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**Poetry war!!
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23 / F / Honeydukes
Posted 9/12/12
I hold your head within my hands
the seasons change and so do plans
of fallen fate of what you decieved
clustered with the autumn leaves

the time you took was the greatest of all
I tried to stand tall but you pushed me to fall
upon those frosting autumn leaves changing with the season
you never really gave me a reason

rolling up my woolen socks
rolling down those slippery rocks
spring sings in the breeze
petals of flowers caress my knees
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 9/23/12 , edited 9/23/12
My ginger ninja

i don't want to remember,
often now i can't forget,
my head pressed against his shoulder,
these feelings of regret

had i kissed you till the morning,
had i kept you for my own,
what would come from love one sided?
feelings that i have never owned

yes they told me to do better,
laughed out loud at you my dear,
no they could not see what i see,
behind closed eyes, behind this fear.

so i'm stupid and i'm naive,
and I'm young but not in love,
whats the meaning of this word so often used but never felt?
Posted 9/23/12 , edited 9/23/12
My knight in shining armor
with hair like night
and heart as hard as steel
why drop your sword when so close to me
why call off pride
and side with my defeat?
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24 / M / (Unknown)
Posted 10/2/12 , edited 10/2/12
"My love, my princess.
With your skin so fair and heart so kind,
it's no wonder I dare to risk my body and mind.

My dream, my comfort.
I would lay my sword and unfasten my helm,
to see your natural beauty unadorned and be overwhelm.

My desire, my dear.
Please come to my side and put aside such laughter,
for why need pride when this is happily ever after?"
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Posted 10/3/12
Oh my BlargTheCat
I don't even know what's with that hat
All I know is you catch my heart
When it is falling apart

My poem might not be grand as yours
but you can have me without need of force
just give me the benefit to explore
your cuteness whom I adore

I never believed in happily ever after
but that change when I saw your laughter
it will be forever imprinted in my memories
reminiscing it fades all my worries.
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33 / M / Riding sound waves
Posted 10/3/12 , edited 10/3/12
Hello starlightpriestess, look at those eyes
They're as crazy as me eating french fries
this poem sucks but that's okay
It is time for me to find and eat sorbet

So I open the freezer, lo and behold
it's not lukewarm, nor is it cold
My sorbet has melted, what to do
Lets go look for a new one, just me and you

I get in my car, turn the key
Engine roars and I sneeze
No kleenix in the car, what to do
Only a gum wrapper, a bag and my shoe

I get out of the car and back into the house
to find that my freezer is on fire, set by a mouse
I grab the extinguisher and stop the fray
I gasp and shout "Hey, I'm okay!"

Got back in the car, put it in gear
Reversed a little, felt a bump in the rear
Forgot a car was there, now we're stuck
Turned off the engine and just said "fuck"

This is the worst poem of all time
I was a lot better back in my prime
Just saying one more thing I have instigated
This cool story brought to you by, bro Incorporated.

Posted 10/4/12
I saw a serial killer movie today
My friends told me I was going to get raped
by these guys that did high kicks in the parking lot
With dirty looks from girls in the coffee shop
I thought I might get shot,
Ran to my car
made sure it was locked.
Almost killed myself driving like crazy
I guess my mind was a little hazy
So my corpse came home with me tonight
Now I'm laying here, online.
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Posted 10/5/12
Ei Ef Ef Wai Effy to be precised
your poem is so scary
but it made me want to cry
for a night without you is making me dreary

Once upon a time
we became partners in crime
I didn't know you'll be the victim
to a felony I schemed

You were the best
however I am a beast
how did our friendship end up like this?
"Ohh - - - Sho0t I'm outa here, here comes the police"

Posted 10/5/12

starlightpriestess sounds so pretty
still doesn't have shit on me.
If that's you
I'm the arcana priestess from the boss fight in persona 3
That's not all, I'll beat you with my black claw. watch you fall
Then take you out to eat
my mom always said to make friends with my enemy
Put poison in your wheaties
Show you my treaties
Smile from across the table
how awful
evil, I'm fatal
Must a put too much ethyl
cause now your dead and unable to answer
guess it's the end you were my best friend.
but I gotta go bitch, got stuff to do
I don't even have time to bury you.

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Posted 10/5/12
Bitchy witchy that's starlightpriestess
Arcana priestess thought that she is dead
She is but now she's back from hell
How are you Effy my friend are you doing well?

Unknown to everyone I am immortal
different kind of torture I take as normal
Worry not, I am not here to take revenge
for I'm just so out of your range

Guess what, I have a pet named Crocodile
it's my gift for you to reconcile
She eats people whose name that starts with letter E and ends with Y
Hahaha~ I wonder why I laugh whenever I see you cry.
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24 / M / (Unknown)
Posted 10/13/12
In this age, never has prayer been needed to be so divine,
yet luckily, one was conceived by the sage so deep and HybRefine.

But to preach with lips worthy as the beauty of a night dove,
is the priestess who worships the heaven's Starlight Love.

Be warned of the devotion you put through,
for "too much love will kill you."
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 10/15/12 , edited 10/15/12
How clearly now i see you dear,

Love that came in dead of night,

At first i did not feel it so,

Yet slowly it gave life.

Tough roots, the bitterest of weeds.

Engulfed my fickle heart.
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19 / F / Denver
Posted 10/15/12 , edited 10/15/12
So it is, my heart of stone.
It's me who can't be swayed---
not you.
No, it was never you.

I can feel the frost spreading from the tips of my toes.
The vines around my heart are too strong.
I've locked myself away from your patronizing words
and your ever-condescending smile.

I know I can't walk away just yet---
the ice beneath my bare toes beckons me,
but I can't dip my hand into such loneliness just yet.
You always told me I'd have to think this through.

I wrap calloused, milk-pale fingers around your throat,
and I can feel the mania burning bright in my emerald eyes---
They were always your favorite part, weren't they?
But now there's only disgust between us, not love.

Doesn't my red nail polish look nice
against that pretty white shirt of yours?

(pfft, practically just wrote an anti-sonnet there >__> Oh well. Hate poems are my thing... though I'm, uh, not an angry person? This souds fun!)
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Posted 10/15/12
Roses are red,
violets are blue.
Your nailpolish is red,
but your lips are too.
Sure my shirt is white,
but not in the night.
So let's have sex.
Or are you a virgin still yet?
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19 / F / Denver
Posted 10/15/12 , edited 10/15/12
Your shirt seems as pale as my skin
in the velvet moonlight,
but, unfortunately for you, the only thing on my lips is the smile
as I draw back my fingertips from the crimson pooling on your chest.

Where did you get those eyes of yours?
I never knew your father,
but sapphires like those would be hard to miss.
Then again, they might be better as they are --- cold and dead.

They always said we were a match made in heaven;
then again, some called us a pair straight from hell.
But I digress.
It takes everything I've got to keep from leaving you right here.

Perhaps it could have worked if you had stayed away from my secrets.
I wasn't lying when I whispered in your ear
that if I told you
I'd have to kill you.

I press my scarlet lips to the sealed letter in my hand, sweet with perfume.
The rusty mark it leaves isn't lipstick this time.
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