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**Poetry war!!
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26 / M / only kami neko knows
Posted 4/9/12
pantsu pantsu pantsu
pantsu pantsu daikazoku
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23 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 4/10/12
i hate.

I love.

I feel.

I breath.

I am not who i wish to be.

I struggle.

I fail.

I make mistakes.

I learn.

I live my life.

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M / Canada
Posted 4/10/12
Roses are red
My name is Dave
This poem makes no sense
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24 / M / (Unknown)
Posted 4/12/12
Microwave and x-rays.
Media prompted tainted days.
Chemically sourced mental craze.
Rage induced men dismayed.


As I sit there and lay.
A little girl comes my way.
"Is everything okay?"
I smile and "yes," I say.
Posted 4/13/12
Yay, yay, yay,
because you made
your way!
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23 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
i long for the day i never take a step,
upon the ground your base is set,
whist others cry from sadness,
i shall cry for joy,
for finely i am rid of you.

oh how i like the taste,
its waters cwentch my thirst,
i see a sunset filled with gold,
my heart warms for i feel joy again.
joy in your absence.

yes it was my falt,
in many ways,
i should have never come,
to walk through your corridors,
to be in your presence,
to enter at all.


like a lost sheep craves it mother,
like a weed deeply rooted,
i sat in silence,
and let you drain all from me.

No more.
four more weeks to endure,
and then i swear no more.
it was not you.
It was not me.

maybe the times were just not right,
we need to fall down in oder to stand up again.
so watch me stand.

freedom ~ how sweet the taste
Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
I pray that your response
would not be so long,
for I am getting sick
of trying to be slick.

Every time I read them,
my eyes start to hurt.
Your letters and words,
twinge my eyes to get blurred.

Maybe you're a weirdo
that you are kind of slow--
Don't worry, though,
most humans like the flow.

You see, I seek for taste.
What you gave me is just a phase.
Menstrual cycle, yet?--I am not amazed.

Please, feel me in on your declaration.
Prithee, please be less indicative,
no one wants a moody dictatorship.

I will watch you stand,
but I won't give you a hand--
when I push you off the den.

Freedom, how sweet that will taste.
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23 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
How sweet the taste,
Of bacon upon white bread with ketchup,
I find my self lost with every bite,
Mannn I could eat it forever

My fondest memories have been with bacon
At festivals, while camping and mornings,
Spent in bliss,
Friends jamming on guitar,
And me,
Bacon sandwich in one hand,
cuppa tea in the other.

Posted 4/16/12 , edited 4/16/12
Your tea, my flea.
Bacon and eggs,
fart you go.
Release your molecules;
air needs out.

Artifices that reek stinky breath,
Onions that draw confabulations.
All conclude to biting a tongue.

Tailgating impulsive consecrations.
God knows what you've been doing--

Time he hunts, time you plead.
Time he has, time you live.
Time he spends, time you die.

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24 / M / (Unknown)
Posted 4/17/12
God may see and look for all I care.
Even with its eyes to stare,
there is no need live so pure and fair.
If you make someone the victim of an unfortunate dare,
God cannot punish you with its glare.
But for those who feel the fear,
it is only the result of your moral sincere.
I may not approve of those who cause pain and tears,
But God is not capable of setting people virtuous and clear.
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23 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 4/17/12
I long for replies I like,
I may not always agree,
People’s views are different,
But that is fine.

We can agree to disagree,
And talk, discuss and voice,
And be,
Believe what we will,
For no mortal man can change me,
Only he, to whom i love and give my life,

For me there is no other,
There would be no me without him,
And I do not wish for a world to be,
Without his existence.

Science for me is not enough,
it never will be,
But i am thankful for friends,
Who can discus in merriment,
Our difference of views.
And voice opinions.

It is discussions over and open fire,
Spoken with joy,
No voices that condemn,
That I prefer ~ :)

Posted 4/18/12
O', the earthly God of Gosh,
Science won't teach me flaws,
But only logical laws.

My friends say I am lost
Because I can't discuss just,
For I view so differently,
that everyone says "golly".

Then when I know it,
I am on my feet.
Planted on the street.
Suddenly I hear a split
of religious scientists.

That I prefer,
Chicken nuggets.

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23 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 4/19/12 , edited 4/19/12
fair enough lol, i don't dislike you now for some reason XD

i shall call this poem School

I long for freedom,
I feel confined behind these concrete walls,
And long for individuality,
For discussion,
For opinions,
For people of like a mind,
And for people whom disagree.

Yes i am soft,
I’ve had some friends reduce me to tears,
But hay if i can take that hate.
And still believe in faith,
There must be something out there,
Or at least to me there is.

Though many have shouted,
Looked at me in anger dismay,
Had the talk of faith banned from a lesson.
Out of simple hate.

People gulp and frown
Let them hate, let them gulp, let them be,
For there life is there own,
It is there will too choose,
It is our will to talk and give ourselves a voice,
Just as it for you to give your own.

These walls of concrete I speck about?
Simply a location of learning,
A location of learning? What a joke!
A location for dreams to die,
A location I will no longer subject my self to.

So long,
For I shall not miss your walls,
I shall stand and laugh and cry with joy,
When I no longer stand in your classrooms.
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24 / M / (Unknown)
Posted 4/20/12
Whatever is the disturbance.
This breaking of your innocence.
It is beneficial to your moral sense.

As much as I sound insane.
I have to say the best teacher is pain.
Mental, physical, or within social domain.

You may hate, as I knit my brow.
Don't you prefer who you are now?
Without them, wouldn't you be a mindless cow?
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23 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 4/20/12 , edited 4/20/12
From the pain,
I have learned much,
Maybe i am selfish,
My dreams are too big for some.

I am sorry,
But i'm thankful to be gone,
I would not wish such feelings,
To utter upon anyone.

I long for so much more than i have now,
A dreamer dreams,
I will strive on,
Through the broken shells of this years events.

Defeat I know not of it,
I shall not speak of it,
I will change,
For i must be the change i wish to see in the world.

I will stand,
I will fall,
But always get back up again.

I question,
What i have learned from this year?
Un fulfilment,
But still my dreams appear.

I cannot give up on them now,
I see the future me smiling,
She laughs and says
"You fool you have so much left to learn"

I know.

I know that well.

ps ~ your av is awesome ~ sooo cute :3
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