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**Poetry war!!
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 8/12/10
to tell you truthfully
i have no idea
my thoughts are random
and oft disappear

I'm lost in a world
beyond imagination
a world of fulfillment and no isolation

oh dear heart its true
how fun i do find
having a jest
not losing my mind

we forget of late in this equation
one thing of importance
thats hidden and shaded
its 7:58 in the UK
in my possition would you be okay?

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26 / F / Sooga Forest
Posted 8/13/10
7:58 in the morn or the eve?
Either way, as you I'd be pleased.

Living afar would quite solve all my oughts,
Far from he who binds tight my thoughts,

And keeps my heart holden beneath his foot.
Freedom to roam, freedom to put

All my affections in some other's hands.
Oh to LIVE, to LOOSEN these bands!
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 8/13/10 , edited 8/13/10
I made a wish on a sooting star

hands together as if in prayer

in nights of never ending stars

Posted 8/14/10
Wish and wish
Love that can't be diminish

Forget, forget, forget
How could I regret
When it was me who to blame
And ended this excruciating game

In my mind you creep
All night I weep
Drowning in an empty cup
Feels like my mind has blown up

To the memories I cling
Toneless to the song I sing
Ensnared by your passion
Still wishing for your affection

You're my addiction
Tangled in an endless obsession
On my bones your name I engrave
In your love I'm a slave.
Posted 8/14/10

You're not slave
In our love, you're the leader of my heart
You build the kingdom in my part
Drive me crazy
Makes me easy

My love ready to raise you up
you're my love forever in every season
you will be my obsession
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22 / F / In a blur between...
Posted 8/14/10
You are my Queen, the lady of my land,
the keeper of my mind, of my soul.
I will travel to the ends of the Earth,
to the dark depths of the coldest sea,
just to please you, to see you smile.

Some call this unhealthy obsession,
some call this greed, possesion.
I am blind to these accusations,
for you see, my dearest Queen,
I do this out of the purest love.
Posted 8/15/10
The purest love has no meaning
If you think it with dirty mind
Don't touch me with those hands of yours

Keep my soul inside my body
Locked it and sleep all night long
Til the endless light wake me up
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23 / F / In hell...come jo...
Posted 8/15/10
Wake me up
from this cold sleep of mine
Light me up
keep away this darkness inside
Sweep me up
off my feet, this love so pure
Pure white, the color of innocence
of which I have none...
Posted 8/16/10
Never take a chance
I was once told
Never love in vain
And be in a painful endless dance

But, will I let the happiness pass me by?
So, I took a chance...
But these questions lingered on my mind...

Will it ever be...
Forever you and me?
Are what we feel in Harmony?
Does our hearts sing the same Symphony?
Will this be our last kiss?
Are we still gonna share the same Bliss?
Will I still see your smile?
Will I still hear your laugh?
Will I ever still feel your arms around me?
Will your heart still beat for me?

These questions left unanswered
Lurking in the shadows of despair and doubts

But at this moment....

I don't want to close my eyes
For I'm afraid that if I would
I'm gonna lose the one I'm hugging now
That is the reason why
I would like to buy the time
For it to stop at this very moment...
and end my questions and doubts.
Posted 8/16/10
Realize me
From this painfull memory
When you and me
Still doubting each other
Random questions dominate us forever
Makes us hard to be together

When i protect you, you see me with blank mind
When i hold you, you leave me behind
I'm never good enough for you
And i will never be

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23 / F / 9 1 8 6 9
Posted 8/17/10
I know I've caused you pain
But you've gave me pain too

Through all the fights & painful memories
I still cared for you

I left you because I was afraid
Afraid of what I was feeling
A strange unfimiliar emotion
Something I've never felt before

But I was really afraid of getting hurt
Pain is something I'm fimiliar with
Something I never want to feel

When I'm away from you my heart aches of pain
But when I'm with you the pain leaves but a new feeling of pain enters
But it comes with that strange unfimiliar feeling

You were never good enough for me?
Dont say such things
You were too good for me
It's me
I'm the one who's not good enough for you

Sometimes I wonder
What is this feeling?
What am I doing?
Is this normal?
Did you feel the same way?
Do you still feel for me?

Before I finish
I do have to admit this that
I will never forget our last kiss

Posted 8/17/10
The last kiss; even as your lips part, the memory fades,
like the ancient scars left by word forged blades.
When all else fails, you grasp desparately at memory,
although our heart tells us this was not meant to be.
Shrouded in a facade of lasting acceptance, you mask your inner pain,
but the heart's willing agreement is impossible to feign.
When he returns to you, one Summer gone, the battle at an end,
The love you once shared,
Is no longer there,
and you never again will pretend.
Posted 8/17/10 , edited 8/17/10
Even so, shall you pretend to be?
Because nothing in this world is as it seems
It can either be a vivid, distant or a vague dream.

But who can tell how long that reality would last, be it future present or even past.
It all comes together as one It cant be entwined, it cannot be undone.
All there is, is to finnish a story that so beautifuly had begun.
Because only then will it be clear, who has won.

(got no experience with this)
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
if i should not return
shed not tears for me...
for in your heart and memory
never am i forgotten...

i am the breeze,
the fist drop of rain in spring
that shooting star upon you wished...

let me be the sun that shines down upon you
the moon that guides you at night...
here my laughter in the roars of the ocean
my smiles the wings of the eagle in flight...


Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
And when you do return
I will be happy for you
You will see it within my eyes
So you know that its true

I feel your gentle winds
On the tip of my fingers
On the edges of skin
The sention you leave behind is wetter than rain and more radiant than spring

And if you are the sun I wil be the universe which surrounds you
And if you are the Moon I will be the stars that watch over you

You laughter which lingers within my heart and my ears as a endless melody I cannot forget
And your smiles which enlight the sky as if it were the sun


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