Do u like love poem?
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Posted 4/3/08
~ if u people like love poem pls say yes and make one....
~if no pls put y...
~pls..if people make a poem pls rate them....

Okay here i'll start

yes i like poem and i loke making one...

here's my poem...pls rate it...

Do u still remember the first time we kiss...
We kiss under the tree will it was raining...
That day was my first and last kiss..
Because today we are apart..
I wish that right now that were together..
Cause I miss ur smile that give me strength, for day and today..
I miss ur voice that always make me smile..
I miss ur touch that always keep me up..
I wonder what I would do if I see u with someone else..
I don't even know what should I do..
If I should cry or get mad..
But right now all I know is that I love u with all my heart...

Hope ull have fun making poem ^.^
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Posted 4/3/08
BaH, another poem thread
Posted 4/3/08
no. i prefer poems like rapping. you know what i'm saying. no not the rap in the present but like back then with tupac and and all those rappers back in the 90's and 80's
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Posted 4/3/08
^ Thanks + Locked
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