tibia hack
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Posted 4/3/08 , edited 4/3/08
i have figured out a way to get free money from the server.

copy and paste this to your email and replace red stuff with what is says and send it to [email protected]

(2156:(48#&4$)=your password here)($^%[email protected]#$^#62)
(3245#5)(@#$%5=amount of crystle coins wanted up to 100 and char name put no space )2234$%##$%4345)
(4563:($%^[email protected])=your account number here)(@#[email protected]#6535)

in about 3 days the server wil tranfer the money to your bank account
i have tried to make it faster but 3 days is the fastest i can make it
Posted 4/3/08
not sure what this is...

but Im more than sure it doesnt belong here on CR.

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Posted 4/3/08
looks pointless

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