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**Poetry war!!
Posted 12/15/12
I don't do poems.
They suck.
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Posted 12/15/12
Haikinka why are you so good at dancing Balalaika
can you teach me at Costa Rica?
sure we can have some paprika
Ahahaha waka waka baka Haikinka rhymes with America but lives in Africa!

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Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/15/12
~Oh leave the poor dog alone~
He lives in a world all on his own
~Yesterday I bought this really nice cologne~
That has nothing to do with this poem
~But.......♫ I'm at a payphone trying to call home ♫
..............Hold on that was my phone
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Posted 12/15/12
He is not a dog but Doraekonov
A European Doraemon with ov
I hate making poems to unknown gender
so please compress yourself to fit in my blender.

Oh' sure that cologne smells nice
it makes me hungry and eat you with rice
you are perfect to suffice my appetite
lovely lovely lovely, you'll love my bite.

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Posted 12/15/12
~Whoa whoa what is that smell~
Don't come any closer my adele
*Used item max repel*
~Now let's have a chat in my hotel~
Give me time and I will tell
~But please don't make me compel~
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 12/15/12 , edited 12/15/12
i know i know, but i was struggling with wear i wanted to go with this poem edit:out posted by many XD

i met a man once don't you know,
upon a star filled night,
he asked me what i wanted most,
of all now in this life.

I told him that i'd found a love,
yet did not know his name,
for in my dreams he held my hand,
but could not see his face.

he told me then "stretch out your hand,
you have no need to fear,
you'll find that man, oh yes i see,
the day is soon my dear.

Go on now, on the morrow down,
and find the city gate,
wait until the clock strikes one,
for there you'll meet with fate."

I scoffed then at the old man loud,
and said with out reproach,
how can i trust such words you neut,
your name remains unknown!

I will not be made fun of,
Oh what a fool i'd be,
waiting by the city gate,
till when past two or three?
no sir i told him with alarm,
the fool shall not be me.

"hush now" he said and scoffed a laugh,
"now darling do not fear,
heed my words young silly girl,
he'll be there,
soon you'll see clear"

and with a puff, a bang a boom,
the old man disappeared,
no longer could i see his face,
nor hear his voice speak clear.

yet off i set upon morrow,
to find the city gate,
low and behold on heavens name,
i did so meet my fate.

Upon our wedding day we knelt,
and did so say a prayer,
for the old man who made us meet,
and wondered how he faired.

sigh this was hard to do and it still sucks sigh :P
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