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Posted 4/1/08
This group is really silent ^^ I just want to engage conversation, so please participate! Thank you!

1. What is your personal definition of an Asian eye candy?

2. What does it have to take to recognize a person as an Asian eye candy?

3. Does ethnicity have anything to do with being an eye candy?
** This means whether you prefer Asian eye candies of specific ethnic background, ie. I tend to like Japanese guys more than other backgrounds.

4. Does looks always determine who's an eye candy or not?

5. Does clothing?

6. Does personality?

7. Does talent?
ie. singing, dancing, acting, etc.

8. Who do you think is the most overrated Asian eye candy?

9. Who do you think is the most underrated?

10. Who's your Asian eye candy?

- correspond your answers to the questions
- do not quote the whole post, just the specifics
- be respectful of others' responses
Posted 4/26/08 asian eye candy means to me that the eye candy is hot and intelligent
2.well it shouldnt take much to recognize an asian eye candy
3.i think i prefer korean eye candy than other asian backgrounds but i like them also
4.looks doesnt always determine an asian eye candy for me yes it does matter
6. personality is a must
7.talent yes it does.i like good singing ones
8.the most overated eye candy mayb is..uummmm...mayb is jerry yan
9.the most underrated asian eye candy....Lee Seung Gi he is adorable
10. my asian eye candy is between micky yoochun from DBSK and Dennis Oh

Dennis Oh

Micky Yoochun
Posted 5/31/08
1. Eye Candy: some one you can look at and never get tired of
2.what it takes: its icandy if you can day dream about them!
3.ethnicity is not a concern in my case *Bring on the Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese Hotties!*
4.looks to me are first, then in a series for example they tend to grow on me
5.clothes to me r not so important
6.personality is important
7.talent heck yes! i find it more attractive if they sing or dance!
8.Jun Matsumoto
9. Takaki Yuya
10. Jin Akanishi
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