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**Poetry war!!
Posted 7/18/11
So awakens the cynic within me,
A monster born from the depths of my wicked heart,
An entity to overtake my now weak soul,
I forlornly grief at the errors of humanity.

Have I done right or wrong? I don't know...
Humans are creatures of benevolence.
They say they have morals but morals are just fallacies.
Yes... Humans are disgusting monsters, they speak of justice yet no rights have been performed by them.
Oh, the monstrosity! How low have they fallen?!
Humans are worse than animals.
Sympathy? Empathy? Such things certainly don't exist within human beings, they're just monsters ready to harm.

To the higher forces, desolate me from this horror.
End my suffering, burn these menaces to ashes.
There nothing advantageous to come from humans for we only destroy.
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31 / F / The Warmth of His...
Posted 8/3/11
Ah, The joy of being an alien cat.
You should join me in my dance
Here, take my hand.

Move to the left and shake shake shake
Move to the right and kiss kiss kiss
Enjoy every hope and outlook
This isn't the end but only the beginning.

Emotions will and can destroy without a level head.
I count on you captain to guide me.
I know you are human but I trust in thee.
Even if my trust be lead blindly.

Friendship of the strongest bonds won't lead me astray.
I feel it.
I know it.
Posted 8/3/11
Random poem:

Twinkle Twinkle little whore
A relationship is between two not four.

stolen from michaelbritton SHHHH!
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 8/3/11
take me away my darling
i want to see you smile
yet let us not forget
the land that we come from

brother came against brother
black and white
does colour really matter?
i love him
for your words i do not care

and so we are one
he and i
my love i see you
as you are

do not change
not for me
not for anyone
be you
your self

oh one that i love
my heart i freely give
to you for which i see
i need not change in you
i need only the strength of your hand in mine,

a soft kiss

that lingers on...

into infinity...
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31 / F / The Warmth of His...
Posted 8/11/11
I watch the young lovers stare deep into each others eyes
One sweet kiss can make the heart so blind

Fall for me and I'll break you
To have control you must love me more.

Such a shame.
It always ends the same.

So I found someone I don't want to break
Who could in fact break me instead

His lips,
His touch,
His caress,
Like heaven I've only dreamed of.

And while I want the stars to stay perfectly aligned
I can only hope and pray to the unknown he despises
And wish for the strongest of love with my closed eyes.
Posted 8/13/11
"Wherefore is light given to him that is in misery, and life unto the bitter in soul; Which long for death, but it cometh not; and dig for it more than for hid treasures; Which rejoice exceedingly, and are glad, when they can find the grave?

"That poor boy is going to be eaten alive."

A distressed noise made it past her lips. she was having a delayed reaction, as if time had slowed and she was just now getting to the part where cold, hard reality was threatening to break her heart in half; to sicken her sanity. spread throughout her veins, knocked at her heart, Met the fire smoldering there and overbore lesser its flame, She gorged on bitterness without a name. "

"Stop…" she whispered, without the slightest idea of who she was talking to: her thoughts, or the man with the blood on his face and the blade in his hand. "Stop, p-please…"


they're gonna eat me alive.

Posted 8/14/11
They'll eat you alive,
they'll eat ur bones
They'll track your family down,
bash their heads in with stones

You shouldn't resist,
Its all your fault
You should've listen to me
from the start.

So now don't you come screaming to me
after you took my words forgetfully
Some say you learn from your mistakes
but you're not living after this one

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25 / F
Posted 8/23/11

No... she wailed in sheer agony

Your too swift to judge
I must not let this befall
I must shield those whom i love
with all that's left of me..

I will not let another suffer
For the sins of my wretched life
I will dare not..
Even if my life were to cease

No doubt! I've failed this far
I will not seek another's aid
I will fight for one last time
And i will atone for my faults

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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 9/20/11 , edited 9/20/11
I want to go back my love
to the days you really saw me
to the days we kissed like it was the last
to the days we never said goodbye.

I want to go back my love
to fields of yellow and gold
to dreams of you and me
under skies of stars, never ending.

