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Posted 4/4/08 , edited 4/4/08
Iwaki Tomonori is an average 15 year old boy, who's world is turned upside-down the day he arrives home to find that the Japanese government has married him against his will to a 12 year old girl named Rizel.

Ok... I dont even really know where to start on this show. It is just so messed up on so many different levels it made my head spin! I dont even think Loli could begin to describe the level of pervertedness that is included within the complete package of this show. However, I will say, that "funny" is entirely appropriate, and it only gets better as the episodes progress, because it doesnt seem to start off that great. Seriously, Rizelmine is just one of those shows that, no matter how wrong it may seem, you still laugh just because its that damn good. The individual episodes themselves are not that long, and though there are twenty four of them, the entire series can be watched in a single day. It is completely filled with humor and a ton, I mean a solid "ton", of sexual innuendoes, puns and jokes. Plus, lets not forget the outstanding number of ecchi "fan service" shots that makes Rosario to Vampire look innocent! At least this show has a story line (though along the same lines of Final Approach except more pedo in nature) and sticks to it. The music and animation arent that bad either and only reenforce the plots theme. If Cisco and Ebert were to have ever rated anime, they would have given this show Six thumbs up! (you do the math... and count the number of appendages that might be pointing at the celling)

Seriously, the only major thing that is great about this show is the comedy, to which I laughed so hard my sides hurt. And it only gets worse (better in this case) around the 15th episode. So if you liked Final Approach, enjoy the ecchiness of Rosario to Vampire, and love comedy styled animes... then I recommend watching Rizelmine. Because its just THAT damn good.

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