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**Poetry war!!
Posted 10/26/11 , edited 10/26/11
Waited, waited, and waited.
"Out, out--", candles brief my time within.
Shivered, cold, blunt, no excuses.
You are here.

Daisies, pale, in your flippancy-- fastidious burial.
Daisies, broken, to welt in time being sold; neglection,
yet no remorse of intolerable regretion to behold?
You are here.

Stick of skeletal toes, brutality, standing.
Wisdom, true mortality descending.
Seasons in mind change- rapidly, yet constantly--
You are here.

--Say, shall deathly love exist if palms do
not meet like lips do?
Does hollow love act within no remorse?
None be told, you are here.
Posted 10/27/11
Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

When the bass drops,

My balls does too.
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26 / M
Posted 10/27/11
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
When my balls drop,
its time to screw
Posted 10/27/11
Roses are not red,
Violets are red,
When your balls drop,
The world will explode.
Posted 10/28/11 , edited 10/28/11
I heard that the world would go 'BOOM!'
My mind thought of the impending doom
This thought filled me with gloom
SInce I suck at rhyming, I decided not to use my loom
So I just waited for the world to go 'BOOM!'

I know, its crap.
Posted 10/28/11
"Boom" to express the critical, corrupted world,
Lands Apocalypse, the know-it-all.

Wait, everyone! It's only 2001,
but that's alright, we've got 2012
to come.

Be aware, maybe- just maybe,
2020 will be the end.
Here, we live the present, 2011.

Summarize, it's only October.
It's only coming so near us,
give it infinity.
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18 / M / boys locker room
Posted 10/28/11
Myshka za koshku, koshka za Zhuchku, Zhuchka za vnuchku, vnuchka za babku, babka za dedku, dedka za repku, tyanut-potyanut--vytyanuli repku!
Posted 10/28/11
Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

When i read that shit

i think im gonna vomit.

Posted 10/29/11
roses are red,
violets are blue,
just thinking of regurgitation
makes me want to vomit.
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 10/29/11 , edited 2/24/12

so i told you everything was fine
when you said we were over
you called me heartless
life is funny isn't it?

and now your angry
and i hate you,
i taste the blood in my mouth
i hate you
hate and love
love and hate

i cover my face with make up
you buy be roses
last night i packed my bags
and hid them beneath the stairs.

when you sleep, you sleep like a baby
its hard to imagine,
your so quick to anger
but im not yours to own now
im not yours to keep now
this baby needs a father
and your still a child.

your still a child
you watched your father,
saw your mother, smiling
through a mouth that looked like ruby
ruby ruby red.

"it'll be okay now,
be a big boy don't cry im fine,"
but you new differently
you picked up the bottle pretty quick.

please know that i don't blame you
please put the bottle down
"please, please is that ALL YOU EVER SAY

"what's my daddies name?"
"What was he like?"
He was a good man,
i tell him the bottle distorted you
and now were gone im glad he can not see,
so that he won't be the same.

Posted 10/29/11
Winter comes calling. Can you hear it?
The whistle of the cold air, as if to sweep away all the tomfoolery of the earlier seasons
Or a reminder that all things pass.

Sadness gets coated in frost, regret weighed down by snow.
All will be suspended, frozen.
Bitterness is in season.
Posted 10/30/11
Seasons tell bitterness,
but what more do seasons define?
Are seasons worth the sheds of wait?

Why do seasons rotate?
What's the meaning behind it?
Alas, seasons mean new beginnings?
Posted 10/30/11
Here are two haikus, one about my least favourite season, and about a crappy sport played here during that season.

Summer really sucks,
With the nauseating heat
And bloody cricket!

How I hate cricket
Eleven guys standing round
And not much else. Pah!
Posted 10/31/11
Eleven men standing.
It usually means-- orgy porgy.
Two people sleeping,
It's definite intercourse.

Three people together--
Ha ha, three sum
You like it much, I know I do.

What more must I say?
Just make sure you don't
get babies if you're not ready.

Eleven men standing
It dare is an orgy porgy.
Did you watch it?

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F / Primordial soup
Posted 2/5/12 , edited 2/5/12
Did I watch it?
Why do you ask?
I was taking a shit
Inside a cask.

My ass is cold.
And I'm out of tissue.
You're real bold.
This is quite an issue.
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