The Greatest Anime Warriors Nominations [Stage One]
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Posted 4/3/08 , edited 8/18/08
Alright we are having a contest going on.

[Any questions or comments can be mailed to me or posted on the comment area on the main page. This page is for nominations only.]

You all are to select the nominations for Greatest Anime Warriors who will go on the main page. Only three will be chosen.

To make it interesting there are specific criteria for nominating them. They are as follows.
Manga characters may also be chosen.

1. You can nominate only one.
2. They have to be recognized for either great martial skill or a great battlefield intellect (Strategy.)
2. They also have to be a warrior of a historic warrior class (Samurai, Knight, Hoplite, Viking, etc.) That means if they aren't a warrior, they don't qualify. Example: Ichigo from Bleach may be a fighter, but he is not a warrior as he is not someone who fights in wars. Neither do assassins count. Kenshin doesn't count because he was an assassin. Ninja do not count because Ninja were not historic warriors nor assassins; They were spies.

Fill out the following sheet within the criteria. List the name, what warrior class they belong to, and be thorough as to why they are nominated. Provide a convincing display on why they are worthy of being...
....The Greatest Anime Warrior!

Warrior Class:
Reason Nominated:
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