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Posted 4/2/08 , edited 4/2/08
Q: Heard that in Japan they won't let you greet fans at all?

Changmin: Yes, because their security system is very strict.

Q: Then what countries are you able to be close to fans?

Yunho: Korea and Indonesia.

Yoochun: In Thailand as well, in Vietnam we also played games.

Junsu: Hmm, but I still wonder...

Q: What about?

Junsu: How am I a fashion-trend for "Geng-Fashion" (As in a man with female heart, a man with more feminine sides).

Yoochun: Hahaha~ When you speak you say words that girls use~!

Changmin: Hyung, stop it.

Jaejoong: When we're in Thailand and Malaysia, I'd see we can get pretty close to fans.

Yunho: Yes, even though we always have bodyguards but we still see fans.

Changmin: Meet&Greet in Thailand we got to shake hands as well ^^.

Yunho: In Malaysia also, fans there are very nice.

Yoochun: Anyways, we have to thank you so much.

Jaejoong: At last we're back in Korea.

Q: How long have you been away from Korea?

Yunho: About a week.

Junsu: Just then, at the airport, there were so many people!

Jaejoong: Yes, so many people. They came to greet us ^^.

Yoochun: So touched.

Changmin: I heard staffs said they came to wait for us since dawn and by the time we got here it's noon.

Yunho: Thank you everyone.

Q: Talk about fanclub...has there been any weird approach?

Yoochun: Weird? Like Junsu, is he weird?

Yunho: Why do you say that?

Yunho: Weird, I think in Indonesia. We were greeting fans when suddenly a fanclub told me to take off my glasses because she wants to look at me in the eyes.

Jaejoong: And so Yunho took off his glasses and looked at her in the eyes.

Changmin: At first I thought hyung wouldn't take it off, but he did.

Q: After that, what happened?

Yunho: I felt wavered/shaken.

Changmin: Of course you did. Guards have to pull you off from there because fans pushed the fence until it nearly broke!

Q: Who cares most for the fanclub?

Junsu: I think Jaejoong-Hyung. He really cares for the fans, even though guards told him not to, he'll secretly walk over to fans and wave.

Yoochun: When we were in Japan, we weren't allowed to get close to fans, and so something eventually happened....

Q: What happened??!

Yunho: It's Jaejoong! He went to greet the fans and shake hands until the fence between him and the fans collapsed!! (OoO!)

Changmin: I was actually watching as the fence collapse. And fans all gathered around Hyung. Think about it, hundreds of fans all gathered in crowds around Hyung alone.

He disappeared in the crowd of fans.

Yoochun: Guards quickly ran to pull Jaejoong off from there and so he got scolded a bit.

Jaejoong: Was I wrong? I've been to Japan for like 2 days already and I still hadn't greet the fans yet.

Q: How does it feel like being in the crowd?

Jaejoong: FUN ^^

Junsu: Oh! Ok, can anyone please come and take Jaejoong Hyung's hand to the fans and let him be in the crowd again~!

Yoochun: It's ok if you don't speak. (// to Junsu)

Q: What's it like each time you meet fans?

Changmin: Like Junsu-Hyung he has his way of greeting fans.

Q: How?

Changmin: When I greet fans, I'll say "I miss everyone", "I love everyone" but if it's Junsu Hyung.....

Yoochun: If it's Junsu, he'd say "I miss you~~~~~~" "I love you~~~~ >
Posted 4/2/08
this is so cute ^^ where is it from?
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