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Posted 4/5/08
I love this and will forever do. It's like a never ending joyride that is delivered to us by Kosuke Fujishima and AIC that I've experienced for the last eight years. When I first saw it I saw the OVAs dubbed on VHS. Then I read some of the manga when it was flopped at the time. Then I saw some of the Mini Goddess episodes. After that I saw the OVA again on VHS but saw it subbed instead. But the dubs and subs are equally good. After that I was so excited when they came out with the Ah! My Goddess movie. Everyone was excited about Rurouni Kenshin but I liked Oh My Goddess more, oh I forgot who pointed this out to me at the time. Can't believe I forgot her name >.<

Anyway after that there was the TV series which when it was announced I didn't like the designs at first since they were not as detailed as in the OVAs.

After Dark Horse started rereleasing their Oh My Goddess! manga I started to get that and I also bought the first season of the TV series.

I only have 4 volumes of the manga so far, the first VHS subbed, and the first season of the TV series. There is so much more to get of the series but I love it so much I'll probably end up getting it all. All of the characters all so great. Even Keiichi's weird friends like Otaki and Tamiya are great.

So the moral of the story is...Oh My Goddess will forever love those who love it!

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Posted 5/7/08
pray for a season 3. pleaseandthankyou.
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Posted 6/7/08
i love it so much too...!!!
Posted 12/1/09
i love all of this anime and the manga its my favorite show but i am trying to find a way to find the manga and buy them X3
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