Posted 4/1/08 , edited 4/2/08
1. Before starting a new thread in the forum, please check if it already exists. Duplicate threads will be locked.

2. Respect fellow group members. Refrain from "flaming" users unless it is absolutely necessary.

3. Refrain from double posting unless it's necessary (e.g. bumping a thread).

4. Do not spam or make posts that are do not contribute to anything in the group's forum or on the group's wall. Irrelevant posting also fall into this category and will be deleted.

5. Post and/or CR point whoring in this group will not be tolerated.

6. Do not advertise sites, products, people, etc. that do not relate to Touhou.

7. Avoid using profanity.

8. Posting and/or using an image that is either sexist, racist, sexual, etc. or containing nudity, profanity, etc. is prohibited. Such images will be deleted or reported.

Violation of these rules will result with a warning for your first offence. If a series of violations occur soon afterwards, you'll be banned from the group and reported to a member of the CR staff.

~Sticked, thanks.
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