Post Reply Debrifing!! All Shinobi give your Final Reports here!!
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31 / F / where the F*** a...
Posted 4/4/08

Here's the deal every one... *stits down* here is where you'll report the end results and details of what happened on your mission. hand over items, ect. everyone will recive and discuss your mission with each other in your team forums. if your working with another team or are meeting up with another team use EACH OTHERS FORUMS!!!! DON'T... i repeat ... DON'T USE THIS FORUM FOR CHATTING TO EACH OTHER OR QUESTIONS have a question? PM ME!

Akatsuki members: when meeting up with others on your missions use their forums. your forum is for you to discuss with each other your mission, plan, ect.

if you dont understand the new system, have questions, idea's, or just need help... PM ME!! NARUTO!!! Alright? its simple, really!

Thakn you and have fun!
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M / Hidden Sound Vill...
Posted 5/9/08
Err .. What's my mission ?
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