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What game(s) are you currently playing?
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24 / M / Hueco Mundo
Posted 4/25/12 , edited 4/25/12
Re-playing Empire Total War.. I was bored ..

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31 / M / Elk Grove, CA
Posted 4/25/12
The Walking Dead: Video Game (Episode 1-A New Day) (PS3)

I have to say, Telltale Games has outdone themselves once again; looking forward to the remaining 4 episodes.
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28 / M / The Citadel
Posted 4/25/12
I am swapping between a few at the moment. Mostly it's Mass Effect 3 on PS3 and The Witcher 2 on Xbox 360. Also, inbetween those, I am playing Kid Icarus Uprising on 3DS.
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Posted 4/26/12
Totally hooked on League of Legends (LoL). Gotta love the champs and their funny jokes.
Sion : "Who's your summoner and what does he do?" :O

If anyone wants to join me on EU West :

I also got an NA Account to play there with some ppl but that one is only Level 7
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26 / M / Manitoba, Canada
Posted 4/29/12
I'm attempting to play Persona on PSP. Seems pretty cool, I'm enjoying the CG scenes, the music and the atmosphere but the graphics are a little blah. I'm just getting into battling/conversing with the demons and I find it interesting how you can talk to the demons (with the outcomes ranging from them giving you a card/persona to them hurting you).

It seems interesting enough and just might be my style, I just game so rarely it's hard to get into it. I enjoy reading reviews and news about games more than I do playing them for some reason... I guess how far I get in this game will depend on how I feel about the gameplay and how the difficulty is, because I already know the encounter rate is high.
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26 / M
Posted 4/29/12
At the moment I am giving a shot at:

Dead Space2
Risen2 Dark Waters
Gotham City Impostors
Guild Wars2 Beta
Path Of Exile Beta
Trapped Dead
GREED Black Border
Pokemon Black and White

If you are interested in these games, you can check out my youtube channel.
It features walkthroughs of these games and live commentary.
Youtube : BiteOnTheMegabyte
Or click here
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22 / M / LA, USA
Posted 4/29/12
League of Legends (iAmRoodyPoo)
Starcraft 2 (xPhantomZwei)
Minecraft (Quwes199)
Mass Effect 2 - need to finish this before i buy ME3

Msg me on here on in game if you want to play :O
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F / Alaska
Posted 4/29/12
I finally got Dead Space on Steam and I'm enjoying it. I did play WoW a lot but good God I'm so bored with it >.< maybe I'll come back for pandas but I'm pretty hesitant to do that, not really excited about a panda outbreak.
Posted 4/30/12
James Pond: Codename RoboCod (on the Sega Megadrive)
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25 / M / FL
Posted 5/4/12
Limbo, Jak2, Tomb Raider Anniversary
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29 / F / Finland
Posted 5/4/12
Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Deus Ex Human Revolution
and Street Fighter x Tekken
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24 / M / USA - Ohio
Posted 5/4/12
Well, I'm putting a lot of time into Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention (PS Vita), but when I'm not playing that, I'm playing Moemon or Touhoumon on a GBA emulator on my PSP.
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24 / F / Canada
Posted 5/8/12
Final Fantasy XIII-2 I finished, but haven't gotten the 100% yet It's in the hands of my sister's boyfriend so I can't play it until I get it back -sigh-
Posted 5/19/12 , edited 5/19/12
Games I am currently playing:

On my PC:
Halo Custom Edition, DOTA on Garena, Star Wars Republic Commando, Crysis 2 (best graphics I've seen on a PC game to date)

On my Xbox360 250GB:
CoD MW3, and I also have all the Halo games except for Halo Combat Evolved (I have it on my PC, although I do have Anniversary) on my Xbox and am planning to play them all as a storyline arc in the following order:
Halo Wars (set in the year 2531)
Halo Reach (takes place in August, 2552)
Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary (takes place in September, 2552 right after the events of Halo Reach)
Halo 2 (takes place in early 2553) (bought Halo 2 and downloaded an update patch to play on XBox360)
Halo 3 ODST (takes place in between Halo 2 and Halo 3 but it was released 2 years after Halo 3)
Halo 3 (takes place in 2553)
Waiting for November 2012 - Halo 4
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Posted 5/21/12
The Witcher 2.
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