Golden Sun 3????
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Posted 10/1/07 , edited 10/1/07
Golden Sun was one of the best games I ever played!!! the second one left off with many questions left unanswered!! so please tell any information on if they are or are not making a third Golden Sun!! I heard it was coming out for the DS!! but that was like two years ago!!!
P.S. also tell if there is another thread on this topic!!
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Posted 10/1/07
No... Golden Sun Ended When the 2nd one ended. DS roomer you heard it 2 years ago.
Take it from me : GSTLA
Golden Sun The Lost Age. GSTLA ended the trilogy, if its redone or a 3rd is made it wouldn't make any sense. a PS2/360 version with a different story/trilogy might be nice though.
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