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Things you like that people hate
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31 / M
Posted 4/25/12
Sports. I'm sure 99.9% of everyone registered here hates Sports.
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22 / The Land of Dreams
Posted 4/25/12
Most of the replies make me hungry. ;_;
Marshmallows, drinking orange juice after I brush my teeth(I like the cold feeling down my throat. Doesn't taste bad either. o.o, pie and putting sugar on stuff people wouldn't normally add sugar to.
Posted 4/25/12 , edited 4/25/12

None of my housemates like it, so everytime we go out to eat, we never get to go to the sushi place .
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Posted 4/25/12 , edited 4/25/12

m3_m3_m3 wrote:


How awesome...I have been so stressed I have not been writing poetry for the last few months. I'm a creative writing major with an emphasis on poetry. Great stuff!

Edit: Oh, yes, I forgot a few things. Various raw meats (parasite-free and fresh), fishing, drugs, and reading. And the feeling of riding an elevator.

And deep, sudden vibrations. Yes, I like some dubstep, although I must admit that some of it doesn't even sound like music. The music just makes you feel good when you're on certain types of good stuff.

pinkrusse wrote:

Morbidhanson wrote:

I like the smell of gasoline and burnt rubber. And the smell of iron and other metal shavings. I like industrial smells of greased, heavy machinery. I like heavy bass and electronic music (without vocals). I also like the coppery taste of blood.

People don't hate collarbones, but I like collarbones. More than most people, I think.

Hm, you are an interesting one.

More odd/eccentric than interesting if you ask me, haha.
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