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**Poetry war!!
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F / over there
Posted 3/31/09 , edited 3/31/09
It only makes me want to let you go
don't try to die with this self-inflicted pain
Insanity is engulfing me right now
I know love sacrifices, sacrifices it all
So stay away from this madness I created
If you really love me.. vanish from my sight

wth.. I really sound angsty.. -.-

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28 / F / Dobrich/Sofiya (B...
Posted 3/31/09 , edited 3/31/09
Wow you really do - let's see if I can fight your angst

You want me to vanish from your sight,
are you sure you will be all right?
Because I know how bad it gets
when you're alone - the pain,the stress.
Just the thought of you suffering like this,
makes me want to stop the pain - even with a kiss.
Come on - don't turn your back to life,
just a little more - please try.
I promise - I'll stay by your side
even if it means losing my life.
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F / over there
Posted 4/1/09
Your love is endless.. I can't keep up with it.
I'm suffering from my infatuation to you
But all I can see is this blame
Why do you love someone like me
Someone who can't even love you back
The kisses are returned, your lips are now moist
Please protect me from my selfishness
and save me from my downfall.

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anywhere but there
Posted 4/4/09
she won't easily cry
in front of the person she loves,
she becomes weak

she won't easily cry
only when she loves you the most
will she put her ego down

she cries not because she is weak
not because she wants your sympathy
its because crying silently
is no longer possible
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29 / F / Nightscape
Posted 4/14/09
I swore that I would never cry
so ignore the stuff coming from my eye
the reason why I'm tasting salt
It's entirely all your fault
you somehow got by my defenses
saw past all my pretenses
but still tears slide down my face
Posted 4/14/09
When i went to the forums
i saw this thread
Thinking of opposums
I knew im dead
not knowing how to reply
He looked at me with an angry eye
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26 / M / London, UK
Posted 4/20/09 , edited 4/20/09
Ok, here comes some randomness that is poetry...

as you stare into the deep dark abyss that is his eye
You remember that time you saw a devil in the sky
You shot him down with an innocence laser that scarred the very esence if his soul
now the milkman came to you one morning, demanding back the milk you stole
you said "now sir your story seems to be quite flawed
for in that story seems to be a significant plot hole"
you explain to the angry man of milk
that you was surfing the forums and found a magical thread
the thread spoke in unusual sounds as you lay there on your bed
in amazment of this bizzare event
You hit the thread over the head and now the thread was dead you said
to the milkman who, meanwhile was eating your cat
"hey! don't do that, you'll get too fat"
He ran away leaving only the tail of your very best friend
you chase him down to find yourself at a dead end.
you should've turned at that last bend
you stupid fool, if only you had money to spend
you could buy a flying monkey butler
to deliver you your morning tea
and hold your penis while you pee...

Ok I'm tired l8r

Posted 4/21/09
Of flesh and blood i do regret
My lungs and heart filled with despair
Of all the things that i could wet
Why must it be my underwear

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26 / M / London, UK
Posted 4/21/09 , edited 4/23/09
Now I need to get it changed
unfortunately, its the only one I have arranged
on such a day
when she comes to play
in my heart, she'll stay at bay
forever bound
to the words of a hound
as he speaks at the stand
The child grasps his mothers hand
as the giant crook whimpers in the corner
looking like a fool
who was once shackled by the foreigner
speaking like a tool
he tells the sea of hungry ants
that nobody is getting into our pants
droping the microphone like a hammer to a nail
He goes home to a wife who wants him to fail
embracing her man as he walks through that door
a knife in her hand, she imagines the gore
But the words of a hound
that restlessly pound
through the eardrums of a lost moron
echo on and on and on and on and on
They got what they want
now the devil, he haunts
forever they eat and sleep in silence
until one of them is charged with domestic violence
Caged in fire and steel
He doesn't know how to feel
So he becomes a squel
A thousand years later
Freed by the bailer
like a rat out a sewer...

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F / In my fantasies.
Posted 4/24/09
I smell the air of freedom
from all my wisdom
I can hear the doom
from the door
where it was once opened
once cared for
and once lived.

The air that was blown
could be loaned
as everything was alone.

Together, we stand
hand in hand
as we wait for dawn
that will never come.

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25 / F / Dullsville
Posted 4/24/09

Ninth grade.
Red and freckly and gorgeous
Like a piece of Licorice your name
Should be Candy or possibly
Wh*re since that’s what was scrawled
Adjacent to your titles on the
Bathroom stall
In that small brilliant red ink
Just like that fake mane of
Bloody hair

Junior Year.
Take an eraser and scrub off your face the
Lies that surface like the pond scum
That was your sophomore boyfriend who
Haunts you in the dreams of scholarships
Cheering sports life, a good life, and
L-o-v-e, those dreams-turned-nightmares
that are slowly
Coming alive like Frankenstein’s monster

Who’s afraid of the big bad
Professor? who gives you Fs and those
Minuses that are scrawled like that
Mane of red hair that is now
Fried destroyed laughed about with roots
Roots that go back and tell of a past where
Life was good and so was love the love
With the red hearts that made you become
The Girl-With-The-Licorice-Hair
Dreams that drain away like water in
Your locker rooms filled with eating disorders
Unrequited-everything and a stabbing red truth

(super deep, about how your life can go wrong if you try to be the perfect someone-else. Pretty old, actually. Based on no one, from the sad depths of my imagination.)

Posted 4/24/09
randomness of a poem

Today I sit underneath of this tree, Next to this very stone!
I've been coming here for 4 years, All of which I’ve been alone!
I can still make out the writing, that lies above your grave!
In Loving Memory Of An Angel, and the blessings that she gave!
We met so long ago, Since then you've been my one and only true Best Friend!
I remember every second, Up until the very end!
I remember I was driving, the roads were really wet that night!
I wasn't going fast at all, But those lights were just too bright!
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21 / F / here. :D
Posted 5/2/09
I constructed::

But as the light strikes me
my mind started to flee..
Yes, I was just dreaming,
because I remember that I was beaming..
It's been a while since I smiled..
Ever since you last talked to me, it's a lie..
Posted 5/2/09
Love is like ulcer
it gives you something
youre not going to get over
this is quite boring
For a poem
for them
Posted 5/2/09 , edited 5/2/09
Love is a sickness,
It throws your senses for loop.
You can't sleep,
and you can hardly think of food (? )
At the peak of it's existence,
you're convinced it won't ever end.
When suddenly you awake,
one day it feels like it never happened.

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