Oh love of mine, i ask for but one thing,
love alone in all it forms,
never changing, always trusting,
never judging, never faulting


*sadly her fate lay elsewhere she died alone waiting for a man
who little be known-st to her did never return, a bullet lay shot into his heart
twas not his fault a boys anger grew to become a monster,
that boy did not think when he shot the gun, how little of a human
he would become, so shoot he did...

a mother lost a son
a daughter lost a brother
all that now remains...
fragments and peaces of which can
never be*
Posted 9/20/11
Alas I've been stabbed
by my wretched servant
as I was gazing at the sight
of that lovely maiden.

My wretched servant ran
for his puny life he won't get far
I suddenly felt a sting in my heart
no doubt the poison from the knife
or perhaps it is love at first sight
when my eyes were set on that lovely maiden.

She came to me and placed her hands on my chest
She gave a warm and loving smile
alas I wish I could live to tell her my feelings
but it was not meant to be

she pressed her hands on my wound
punched me, kicked me and spat on me
Her face become that of an ogre

Alas now that I'm dead
she now went back to being
The lovely maiden oh so lovely.

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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 10/26/11 , edited 10/26/11

will i still be the girl
with multi colored hippie bags?
earings made of feather?
nails still painted,
that new colour she loves...
what was it called...
fruit salad?

will i still be the girl
obsessed with cups of tea
traveling round the world,
hippie vans and romance?

will i still be the girl,
emerging her self with colour?
looking on the bright side of life,
in love with beaches, light houses,
the sound of the wind, rain, and sea?

will i still be the girl
who dreams of an audience,
on city streets, still singing, busking
her heart out
the truth that lies within her very soul?

will i still be the girl,
in love with poems, ancient history?
the smell of freshly printed books,
tales of love and adventure?

i wonder, i know , i am...

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F / ・♡。゚+.✿BunniBunni...
Posted 10/26/11
The night is darkening around me,
The wild winds coldly blow;
But a tyrant spell has bound me,
And I cannot, cannot go.

The giant trees are bending
Their bare boughs weighed with snow;
The storm is fast descending,
And yet I cannot go.

Clouds beyond clouds above me,
Wastes beyond wastes below;
But nothing drear can move me;
I will not, cannot go.
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23 / F / boku no hero univ...
Posted 10/26/11 , edited 10/26/11
Time marked the moment a cup of tea fell, its golden nectar spilling, upon it, a woman's stare replies back with that same very stare, a revelation exposed, but not more grave than she had hoped, her reflection showed a woman with the years etched, crack into crack onto her otherwise flawless skin.You couldn't assume the age, but you were certain that time had not treated her well. She continues to peer through the watery mirror, and with the emotion of a dead man, then throw the delicate cup far beyond the reaches of the table it was placed at. What goes on through her mind today may remain unknown, but one thing to be told is that a midlife crisis crawls under your flesh, deep, deeply it lays it eggs, which then hatch at your greatest epiphany of life : self reflection.

^-----rofl, just realized, this is more of a story DX
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F / ・♡。゚+.✿BunniBunni...
Posted 10/26/11
Like bodiless water passing in a sigh,
Thro' palsied streets the fatal shadows flow,
And in their sharp disastrous undertow
Suck in the morning sun, and all the sky.
The towery vista sinks unpon the eye,
As if it heard the Hebrew bulges blow,
Black and dissolved; nor could the founders know
How what was built so bright should daily die.

Thy mood with man's is broken and blent in,
City of Stains! And ache of thought doth drown
The primitive light in which thy life began;
Great as thy dole is, smirched with his sin,
Greater the elder yet the love of man
Full in thy look, tho' the dark visor's down.
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 10/26/11

though the night is drawing in,
and i am old,
i still remember you.

in times i wonder if change will come,
in times i have wished for time,
to stand still, his figure not one to touch me.
still for time i am grateful.

I sip this tea, ah the heat as if of a kiss,
reminds me of you, and those nights,
young lovers lost, consumed,
in a world unlike another.

and although the night is drawing in,
i close my eyes and see the dawn...
that day i heard the news,
you'd left this world for good.

it was blood shot,
red a colour unlike any other,
yet tints of gold and pink and yellow,
ah did so fill the sky,
carried on the wind i heard your last goodbye.

although the night is drawing in,
i hold no more regrets,
for no one can live for ever.
and i died the day you did.

hold on my love,
i'll see you soon...
cosed eyes now to the world.
i'm cold, so cold

and now warm,
im in your arms.

"welcome home"
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