) Byakuka
C) Shuuhei
D) Kira

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26 / M / Looking For Reality
Posted 4/4/08
This is a good quiz but theres too many question. Shorten it little ^_^
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