What's your favorite song from DBSK/TVXQ/Big Bang etc.
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Posted 4/3/08
Hey guys, been wondering, what's your favorite song(s) from these bands? I'm thinking of downloading their music, so I wanna download the good stuff, unless they all have every single good song
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Posted 4/3/08

- O
- Purple Line
- Love in the ice
- Darkness Eyes
- Forever Love
- Begin
- No?
- Clap!
- Hug
- Lovin' You
- Maze
- No pain no gain
- Belongs to you
- Miss you

Big Bang

- Lies
- Last farewell
- I don't understand
- Always
- So beautiful
- We belong together
- La-la-la


- Girl's Generation
- Into the new world

I basicly love all of DBSK's songs ;D They're simply the best in my opinion, disregarding all anti-fan comments There are more great songs from DBSK, but I haven't had the time to hear them all o___________O The ones I listed out are the ones I usually listen to, lols. But all their songs are great ;D
Posted 4/3/08

Rising Sun
Love in ice
My destiny
Close to you
Miss you (remix version)
Purple Line
Beautiful You
Two hearts
Yeo Haeng Gi
Kiss Shita mama
Last angel
i seriously could go on forever ....

Big Bang -

Last farewell
Lies remix
Crazy dog
So beautiful
the next day
this love
my girl

Super Junior has some good songs too

A man in love ( remix)
Marry U
Dont Don
Your my endless love
You are the one

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Posted 4/3/08
Whoa.. haha TVXQ & Big Bang are completely 2 different groups/genres. I suggest you discuss this in the Group forums... and/or make a new thread there.

Sorry, locked.
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