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Posted 4/2/08 , edited 4/2/08
(i believe that this is the translation with the latest Yahoo Live Talk)

THSK members talk about "hatsu yume" - the 1st dream of the new year, and coming-of-the-age day ceremony.

MC: we are getting a lot of msgs from users who've logged in [on the yahoo japan page]. From japan and from overseas, too.
We have a question from yuka-san. Have you had "hatsu yume" [year's 1st dream]?
JS: actually, I've not had one yet.
YC: I've had one. I dreamt that I had grown a huge beard on my face! [lol! He's so cute acting out how much beard he had in his dream.]
JS: like a monster.
MC: like an animal and then...?
YC: and then... I woke up.
MC: oh, that was it. You saw that you had a beard, and you woke up. lol.
YC: I was so surprised that I woke up.
MC: and then, you...
YC: went back to sleep.
YH: that dream means that a great opportunity, and has a really good meaning.
MC: it's a lucky dream.
YH: yes. / YC: a good sign.
MC: ah, you dreamed a really lucky dream to start the new year.
YH: so, thanks to YC, I think we went to #1 [oricon daily chart #1 for "purple line". Aw, sweet YH.^^]
MC: ah, thanks to YC sleeping.
YC: yeah, thanks to me. I know, I know.(lol, dorky yoochun)
JS: thanks, YC. [lol! So dryly!]
JJ: i dreamed this on the 1st. we finally got this break. But our manager came to me and said, "sorry, but the break has been cancelled. So sorry. But we have to go to work this morning. So we have to go to work now, and start make up."
YC: argh! / JS / YH: that's the worst!
JJ: I mean, we get to have a vacation only once a year, and to think that it's gone... "no! no!" and I woke up at home. I guess you can't help it about "work," since I felt like I didn't wanna do it.
MC: so after you woke up, you went back to sleep?
JJ: no, I got up and got ready.
MC: ah, that's the difference... [Poor YC...^^]
YH: I dreamt that everyone was singing on stage. And it was a new song. But I don't remember the song.
MC: it was a new song? Was there a dance?
YH: yeah, there was a dance, too. But I can't remember it...(it must be the beautiful you)
MC: wow, if you could remember that song.
YH: It was a really big stage, so I thought that it's a good sign.
MC: yeah, it seems like a lucky dream.
MC: sayaka-san asks, "is there a seijinshiki [a Coming-of-Age Day ceremony to celebrate becoming an adult when you turn 20 yrs old] in korea?"
ALL: yeah.
MC: in Japan, we wear kimono. You do that, too, right?
JS: it's a bit different. in korea, we have hanbok [Korean traditional clothes], but we don't wear it. We just get together with friends and...
JJ: we give presents, like a diary, flowers...
JS: and kiss. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend.
MC: so, a guy doesn't kiss a guy.
ALL; no!(lol all of them answer in chorus!)
MC: ah [to CM], you've not yet [turned 20]
CM: yeah, I'd like to get the presents.
JJ: oh, yeah, CM's an adult now.
YC: it's already passed, right? / YH: in korea, it's already passed. / JJ: not yet in korea.
MC: already passed in japan, but not in korea [i got a bit confused here. in korea, we start the age at 1, at birth, rather than 0, so CM's already 20 in korea. But the adult day ceremony day is the 3rd Monday in May in korea, and the 2nd Monday in January in japan, so I think that's why there's a bit of confusion.]
YC: dangerous....
JJ: but since CM has more money than all of us, I'm sure he doesn't need presents.
YH: yeah, and I don't think I'll be here at that time.
YC: CM's birthday is close to the seijinshiki, since his birthday is February.
MC: so you'll probably receive a lot of presents from everyone.^^

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