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Posted 4/4/08 , edited 4/5/08
Air rivals like space cowboys is a space ship game. The grafics are good for an online game and the PVP is not like ay other game. In this game you chose wich gear (or space ship) you want to be:

A Gear(tanker)
this gear has a high defence and strong attack but low agility. its best at fighting ground to ground and ground to air

B Gear(bomber)
hybrid gear, personaly the hardest gear to make but if made correcly can be a fire god

M Gear(support)
this gear main specialty is defence. can heal itself contantly (caution if battling)

I Gear(sniper)
extrem atack and agility but low defence. easyest gear to make (for me) and also the fastest

if you know anything more please comment and go to to see the game
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Posted 6/3/08 , edited 6/3/08
HAHA!!!!!! I found ur post XD

This is the best game EVER!!!!!
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